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Find the Music (in Flutterguy)

There are few things in life better than music sung in four-part harmony. If you don't have an opportunity to sing in a school choir, find a barbershop quartet or a church group or something, because four-part harmony is just awesome.

And if you liked the song Find the Music, then Zpony has a great resource for you—a transcription of the song for four voices. Find it here and get to singing!

Thanks for sharing your talents, Zpony!

Find the Music in the Treetops!

Fluttershy fans have had a good week, ever since Fluttershy's big episode last Saturday. It was great to get some fun Fluttershy songs—plus, I love Big Macintosh, so it was a win-win for me.

We have a bass tab and cover from Master Eto for the mashup song Music in the Treetops and Find the Music in You. Check out the video, and find the tab here.

Thanks so much for sharing, Master Eto!

Dream Instead

It's always great to hear new original music, especially from fans who haven't shared their talents with Everypony Sings before.

Our newest submitter is Esttel, who has done a number of original pieces. The embedded video is his newest song, Dream Instead. You can also check out his other songs on his Youtube channel!

Thanks for sharing your musical skills, Esttel!

Take it For a Spin

A while back, Thunder Dash started a new series he's calling "Take it for a spin," where he does improvs off of pony songs.

Now he's back with another installment. This time, he's improvising Eurobeat Brony's original song, Luna. Check out Thunder Dash's improv in the video!

Thanks for sharing, Thunder Dash!


What could be goofier than a goof-off? A goof-off, 8-bit style. (Just imagine Pinkie Pie and Cheese Sandwich in old-school videogame style. How awesome would that be?)

Thanks to TheDJDarkness, we now know what an 8-bit goof-off would sound like. He did an awesome cover of the Goof-Off Song, and it sounds fantastic. Check it out!

Thanks for sharing, TheDJDarkness!

Pinkie the Party Planner

Pinkie Pie is everypony's favorite party planner, right? (Though I have been hearing a lot about this guy Cheese Sandwich lately...)

Well, if you're a fan of Pinkie the party planner, then you'll be excited to see this fantastic arrangement of the song Pinkie the Party Planner by mastersuperfan. It's a great resource.
Now you can play this fun song yourself at your next party!

Thanks for sharing, mastersuperfan!

Pony Game Mashups

I'm a fan of My Little Pony, obviously. But when I'm not watching ponies or helping out here at Everypony Sings, I'm probably playing video games.

So tonight's post combines two of my favorite hobbies in musical form. Doctor5210 has shared mashups of pony music with video game music. The embedded video combines This Day Aria with Bloody Tears from Castlevania II. There's also a mashup of Smile Smile Smile with Yoshi's theme from Super Mario World 2.

Thanks for sharing, Doctor5210!

Melody Fusions

From Thunder Dash, we have an interesting musical experiment. Thunder Dash wrote a series of fusions of different pony songs, combining melodies and rhythms to create a whole new sound.

Give a listen to this set of fusions on Soundcloud, and check out the sheet music. Thunder Dash says the person who can identify all the fusions wins a free request of their choice. Guess away, pony fans!

Thanks for sharing this creative endeavor with us, Thunder Dash!

Babs Seed on Harpsichord

I am consistently blown away by the creativity of the pony community. In this case, it is this beautiful Harpsichord arrangement for Babs Seed done by Thunder Dash.

You can find this lovely piece of music over on Soundcloud. I guarantee that listening to it will make you feel more sophisticated. You can play it yourself as well with the sheet music. You own a harpsichord, right?

Thunder Dash also let me know that there is a special musical easter egg hidden in this song. See if you can find it!

Challenge for Vocalists

Pony fan, Robert, has a unique challenge for all of you vocalists. It involves singing the Heart Carol to the melody of a note-shape song called "I'm Going Home."

It sounds like an interesting project that I would love to hear!  I've included Robert's email after the jump below so that you can get all the information.

Have fun singing!