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Music is Magic

After four seasons and a movie, one of the abiding things that I still love about MLP:FiM is the music. We have gotten to enjoy some truly wonderful songs thanks to the musical talents of Daniel Ingram and others.

I'm delighted to share with you a magnum opus of pony music: a compilation of nearly every song in seasons one and two of MLP:FiM, called Music is Magic. Naturematthe is the composer of this truly impressive work. Make sure you give this one a listen.

Thanks so much for sharing your labor of love, Naturematthe!

Discord (Living Tombstone [Thunder Dash])

Living Tombstone's Discord remix is one of the all-time hits of the MLP:FiM fandom, and it's gotten plenty of covers and remixes of its own.

Today, we have a cover of Discord from one of our frequent musical contributors, Thunder Dash. Check out his version here.

Thanks for sharing, Thunder Dash!

Orchestral Hush Now, Quiet Now

Hush Now, Quiet Now is such a beautiful lullaby (when it's not a belting blues piece). It's always fun to hear it in different versions.

From OrchestralPony, we have a lovely version of Hush Now, Quiet Now for flute and orchestra. You can listen to it in the video, and check out the sheet music.

Thanks for sharing, OrchestralPony!

Babs Seed Classical Piano

Thunder Dash is back again with a great piano cover. This time around, it's a classical piano version of Babs Seed.

I really like the energy of this piece and the way that it flows. It's an interesting and different take on the original song. Check it out!

Thanks, Thunder Dash!

Celestia Sunrise

I find 8-bit and chiptunes music so charming. It's like being transported back to the pixellated, side-scrolling videogames of my childhood.

Pony fan David (aka MetalMaster) shared an original 8-bit composition called Celestia Sunrise. As the title suggests, it's inspired by Princess Celestia raising the sun. Enjoy!

Thanks for sharing!

Minor Cupcakes

We've had a couple of submissions here at Everypony Sings that take a song from the show and switch it into a minor key, which makes for some very interesting (and creepy!) new music.

Today, we have a version of Making Cupcakes in D minor from PerspectiveZero. I really enjoyed the instrumentation on this one—it sounds like something from Phantom of the Opera.

Thanks for sharing, PerspectiveZero!

Original: Star Ride

If you've been visiting Everypony Sings for a while, you probably remember Coconeru, who has been one of our most prolific submitters.

Well, Coconeru is back after a long absence with a new original piece. It's called Star Ride, and it's a fun electronic kind of composition. Give it a listen!

Thanks for sharing, and welcome back, Coconeru!

Cover of "Stay" by Knife Pony

I wasn't familiar with the song Stay by Knife Pony, but I'm glad it's been put on my radar, because it's a great piece of original music. You can check it out in the video.

I found out about Stay because IvoryBrony shared a piano cover of the song. It has a completely different feel, but it's a fantastic piece in its own right. And there's sheet music!

Thanks for sharing, IvoryBrony!

Music in the Treetops Cover

We have some great contributors here at Everypony Sings, and it's always great to hear their latest projects. One of those contributors is Thunder Dash, whose music is always a pleasure to hear.

Well, Thunder Dash is back again, this time with a great cover of Music in the Treetops! Make sure to give it a listen.

Thanks for sharing, Thunder Dash!

September Cover

The Living Tombstone is a living legend in the pony fan music community, and for good reason. He has done some really incredible songs.

One of those great songs is September, and thanks to Dyrilby, we have an awesome cover of September to share with you today. Give it a listen!

Thanks, Dyrilby!

Let the Rainbow Remind You

I enjoyed the end of Season Four—it felt like a appropriately awesome climax. Not to mention, we got to hear some great music as we headed to the finale.

EnergyBrony must agree with me, since he did a fantastic cover of Let the Rainbow Remind You. You should definitely check this one out—it sounds great!

Thanks for sharing, EnergyBrony!

Making Minor Cupcakes

I'm not an expert on musical theory, but I do find key changes to be fascinating. Playing the same piece in a different key gives it a completely different feeling—and especially if you play a song in a minor key that wasn't originally written that way.

