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Babs Seed Classical Piano

Thunder Dash is back again with a great piano cover. This time around, it's a classical piano version of Babs Seed.

I really like the energy of this piece and the way that it flows. It's an interesting and different take on the original song. Check it out!

Thanks, Thunder Dash!

Celestia Sunrise

I find 8-bit and chiptunes music so charming. It's like being transported back to the pixellated, side-scrolling videogames of my childhood.

Pony fan David (aka MetalMaster) shared an original 8-bit composition called Celestia Sunrise. As the title suggests, it's inspired by Princess Celestia raising the sun. Enjoy!

Thanks for sharing!

Minor Cupcakes

We've had a couple of submissions here at Everypony Sings that take a song from the show and switch it into a minor key, which makes for some very interesting (and creepy!) new music.

Today, we have a version of Making Cupcakes in D minor from PerspectiveZero. I really enjoyed the instrumentation on this one—it sounds like something from Phantom of the Opera.

Thanks for sharing, PerspectiveZero!

Original: Star Ride

If you've been visiting Everypony Sings for a while, you probably remember Coconeru, who has been one of our most prolific submitters.

Well, Coconeru is back after a long absence with a new original piece. It's called Star Ride, and it's a fun electronic kind of composition. Give it a listen!

Thanks for sharing, and welcome back, Coconeru!