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Cover of "Stay" by Knife Pony

I wasn't familiar with the song Stay by Knife Pony, but I'm glad it's been put on my radar, because it's a great piece of original music. You can check it out in the video.

I found out about Stay because IvoryBrony shared a piano cover of the song. It has a completely different feel, but it's a fantastic piece in its own right. And there's sheet music!

Thanks for sharing, IvoryBrony!

Music in the Treetops Cover

We have some great contributors here at Everypony Sings, and it's always great to hear their latest projects. One of those contributors is Thunder Dash, whose music is always a pleasure to hear.

Well, Thunder Dash is back again, this time with a great cover of Music in the Treetops! Make sure to give it a listen.

Thanks for sharing, Thunder Dash!

September Cover

The Living Tombstone is a living legend in the pony fan music community, and for good reason. He has done some really incredible songs.

One of those great songs is September, and thanks to Dyrilby, we have an awesome cover of September to share with you today. Give it a listen!

Thanks, Dyrilby!

Let the Rainbow Remind You

I enjoyed the end of Season Four—it felt like a appropriately awesome climax. Not to mention, we got to hear some great music as we headed to the finale.

EnergyBrony must agree with me, since he did a fantastic cover of Let the Rainbow Remind You. You should definitely check this one out—it sounds great!

Thanks for sharing, EnergyBrony!

Making Minor Cupcakes

I'm not an expert on musical theory, but I do find key changes to be fascinating. Playing the same piece in a different key gives it a completely different feeling—and especially if you play a song in a minor key that wasn't originally written that way.

PkTaco shared with us a minorized version of Making Cupcakes, and it sounds like an entirely new (and kind of creepy) song. Give it a listen!

Thanks for sharing, PkTaco!

Pony Overture

If you listen to a musical, there's usually an overture that gives the audience a preview the music of the whole show.

Well, My Little Pony isn't exactly a musical, but now it has an overture. OrchestralPony wrote an amazing overture on pony themes, which we're happy to share here on Everypony Sings. Give it a listen and see how many pony songs you can identify!

Thanks for sharing, OrchestralPony!

Art of the Dress Midi

Here at Everypony Sings, we get to bring together fans of MLP from all over the world. It's one of the coolest things about our site.

Our latest resource comes all the way from Chile thanks to the magic of the internet. It's a midi of Art of the Dress by Ricardo, and it sounds great. Give it a listen!

Thanks so much for sharing, Ricardo!

Tab for You'll Play Your Part

This whole season, it's been fun to see what exactly Princess Twilight Sparkle was supposed to do. I have to admit, I wasn't sure about her becoming an alicorn and a princess, but the season finale was very cool.

If you enjoyed the song You'll Play Your Part, then you should definitely check out the tab from Vccj. One note about the intro from Vccj: "I made three variations on the way to play the intro/interlude bit. The first one is using barre chords and sounds (I think) the most like the original. The second one is using open chords so it's easier. And the last one is using open chords on Capo 5. The Capo one is the easiest, but not necessarily the best-sounding."

Thanks for sharing, Vccj!

You'll Play Your (Sax) Part

Saxophone players, rejoice! We have a new resource for you, courtesy of pony fan ilike Pudding. (Which is, by the way, a username I think we can all get behind.)

Anyway, ilike Pudding has shared saxophone sheet music for You'll Play Your Part. You can find it here and give it a try. You can also find ilike Pudding on Youtube.

Thanks for sharing this resource, ilike Pudding!

Mandolin Resources!

Mandolin is one of those instruments that doesn't get enough love. I know of a busker (street musician) who said he could only play one mandolin song in a row because it was the "crowd disperser".

Fortunately, pony fan Jasonbres knows how great the mandolin can be. He's shared mandolin tab and sheet music for two recent pony songs: Make a Wish and Let the Rainbow Remind You.

Thanks for sharing, Jasonbres!

Winter Wrap Up Arrangement

For all the great songs we've gotten in the recent seasons of MLP:FiM, sometimes you just have to go back to the classics. Just remember how you felt the first time you heard a song like Winter Wrap Up.

Well, you can take a trip down memory lane with a great new arrangement of Winter Wrap Up from Thunder Dash. Listen to it here—it'll make you feel like you're wrapping up your very first winter all over again.

Thanks, Thunder Dash!