PkTaco shared with us a minorized version of Making Cupcakes, and it sounds like an entirely new (and kind of creepy) song. Give it a listen!

Thanks for sharing, PkTaco!

Pony Overture

If you listen to a musical, there's usually an overture that gives the audience a preview the music of the whole show.

Well, My Little Pony isn't exactly a musical, but now it has an overture. OrchestralPony wrote an amazing overture on pony themes, which we're happy to share here on Everypony Sings. Give it a listen and see how many pony songs you can identify!

Thanks for sharing, OrchestralPony!

Art of the Dress Midi

Here at Everypony Sings, we get to bring together fans of MLP from all over the world. It's one of the coolest things about our site.

Our latest resource comes all the way from Chile thanks to the magic of the internet. It's a midi of Art of the Dress by Ricardo, and it sounds great. Give it a listen!

Thanks so much for sharing, Ricardo!

Tab for You'll Play Your Part

This whole season, it's been fun to see what exactly Princess Twilight Sparkle was supposed to do. I have to admit, I wasn't sure about her becoming an alicorn and a princess, but the season finale was very cool.

If you enjoyed the song You'll Play Your Part, then you should definitely check out the tab from Vccj. One note about the intro from Vccj: "I made three variations on the way to play the intro/interlude bit. The first one is using barre chords and sounds (I think) the most like the original. The second one is using open chords so it's easier. And the last one is using open chords on Capo 5. The Capo one is the easiest, but not necessarily the best-sounding."

Thanks for sharing, Vccj!

You'll Play Your (Sax) Part

Saxophone players, rejoice! We have a new resource for you, courtesy of pony fan ilike Pudding. (Which is, by the way, a username I think we can all get behind.)

Anyway, ilike Pudding has shared saxophone sheet music for You'll Play Your Part. You can find it here and give it a try. You can also find ilike Pudding on Youtube.

Thanks for sharing this resource, ilike Pudding!

Mandolin Resources!

Mandolin is one of those instruments that doesn't get enough love. I know of a busker (street musician) who said he could only play one mandolin song in a row because it was the "crowd disperser".

Fortunately, pony fan Jasonbres knows how great the mandolin can be. He's shared mandolin tab and sheet music for two recent pony songs: Make a Wish and Let the Rainbow Remind You.

Thanks for sharing, Jasonbres!

Winter Wrap Up Arrangement

For all the great songs we've gotten in the recent seasons of MLP:FiM, sometimes you just have to go back to the classics. Just remember how you felt the first time you heard a song like Winter Wrap Up.

Well, you can take a trip down memory lane with a great new arrangement of Winter Wrap Up from Thunder Dash. Listen to it here—it'll make you feel like you're wrapping up your very first winter all over again.

Thanks, Thunder Dash!

Guitar Resources Galore!

Mezzo Forte is back with some great new resources, so break out your guitar and take a look!

First up is Art of the Dress: there's chords/tab, GPX, midi, and .wav resources. Second is Got the Music: again, with tab, GPX, midi, and .wav. And last but not least, tab, GPX, and .wav for Music in the Treetops.

Mezzo Forte also shared .wav resources for several other songs—Helping Twilight Win the Crown, Pinkie's Lament, and Cheese Confesses. Thanks for all these resources, Mezzo Forte!

You'll Play Your Part

Everypony wants to feel like she's playing her part, contributing in some way, helping others. One of the great ways to "play your part" is by playing music, especially if that's something you can share with your friends.

Pony fan Teren has shared some guitar chords for You'll Play Your Part, so you can play your part by playing along. Check the chords out and give them a try!

Thanks for sharing, Teren!

Covers from Master (of the Bass) Eto

Master Eto has shared his bass-playing talents with us here at Everypony Sings many times in the past. I'm happy to let you know that he is back with two new covers.

