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SimTunes to the Core?

SimTunes is such a throwback, I had to look it up on Wikipedia just to find out what it was. (In case you're curious: "SimTunes is a children's software toy designed by Toshio Iwai and released by Maxis in 1996.") But it makes for awesome pony music!

Dogman15 created an extremely impressive version of Apples to the Core in SimTunes. I can't imagine how long this must have taken. Give it a listen, you don't want to miss out on this!

Thanks so much for sharing, Dogman15!

1 comment:

  1. No problem! Just today, actually, I updated the SoundCloud version to add more banjo at the end, during Pinkie's verse and the last chorus. I feel bad that I didn't include that in the video version, but oh well. If you follow the SoundCloud link, you can hear the full and final version of the song.

    I did a few things to make this web version sound better than the SimTunes program could ever manage. Everything in Simtunes (except maybe the Loop Bugz - I haven't confirmed) is in mono, so I recorded each of the four bugz in this song separately and combined them in Audacity. Then I did some manual panning there. Audacity doesn't allow panning on the fly with nodes, however, so you choose a position for a track and it stays there. I also did a bit of live volume changes using the in-game bug volume slider. Despite that, I think a few parts are still a little too loud...

    Finally, I'd record this with screen capture software if I could (and I have, for past SimTunes videos), but on the current computer I run this on, Windows XP (Dell desktop), screen capture doesn't like to work. The game always has to run at 640x480 in fullscreen,so there's no getting past that. Pointing a camera at the screen will have to do for now. (The computer I recorded and did Audacity on is my primary computer, an HP Windows 7 laptop.)

    Thanks for posting this!