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Music is Magic

After four seasons and a movie, one of the abiding things that I still love about MLP:FiM is the music. We have gotten to enjoy some truly wonderful songs thanks to the musical talents of Daniel Ingram and others.

I'm delighted to share with you a magnum opus of pony music: a compilation of nearly every song in seasons one and two of MLP:FiM, called Music is Magic. Naturematthe is the composer of this truly impressive work. Make sure you give this one a listen.

Thanks so much for sharing your labor of love, Naturematthe!

Discord (Living Tombstone [Thunder Dash])

Living Tombstone's Discord remix is one of the all-time hits of the MLP:FiM fandom, and it's gotten plenty of covers and remixes of its own.

Today, we have a cover of Discord from one of our frequent musical contributors, Thunder Dash. Check out his version here.

Thanks for sharing, Thunder Dash!

Orchestral Hush Now, Quiet Now

Hush Now, Quiet Now is such a beautiful lullaby (when it's not a belting blues piece). It's always fun to hear it in different versions.

From OrchestralPony, we have a lovely version of Hush Now, Quiet Now for flute and orchestra. You can listen to it in the video, and check out the sheet music.

Thanks for sharing, OrchestralPony!