First is You'll Play Your Part, which you can watch in the embedded video. Then head over to the bass tab and try playing it yourself! The second song is Let the Rainbow Remind You, which you can watch on Youtube before checking out the bass tab for that one, too.

Thanks, Master Eto! Great to hear from you.

Babs Plays the Flute

While we love getting guitar chords and piano sheet music, it's also great when we get resources for some of the less-common instruments. I know for those of you who play clarinet, trumpet, trombone, etc., it's hard to find pony music resources.

Well, if you're a flute player, this post is for you! Derpy Flutist has shared her sheet music for Babs Seed. Now you can play it yourself!

Thanks so much for sharing, Derpy Flutist!

Guitar Chords for Pinkie's Lament

If you've ever felt down, like you just don't know if you're doing the right thing with your life, then you know just how Pinkie Pie felt when she sang Pinkie's Lament.

And if you want to play along with Pinkie's sad song, then Donny's Boy is here to help. He shared guitar chords for Pinkie's Lament so you can play it yourself. Check them out! Oh, and you can find Donny's Boy on DA and FIMFiction.

Thanks for sharing, Donny's Boy!

500 Mares

The Proclaimers are one of those groups that I will always love, even if they are kind of a timepiece of an earlier era. (The late 80s and early 90s were a weird time for music.)

Anyway, 500 Miles is a classic Proclaimers song, and today we have a great pony-fied cover from Billy-Rex. He calls it 500 Mares, and you should give it a listen—it's very clever.

Thanks for sharing, Billy-Rex!

Original Character Theme

It's fun seeing the original pony characters that fans develop, and it's even more fun seeing the creative art and music inspired by those OCs.

Today, we've got a theme written by Mezzo Forte for his own original character. The piece is called Mezzo Forte Pop, and you can check out the midi, sheet music, or GPX file.

Thanks for sharing, Mezzo Forte!

A True True Friend—Orchestral

A true, true friend always helps her friends out, and a true, true friend always helps her friends to enjoy their shared interests.

If you're a fan of MLP:FiM, then MonicHutch is a true friend to you! He has shared a great orchestral version of A True True Friend. You can listen to it in the video, and then you can check out the score and try playing it with a few of your friends.

Thanks for sharing, MonicHutch!

Improv by Thunder Dash

Thunder Dash is truly a talented composer and musician, and it is always a pleasure to feature his work here at Everypony Sings.

Tonight, Thunder Dash shared a piece of improvisation about an original character named Art Streak. You can listen to Art Streak's Theme in the embedded video.

Thanks for sharing, Thunder Dash!

The Moon's Sorrow

I know I've said this before, but I really enjoy the interplay of creativity among MLP:FiM fans. Music inspires fan fiction, fan fiction inspires fan art, and so on.

This post is a great example. We have an original song from PkTaco called The Moon's Sorrow, which was inspired by a piece of fan poetry. Give the song a listen—it sounds great!

Thank you so much for sharing, PkTaco!

Fingerpicking for Everypony!

Fingerpicking guitar is such a cool style of music, and I have a lot of respect for anyone who can play it. If you're into fingerpicking and you're a pony fan, then today is your lucky day, because we have a treasure trove of resources from Mezzo Forte. Check it out!

Pinkie's Lament: midi, GPX, tab/sheet music
A True, True Friend: midi, GPX, tab/sheet music
Helping Twilight Win the Crown: midi, GPX, tab/sheet music (pdf), tab (txt)
Cheese Confesses: midi, GPX, tab/sheet music

Thanks so much for all your hard work, Mezzo Forte!

Thunder Dash's Story

Thunder Dash is one of the great musicians that we have the privilege of featuring here at Everypony Sings. It's always great to share the music he submits.

This time around, Thunder Dash has shared a piece based on his own OC's origin story. This massive composition is quite an accomplishment. Give it a listen on Soundcloud or check out the sheet music.

Thanks for sharing, Thunder Dash!


You pony fans keep coming up with great music, week after week. It's really exciting to see (and hear) the creativity in this fandom.

