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A Remix and a New Project from Thunder Dash

Thunder Dash is one of the most prolific pony fan musicians we have the pleasure of featuring here at Everypony Sings. It's always a pleasure to hear from him.

Tonight, he shared a new piece: a Eurobeat remix of The Perfect Stallion. Give it a listen!

In addition, Thunder Dash has a new project in the works, and he needs your help! Here's what he has to say about it: "I would like to announce that I am about to embark on a new adventure, a new adventure that will require many bronies to participate. I call it, 'We Are The Night.' It is a tribute to Princess Luna and The New Lunar Republic. The song is a ponification of The Wanted's 'We Own The Night'. I'm gonna need all of the help I can get: cameramen, animators, singers and backup musicians. Those who want to participate should reach me at, my primary email."

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