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Challenge for Vocalists

Pony fan, Robert, has a unique challenge for all of you vocalists. It involves singing the Heart Carol to the melody of a note-shape song called "I'm Going Home."

It sounds like an interesting project that I would love to hear!  I've included Robert's email after the jump below so that you can get all the information.

Have fun singing!

To EPS, I would like to issue a challenge to your contributors.

Recently, I have been doing some casual study of shape-note music--also called "Sacred Harp"
music--in which the notes are given different shapes (triangle, rectangle, oval, diamond) to make sight-reading easier.  It is sung in four-part a cappella harmony and has a distinctive old-fashioned sound.  At about the same time, I was listening to the Heart Carol on the Web.

For some reason, I began to wonder what the Heart Carol might sound like as a shape-note song, and I eventually realized that it just might fit the melody of the very shape-note song I was studying ("I'm Going Home," Sacred Harp #282, sung AABB).  With a little tweaking of the words, I came up with these lyrics:

A.  The fire of friendship lives in our hearts;
      As long as it burns we can't drift apart.  We're a circle forever more.
A.  Though quarrels arise, their numbers are few;
      Laughter and singing will see us through.  We're a circle forever more.
B.  We are a circle of pony friends to the end.  O, yes, my friends!
      We're a circle forever more. (repeat B)
To get a taste of how this could work, I suggest finding a good rendition of "I'm Going Home" on YouTube and following along with the modified lyrics.  (In addition to YouTube performances, you can also find sheet music for "I'm Going Home" on the Web.)
While I can hear this arrangement in my head, I lack the skills to sing it, nor do I know any singers who would test it for me.  I am eager to hear if this alternate melody actually works, so I wish to offer a friendly challenge to any ambitious brony musicians who would like to sing something completely different and post the results.


  1. Have you guys been receiving any submissions for sheet music and the normal stuff for Rarity Takes Manehattan songs and songs that came after it?

    1. Good question! There are currently three music resources for the song Generosity: mandolin tabs, mandolin sheet music, and bass tabs. We have no links to anything from Three's A Crowd or Pinkie's Pride yet.

      I just finished working on and checking the big list of music for season four. As of today (Feb. 6), it should be all up to date.

    2. You might want to also give Applejack a new image, as cute as Emmett Hall's art is.