Tonight, we have an EP fro Vakanz called Animated. Vakanz is a young musician who's shared his music with us in the past. Make sure to check out this new project!

Thanks for sharing, Vakanz.

Pony Music—Violin Style!

I have a ton of respect for people who can play instruments. I'm not much of an instrumentalist myself, but I sure enjoy listening to people who can play—and even better if they're playing pony music!

Well, tonight we have a treat, because BattlePlatoon shared not one, not two, but three great violin covers of MLP:FiM songs. You can listen to Apples to the Core in the embedded video. Then make sure to check out Helping Twilight Win the Crown and Winter Wrap Up, too!

Thanks for sharing, BattlePlatoon!

Remix Party!

Ivory Brony has been working on some great new stuff, and we're excited to share it with you all here at Everypony Sings.

First up, he shared a great cover/remix of Stay (original by Knife Pony). Listen to Ivory Brony's version over on Soundcloud.

Second, as part of a larger foray into mixing orchestral and electronic music, he shared a remix of Party Monster by Krewella. Check them out!

Thanks for sharing both of these pieces, Ivory Brony!

Friendship is Witchcraft Medley!

I don't think I will ever get tired of the twisted fan series Friendship is Witchcraft. It's hilarious, dark, bizarre, and it has musical numbers that are at least as fun as the real songs from the show.

So I was very excited to see this Friendship is Witchcraft medley, shared by Doctor5210. This is a great way to travel through all the fun songs that the FiW team has created. Give it a listen!

Thanks for sharing, Doctor5210!

I've Got to Find a Way (Instrumental)

The finale of season 3 had some of the saddest moments in MLP:FiM. Poor Twilight was so heartbroken about what had happened!

Thunder Dash, one of our most loyal contributors, is back with an instrumental version of Twilight's song, I've Got to Find a Way. It sounds really beautiful. Make sure you listen to it!

Thanks for sharing, Thunder Dash!

Original: Help Me (Save Me)

Here at Everypony Sings, we are always excited to get to hear new music from the MLP fandom. It's great that we get to share the creativity of you fans!

Today, we have an original song from TheMusicReborn. It's called Help Me (Save Me), and it's a really fantastic piece. Give it a listen in the embedded video. There's also sheet music if you want to try playing it yourself!

Thanks for sharing, TheMusicReborn!

A Remix and a New Project from Thunder Dash

Thunder Dash is one of the most prolific pony fan musicians we have the pleasure of featuring here at Everypony Sings. It's always a pleasure to hear from him.

Tonight, he shared a new piece: a Eurobeat remix of The Perfect Stallion. Give it a listen!

In addition, Thunder Dash has a new project in the works, and he needs your help! Here's what he has to say about it: "I would like to announce that I am about to embark on a new adventure, a new adventure that will require many bronies to participate. I call it, 'We Are The Night.' It is a tribute to Princess Luna and The New Lunar Republic. The song is a ponification of The Wanted's 'We Own The Night'. I'm gonna need all of the help I can get: cameramen, animators, singers and backup musicians. Those who want to participate should reach me at, my primary email."

Big Night Remix

We got some great songs out of the Equestria Girls movie. One of those songs was This is Our Big Night—the big ensemble piece.

Thunder Dash has now completed his 20% Cooler Ensemble Remix of This is Our Big Night. You can listen to it over on Soundcloud and check out the sheet music parts.

Thanks, Thunder Dash!

Fighting is Magic Piano Cover

Hey, do you all remember the fan project Fighting is Magic? It's too bad that the world will never see a complete pony-on-pony fighting game, but we still got a lot of fun out of it—including some great music!

Frequent contributor Thunder Dash has done a very cool piano cover of the theme from Applejack's stage. You can listen to it in the video, and check out the sheet music as well!

As always, thanks for sharing your talents, Thunder Dash!

Find the Music Rehearsal Transcription

Bum, bum, bum bum ba da ba dum... I still have Find the Music stuck in my head from watching that episode. It is such a great song.

