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This site is the result of lots of hard work from dozens and dozens of wonderful pony fans. You can see all their names by looking at the big list of music for each season. Thank you so much to everypony who has shared music with Everypony Sings. The site is a labor of love and a work of the community.

If you would like to share your music, visit this page over here. Let's enjoy some great music together!

These ponies helped to create the site, and they keep everything running smoothly!

Ruby Rose is the site moderator. Her special talent is neither music nor web design, but she has a talent for writing and organization. She's also learning to play the ukulele!

Moonlight Sonata's special talent is singing. She writes much of the sheet music and helps to figure out guitar tabs.

Candy Coda does the web design, answers emails, and helps to work out music.

GlamStar Piper, also known as Bagpipe Brony, is a master of musical composition.  He also has a Youtube channel

Power Chord is a pony who really knows how to rock. He's the main interviewer for the site and has some great stuff over on his Youtube channel.

ESPPony is a true artist when it comes to the guitar and bass. You can check out his huge library of videos and tabs over at his Youtube channel.

Dimondium is an expert at transcribing music and a master at concert band instrumentation. He is a very talented fellow!

Sonata Silencer (a.k.a. SaxyBrony) writes out sheet music and makes beautiful original compositions as well. Not to mention, he plays the ocarina. How cool is that?

Want to get in touch with Everypony Sings? Send us an email: everyponysings<at>gmail<dot>com.