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Sheet Music: Hearts Strong as Horses

I don't know if you all enjoyed Hearts Strong as Horses as much as I did, but I can't get enough of this song! It's my current listen-to-it-on-loop pony music obsession.

So you can imagine how excited I am about this resource: a full score of Hearts Strong as Horses from Dasho Frainbow. This resource is sure to be a big help to anyone interested in playing this song. You can also find Dasho on Youtube and DA.

Thanks for sharing, Dasho Frainbow!

At The Gala [20% Cooler Holiday Orchestral Rock Remix]

At the Gala was an appropriately awesome conclusion to Season One. It was a great, and complex, piece of music, and we've definitely enjoyed seeing all the resources you all have created for it.

Today, as a late Christmas (or Hearth's Warming, if you prefer) present, we have a fantastic remix of At the Gala from Thunder Dash. You can listen to it on Soundcloud or (the second one should be higher quality). Plus, there's a full score!

Thanks so much for sending 2013 out with a bang, Thunder Dash!


Discord by Living Tombstone is probably my all-time favorite piece of pony fan music. Sometimes I listen to it just to feel pumped up.

Now, I have another great version of the song to enjoy, courtesy of Thunder Dash. He did a piano cover of Discord, which sounds awesome. Plus, there's sheet music! Thanks, Thunder Dash!

Stay tuned for what Thunder Dash is calling "a super special '20% Cooler Double Cardio Piano Remix' of Hearts Strong as Horses"—sounds super cool.

Hearts Strong as Bass

The Cutie Mark Crusaders certainly have come a long way since we met them in Season One. They haven't earned their cutie marks yet, but they've learned a lot and grown as friends.

Hearts Strong as Horses is a great song for the Cutie Mark Crusaders, and the only thing that might make it better would be a bass guitar cover. Fortunately, we're in luck—Master Eto is back, and he's brought a fantastic bass cover for Hearts Strong as Horses. Check it out!

Thanks for sharing, Master Eto!

Mashup to the Max!

Mashups of pony music and pop music are always fun. I like getting to hear the ways fans put different pieces—even different genres—of music together.

Well, Ivory Brony has a heck of a mashup for us tonight. It's a combination of Lady Gaga's Hair with four MLP:FiM songs: The Perfect Stallion, The Flim Flam Brothers, This is Our Big Night (from the Equestria Girls movie), and Love is in Bloom. Give it a listen!

Thanks for sharing, Ivory Brony! (By the way, I used an image of Photo Finish for this one because she's like Lady Gaga pony-fied...)

Title MIDI

I am always excited about midi resources, because you can do so many cool things with them. Whether it's remixes, disk drive covers, or some other creative purpose, there's always lots of potential in a midi.

Lu9 shared a fantastic midi of the Title Theme. You should totally check it out! And I expect to see lots of interesting projects come out of this resource.

Thanks for sharing, Lu9! It's great to have you as part of the Everypony Sings crew of submitters!

Hearts Strong as Horses Transcription

I am a little bit in love with the new song, Hearts Strong as Horses. I may or may not be listening to it on loop right now. It's just so catchy!

If you're also in a Hearts Strong as Horses mood, then you'll love this piano transcription from DJDelta0. You can listen to it in the embedded video, or check out the sheet music and try it yourself. It sounds fantastic!

Thanks for sharing, DJDelta0!

Mandolins Strong as Horses

If you watched the most recent episode of MLP:FiM, then you heard the adorable new song from the Cutie Mark Crusaders... and you heard that great mandolin line, too.

Jasonbres has already whipped up a mandolin tab for Hearts Strong as Horses, so you can play that fun mandolin part yourself. Check out the sheet music and get training! You've got hearts as strong as horses!

Thanks for sharing this resource, Jasonbres!

'Til The End (A Tribute)

This original piece from Thunder Dash is fantastic and has an amazing story behind it. I'll let Thunder Dash explain in his own words:

"So one day I was on MLPForums, roleplaying with this guy. Little did I know that he was in the military. So, as we were roleplaying, he sent me a personal message. He told me that he was in the US Army... He wanted a song that kept him and his guys motivated. So, I wrote this song both in honor of Rainbow Dash and our soldiers fighting for our country. It was also the holidays, so you could say it was also an early Christmas gift. It was an honor for me to write this song for him!"

Give the song a listen! Thanks to Thunder Dash and to all the great fans out there using their talents in many ways.


Even though Halloween (I mean, Nightmare Night...) is behind us, there are still lots of great Nightmare Moon songs coming our way.

The latest is from Thunder Dash, and it's a very cool original piece called Eclipsed. Give it a listen—I love the synthy, electronic vibe this song has going on. Thanks for sharing, Thunder Dash!

By the way, stay tuned for some posts about this morning's (SUPER CUTE) new song. We'll be posting about it tomorrow.

Original from Ivory Brony

I always love getting to hear original music from talented fans. There is so much creativity and skill out there, it really blows me away.

Today, we have an original song from Ivory Brony. It's called Electric Slumber (Luna's Night). This is a very cool electronic-style piece. I really enjoyed listening to it. Check it out!

Thanks for sharing your talents, Ivory Brony!

Fluttershy's Lullaby

Even though we're in Season Four now, I still enjoy going back and listening to some of the "classic" songs from the first season of the show. Take Hush Now, Quiet Now for example—this song always helps me to feel calm and relaxed.

Thunder Dash shared a great instrumental arrangement of Hush Now, Quiet Now. Give it a listen, it sounds beautiful. It's bound to put you in a sleepy mood. Plus, there's sheet music!

Thanks for sharing, Thunder Dash!

My Zone

Hello everypony! For our first post today, we have an exciting update from Vakanz, who has shared his music with us before.

Vakanz is releasing an album called My Zone. It contains 27 tracks of original music, some of it pony-inspired and some of it coming from other places. You can check out the album here.

Thanks for sharing, Vakanz! Congrats on the album!

Another Original from Thunder Dash!

Thunder Dash is one of our most prolific contributors. It's always great to hear from him, whether he's submitting music resources or original songs.

Tonight, it's an original song based on the sisterly relationship between Rainbow Dash and Scootaloo. The piece is called Under My Wing, and it sounds fantastic. Give it a listen!

Thanks for sharing your musical talents with us, Thunder Dash!