If you're interested in singing or playing Find the Music, then we have a transcription for you! It's from pony fan Travis, and it's a great transcription of the rehearsal from the episode. Find it here.

Thanks for sharing this resource, Travis!

Babs, Remixed

I hope Babs Seed gets another episode at some point where she visits the Cutie Mark Crusaders. She is such a fun character.

Until that happens, at least I get to enjoy a great new remix of Babs Seed, courtesy of Thunder Dash. Give it a listen—it's a ton of fun! I recommend listening to it three or four times.

Thanks for sharing this song, Thunder Dash!

Find the Music (in Flutterguy)

There are few things in life better than music sung in four-part harmony. If you don't have an opportunity to sing in a school choir, find a barbershop quartet or a church group or something, because four-part harmony is just awesome.

And if you liked the song Find the Music, then Zpony has a great resource for you—a transcription of the song for four voices. Find it here and get to singing!

Thanks for sharing your talents, Zpony!

Find the Music in the Treetops!

Fluttershy fans have had a good week, ever since Fluttershy's big episode last Saturday. It was great to get some fun Fluttershy songs—plus, I love Big Macintosh, so it was a win-win for me.

We have a bass tab and cover from Master Eto for the mashup song Music in the Treetops and Find the Music in You. Check out the video, and find the tab here.

Thanks so much for sharing, Master Eto!

Dream Instead

It's always great to hear new original music, especially from fans who haven't shared their talents with Everypony Sings before.

Our newest submitter is Esttel, who has done a number of original pieces. The embedded video is his newest song, Dream Instead. You can also check out his other songs on his Youtube channel!

Thanks for sharing your musical skills, Esttel!

Take it For a Spin

A while back, Thunder Dash started a new series he's calling "Take it for a spin," where he does improvs off of pony songs.

Now he's back with another installment. This time, he's improvising Eurobeat Brony's original song, Luna. Check out Thunder Dash's improv in the video!

Thanks for sharing, Thunder Dash!


What could be goofier than a goof-off? A goof-off, 8-bit style. (Just imagine Pinkie Pie and Cheese Sandwich in old-school videogame style. How awesome would that be?)

Thanks to TheDJDarkness, we now know what an 8-bit goof-off would sound like. He did an awesome cover of the Goof-Off Song, and it sounds fantastic. Check it out!

Thanks for sharing, TheDJDarkness!

Pinkie the Party Planner

Pinkie Pie is everypony's favorite party planner, right? (Though I have been hearing a lot about this guy Cheese Sandwich lately...)

Well, if you're a fan of Pinkie the party planner, then you'll be excited to see this fantastic arrangement of the song Pinkie the Party Planner by mastersuperfan. It's a great resource.
Now you can play this fun song yourself at your next party!

Thanks for sharing, mastersuperfan!

Pony Game Mashups

I'm a fan of My Little Pony, obviously. But when I'm not watching ponies or helping out here at Everypony Sings, I'm probably playing video games.

So tonight's post combines two of my favorite hobbies in musical form. Doctor5210 has shared mashups of pony music with video game music. The embedded video combines This Day Aria with Bloody Tears from Castlevania II. There's also a mashup of Smile Smile Smile with Yoshi's theme from Super Mario World 2.

Thanks for sharing, Doctor5210!

Melody Fusions

From Thunder Dash, we have an interesting musical experiment. Thunder Dash wrote a series of fusions of different pony songs, combining melodies and rhythms to create a whole new sound.

Give a listen to this set of fusions on Soundcloud, and check out the sheet music. Thunder Dash says the person who can identify all the fusions wins a free request of their choice. Guess away, pony fans!

Thanks for sharing this creative endeavor with us, Thunder Dash!

Babs Seed on Harpsichord

I am consistently blown away by the creativity of the pony community. In this case, it is this beautiful Harpsichord arrangement for Babs Seed done by Thunder Dash.

You can find this lovely piece of music over on Soundcloud. I guarantee that listening to it will make you feel more sophisticated. You can play it yourself as well with the sheet music. You own a harpsichord, right?

