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Chords in Harmony

If you're into original pony music, then I'm sure you are familiar with MandoPony. One of his recent songs, Harmony, is a beautiful piece—check it out in the video.

If you enjoyed Harmony, then you'll be happy to see these chords, submitted by pony fan Szwajor. Give them a try and play the song yourself! You can find Szwajor on Youtube or DeviantArt.

Thanks for sharing this resource, Szwajor!

Dimondium's First Symphony

He's no Beethoven, at least not yet, but we are pleased to be sharing Dimondium's first symphony: Symphony No. 1 in D Major. It's an arrangement featuring Morning in Ponyville, Winter Wrap Up, Smile Smile Smile, Art of the Dress and Life in Equestria.

You should definitely give this piece a listen, it is well worth your time. And if you like it, why not help Dimondium get it performed? Just head over here and sign his petition.

Thanks so much for sharing your composing talent with us, Dimondium!

Honky-Tonk Apples to the Core

Thunder Dash always does a great job with his various covers of pony songs. I count it as a good day when Thunder Dash shares one of his covers with us.

Today, it's an awesome honky-tonk version of Apples to the Core. Give it a listen over on Soundcloud, and try out the sheet music to play it yourself! It's a lot of fun.

Thank you as always, Thunder Dash, for sharing your musical talents with us!

Ukulele Smile

If there's any instrument that perfectly fits with Pinkie Pie's anthem, Smile Smile Smile, it's the ukulele. The uke is just such a bright, happy instrument. It makes you want to smile.

ChuckinBrony must think so, too, because he did a great cover of Smile on the ukulele. Give it a listen—it sounds fantastic! It's just the thing to put a smile on your face, no matter what.

Thanks for sharing, ChuckinBrony!

Apples Forever!

I was really happy last weekend that we finally got to see the Apple family-themed episode that featured Apples to the Core. I haven't laughed that hard at a MLP episode in a while.

Even better, we have some fantastic folksy resources from Jasonbres. He shared sheet music and tab for Apples to the Core for two instruments: mandolin and clawhammer banjo. There's also a recording of him playing banjo along with the song, so make sure to give that a listen.

Thanks, Jasonbres!

Scores from TheSydeGuys

Sorry, everypony! We have been behind on our work here at the site. I know Candy Coda is working hard to catch up on emails, and I'm getting on top of the news posts.

First up are some great resources from TheSydeGuys. He did an arrangement of Hearts Strong as Horses—you can see that in the video and check out the sheet music—as well as a cover of The Success Song (there's a .wav file and sheet music for that one, too).

Thanks for sharing, TheSydeGuys!

Fallout:Equestria Fan Music

What would happen if ponies and a nuclear post-apocalypse came together in one fan-created universe? That's exactly the question that Fallout:Equestria seeks to answer. And Fallout:Equestria even has its own fan music!

Dyrilby shared his piece of original fan music for Fallout:Equestria, called Cider Trot. Give it a listen in the embedded video! It's a very cool composition that captures the tone of this alternate reality.

Thanks for sharing, Dyrilby!

Bass Bats and Generosity

Do you play bass guitar? Do you enjoy listening to—or playing—bass covers of pony songs? Well, today's your lucky day, thanks to Master Eto!

Master Eto has shared bass covers and tab for two recent songs: Bats and Generosity. You can watch the Bats cover in the embedded video and find the tab here. Then you can check out the Generosity video and tab. Enjoy!

Thanks for sharing, Master Eto!

Generous Mandolin

I hope you all enjoy mandolin—I know I do! Whether you play the mandolin or just enjoy listening to it, it is definitely a fun instrument. Mandolin and pony music together is even more fun.

Jasonbres has shared some great mandolin resources with us before, and he's back again with mandolin sheet music and tab for the newest song, Generosity. Check it out, and get playing!

Thanks for sharing this resource, Jasonbres!

Resources from Thunder Dash

Thunder Dash has become one of our most prolific contributors here at Everypony Sings. We are thrilled to be able to share his musical talents with all of you!

Tonight, we have two resources from Thunder Dash. The first is sheet music for a piano cover of A True True Friend. The second is for the At the Gala remix we shared a few weeks ago: all the parts for that composition zipped in a .mus file.

Many thanks to Thunder Dash!

Nana nana nana nana... BATS!

Vampire fruit bats. It's enough to strike fear into the heart of any pony, especially one running an apple orchard. So of course these bats deserve a song that's a tribute to their scary (but maybe cute and cuddly?) nature.

Thanks to Reedmace Star, we now have a whole bunch of resources for Bats. The video is a sheet music visualization. You can also check out the sheet music (with melody, bassline, and chords), or the bass part (with tab). Then there's a midi version and a Lilypond version.

Thanks so much, Reedmace Star!

Take It For a Spin!

Thunder Dash is a regular fixture here at Everypony Sings. Just when I think he's shown off all his musical talents, he comes back with something even more impressive.

Tonight, it's the debut video in a series he's calling Take It For a Spin. The videos are off-the-cuff improvisations of pony songs from the show and fan-made originals. The first video is based around Art of the Dress. Check it out!

Thanks for sharing, as always, Thunder Dash!

Strong Hearts Chords

If you've got a heart as strong as a horse, or a love for little ponies trying to figure out what they're meant to do in life, or you just like playing catchy songs on the guitar, then this post is for you!

Pony fan and Everypony Sings contributor Jasonbres came up with some fantastic chords for Hearts Strong as Horses. Break out your guitar and give them a try! It's sure to make your heart feel strong.

Thanks for sharing this resource, Jasonbres!

SimTunes to the Core?

SimTunes is such a throwback, I had to look it up on Wikipedia just to find out what it was. (In case you're curious: "SimTunes is a children's software toy designed by Toshio Iwai and released by Maxis in 1996.") But it makes for awesome pony music!

Dogman15 created an extremely impressive version of Apples to the Core in SimTunes. I can't imagine how long this must have taken. Give it a listen, you don't want to miss out on this!

Thanks so much for sharing, Dogman15!

Rarity/Avicii Mashup?!

I'm probably late to the cool music bandwagon, but I am super into Avicii right now. This guy is so cool! The only thing that could be better than Avicii would be pony-themed Avicii.

Well, Ivory Brony has delivered in a big way, with a remix he's calling Levels of the Dress. It's a mashup of Art of the Dress and Avicii's Levels. It sounds totally awesome. Make sure to check this one out! Thanks so much for sharing it, Ivory Brony!

PS. If you sent us an email in the last two weeks and it hasn't been posted yet, it's just because we're behind due to holiday traveling. We are doing our best to catch up, so thanks for your patience!

Bass as Strong as Horses

We will be getting up some posts about the newest song today or tomorrow, but in the meantime, we still have great resources to share for Hearts Strong as Horses!

Pony fan Kyle shared a bass tab for Hearts Strong as Horses, so you can provide the rhythmic energy needed for any pony-related training montage. Check out the tab here and try it yourself!

Thanks so much for sharing this resource, Kyle!

Radiant Dawn by Gloomy Dusk

Whew! I have been traveling all over the place the last two weeks, visiting family for the holidays. Sorry for the lack of posts, things should be getting back to normal now!

Our first post of 2014 is an original piece by Gloomy Dusk. It's called Radiant Dawn, and I'm enjoying the mood and energy of this song. It really does feel like an awesome sunrise in musical form. Give it a listen!

Thanks for sharing, Gloomy Dusk!