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Marching Band Helping Twilight Win the Crown

If you were at the high school in the Equestria Girls movie—say, in the marching band—you'd want to help Twilight win the crown, right? Of course you would!

Well, now you and your personal marching band can help Twilight win the crown, thanks to the efforts of our own Dimondium. Dimondium arranged Helping Twilight Win the Crown for marching band. You can listen to it in the video and then check out the sheet music for yourself!

Thanks, Dimondium! It's great to have you on the team.


  1. Im gonna run this by our marching instructor and see if we can play next semester. That is if its ok with you?

    1. Oh yes, absolutely! That's exactly what I intended! Don't worry, as long as you don't resell it or claim it as your own arrangement, I have no quirks with that!

      Just a small request, though. Could you possibly get a video performance done and send it in to the site? I've NEVER had one of my marching arrangements played in real life, so I'd like to hear how it transfers. Any video quality will do, and if you can't do it, of course, that's fine too!

      (Also, I'm sure your director will love the fact that it's free. :P)

      Gah, okay, I'm rambling. I'm just excited. Short answer, yes!