Thunder Dash also let me know that there is a special musical easter egg hidden in this song. See if you can find it!

Challenge for Vocalists

Pony fan, Robert, has a unique challenge for all of you vocalists. It involves singing the Heart Carol to the melody of a note-shape song called "I'm Going Home."

It sounds like an interesting project that I would love to hear!  I've included Robert's email after the jump below so that you can get all the information.

Have fun singing!

Chords in Harmony

If you're into original pony music, then I'm sure you are familiar with MandoPony. One of his recent songs, Harmony, is a beautiful piece—check it out in the video.

If you enjoyed Harmony, then you'll be happy to see these chords, submitted by pony fan Szwajor. Give them a try and play the song yourself! You can find Szwajor on Youtube or DeviantArt.

Thanks for sharing this resource, Szwajor!

Dimondium's First Symphony

He's no Beethoven, at least not yet, but we are pleased to be sharing Dimondium's first symphony: Symphony No. 1 in D Major. It's an arrangement featuring Morning in Ponyville, Winter Wrap Up, Smile Smile Smile, Art of the Dress and Life in Equestria.

You should definitely give this piece a listen, it is well worth your time. And if you like it, why not help Dimondium get it performed? Just head over here and sign his petition.

Thanks so much for sharing your composing talent with us, Dimondium!

Honky-Tonk Apples to the Core

Thunder Dash always does a great job with his various covers of pony songs. I count it as a good day when Thunder Dash shares one of his covers with us.

Today, it's an awesome honky-tonk version of Apples to the Core. Give it a listen over on Soundcloud, and try out the sheet music to play it yourself! It's a lot of fun.

Thank you as always, Thunder Dash, for sharing your musical talents with us!

Ukulele Smile

If there's any instrument that perfectly fits with Pinkie Pie's anthem, Smile Smile Smile, it's the ukulele. The uke is just such a bright, happy instrument. It makes you want to smile.

ChuckinBrony must think so, too, because he did a great cover of Smile on the ukulele. Give it a listen—it sounds fantastic! It's just the thing to put a smile on your face, no matter what.

Thanks for sharing, ChuckinBrony!

Apples Forever!

I was really happy last weekend that we finally got to see the Apple family-themed episode that featured Apples to the Core. I haven't laughed that hard at a MLP episode in a while.

Even better, we have some fantastic folksy resources from Jasonbres. He shared sheet music and tab for Apples to the Core for two instruments: mandolin and clawhammer banjo. There's also a recording of him playing banjo along with the song, so make sure to give that a listen.

Thanks, Jasonbres!

Scores from TheSydeGuys

Sorry, everypony! We have been behind on our work here at the site. I know Candy Coda is working hard to catch up on emails, and I'm getting on top of the news posts.

First up are some great resources from TheSydeGuys. He did an arrangement of Hearts Strong as Horses—you can see that in the video and check out the sheet music—as well as a cover of The Success Song (there's a .wav file and sheet music for that one, too).

Thanks for sharing, TheSydeGuys!

Fallout:Equestria Fan Music

What would happen if ponies and a nuclear post-apocalypse came together in one fan-created universe? That's exactly the question that Fallout:Equestria seeks to answer. And Fallout:Equestria even has its own fan music!

Dyrilby shared his piece of original fan music for Fallout:Equestria, called Cider Trot. Give it a listen in the embedded video! It's a very cool composition that captures the tone of this alternate reality.

Thanks for sharing, Dyrilby!

Bass Bats and Generosity

Do you play bass guitar? Do you enjoy listening to—or playing—bass covers of pony songs? Well, today's your lucky day, thanks to Master Eto!

Master Eto has shared bass covers and tab for two recent songs: Bats and Generosity. You can watch the Bats cover in the embedded video and find the tab here. Then you can check out the Generosity video and tab. Enjoy!

Thanks for sharing, Master Eto!

Generous Mandolin

I hope you all enjoy mandolin—I know I do! Whether you play the mandolin or just enjoy listening to it, it is definitely a fun instrument. Mandolin and pony music together is even more fun.

Jasonbres has shared some great mandolin resources with us before, and he's back again with mandolin sheet music and tab for the newest song, Generosity. Check it out, and get playing!

Thanks for sharing this resource, Jasonbres!

Resources from Thunder Dash

Thunder Dash has become one of our most prolific contributors here at Everypony Sings. We are thrilled to be able to share his musical talents with all of you!

Tonight, we have two resources from Thunder Dash. The first is sheet music for a piano cover of A True True Friend. The second is for the At the Gala remix we shared a few weeks ago: all the parts for that composition zipped in a .mus file.

Many thanks to Thunder Dash!

Nana nana nana nana... BATS!

Vampire fruit bats. It's enough to strike fear into the heart of any pony, especially one running an apple orchard. So of course these bats deserve a song that's a tribute to their scary (but maybe cute and cuddly?) nature.

Thanks to Reedmace Star, we now have a whole bunch of resources for Bats. The video is a sheet music visualization. You can also check out the sheet music (with melody, bassline, and chords), or the bass part (with tab). Then there's a midi version and a Lilypond version.

Thanks so much, Reedmace Star!

Take It For a Spin!

Thunder Dash is a regular fixture here at Everypony Sings. Just when I think he's shown off all his musical talents, he comes back with something even more impressive.

Tonight, it's the debut video in a series he's calling Take It For a Spin. The videos are off-the-cuff improvisations of pony songs from the show and fan-made originals. The first video is based around Art of the Dress. Check it out!

Thanks for sharing, as always, Thunder Dash!

Strong Hearts Chords

If you've got a heart as strong as a horse, or a love for little ponies trying to figure out what they're meant to do in life, or you just like playing catchy songs on the guitar, then this post is for you!

Pony fan and Everypony Sings contributor Jasonbres came up with some fantastic chords for Hearts Strong as Horses. Break out your guitar and give them a try! It's sure to make your heart feel strong.

Thanks for sharing this resource, Jasonbres!

SimTunes to the Core?

SimTunes is such a throwback, I had to look it up on Wikipedia just to find out what it was. (In case you're curious: "SimTunes is a children's software toy designed by Toshio Iwai and released by Maxis in 1996.") But it makes for awesome pony music!

Dogman15 created an extremely impressive version of Apples to the Core in SimTunes. I can't imagine how long this must have taken. Give it a listen, you don't want to miss out on this!

Thanks so much for sharing, Dogman15!

Rarity/Avicii Mashup?!

I'm probably late to the cool music bandwagon, but I am super into Avicii right now. This guy is so cool! The only thing that could be better than Avicii would be pony-themed Avicii.

Well, Ivory Brony has delivered in a big way, with a remix he's calling Levels of the Dress. It's a mashup of Art of the Dress and Avicii's Levels. It sounds totally awesome. Make sure to check this one out! Thanks so much for sharing it, Ivory Brony!

PS. If you sent us an email in the last two weeks and it hasn't been posted yet, it's just because we're behind due to holiday traveling. We are doing our best to catch up, so thanks for your patience!

Bass as Strong as Horses

We will be getting up some posts about the newest song today or tomorrow, but in the meantime, we still have great resources to share for Hearts Strong as Horses!

Pony fan Kyle shared a bass tab for Hearts Strong as Horses, so you can provide the rhythmic energy needed for any pony-related training montage. Check out the tab here and try it yourself!

Thanks so much for sharing this resource, Kyle!

Radiant Dawn by Gloomy Dusk

Whew! I have been traveling all over the place the last two weeks, visiting family for the holidays. Sorry for the lack of posts, things should be getting back to normal now!

Our first post of 2014 is an original piece by Gloomy Dusk. It's called Radiant Dawn, and I'm enjoying the mood and energy of this song. It really does feel like an awesome sunrise in musical form. Give it a listen!

Thanks for sharing, Gloomy Dusk!