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Songs from Power Chord

Power Chord is one of the members of our very own Everypony Sings team. It's great that we get to work with great fans from all over the country (and the world!)

For this post, Power Chord shared two songs, an original and a cover. The original is Enter Twilight, a Metallica parody/crossover, and a rock cover of Friend for Life from the Equestria Girls movie. Check them out!

Thanks for sharing, as always, Power Chord!

Hush, Now

Hush Now, Quiet Now is one of the abiding favorites from the show. Who doesn't want to listen to a nice, calming lullaby that suddenly gets jazzed up by Sweetie Belle?

I know a lot of fans like to play this one on the piano. And thanks to Thunder Dash, we all have a new piano version to enjoy! It is fun, energetic, and captures the feeling of both Fluttershy and Sweetie Belle's singing. Give it a listen or check out the sheet music!

Thanks, Thunder Dash!

You're Going to Need the Ocarina of Time for all These Tabs

Holy ever-living Celestia. If you play the ocarina, you just hit the jackpot. Pony fan jessekruz, who shared an ocarina tab with us before, is back with lots more resources.

Check out all these songs you can learn on the ocarina: The Failure Song, This Day Aria, I've Got to Find a Way, Apples to the Core, So Many Wonders, B.B.B.F.F., Winter Wrap Up, Cupcakes, the Title Theme, Giggle at the Ghosty, The Perfect Stallion, and Babs Seed. Thanks so much, jessekruz!

(Credit for the great image goes to Kudalyn on DA.)

Two Originals from Thunder Dash

Thunder Dash is really an amazing composer. He turns out so many great songs, it blows me away. Tonight, we have two new pieces from Thunder Dash to share.

The first is called Chaotic World, and it imagines Equestria with Discord as its ruler. It's about as creepy and dark as you'd expect. The second is much happier; it's called The Dream Fulfilled, and it's Thunder Dash's idea of the music that might be playing when Rainbow Dash finally becomes a Wonderbolt.

Thanks to Thunder Dash for sharing! He asked us to let you all know that he's working on "a super special 20% Cooler Keyboard Ensemble Remix of 'This is Our Big Night' from Equestria Girls." Stay tuned for that!

Hush Now, Quiet Cover

Confession time: sometimes, I stay up way too late on the computer. Shocking, I know. But when I'm up late surfing the internet and writing newsposts, maybe what I need is a nice lullaby.

A lullaby like Hush Now, Quiet Now, for example. But with a Hawaiian, tropical vibe. Like this one from Vccj, in fact. Vccj's cover is fantastic—I really love the direction he took the song. Give it a listen, and then go to bed!

Thanks for sharing, Vccj!

(Spoilers) Apples to the Core Goes MIDI

Season 4 is creeping closer, though we're still more than a month away from new ponies. Until then, we'll have to make do with the sneak peeks we've gotten of what's to come—like the song Apples to the Core.

If you're interested in doing something fun with this season 4 preview song, then TangyNeonz might have just the resources for you. TangyNeonz made midi and .wav versions of this song, with and without vocals. Check out all these resources:
All singers—midi and wav;
Big Macintosh and Apple Boom—midi and wav;
Instrumental—midi and wav

Thanks, TangyNeonz!

Celestia's Ballad Remixed

Celestia's Ballad was a beautiful part of the season finale. It was cool to finally get to see a little more of Princess Celestia's perspective and motivations.

I also loved getting to hear EnergyBrony's great cover of the Ballad. You should definitely give it a listen—it sounds great! Even though EnergyBrony is from Russia, his English is really good.

Thanks for sharing your musical talents with us, EnergyBrony!

Mandolin Opening

Folk instrumentation is becoming more popular these days, probably thanks in part to bands like Mumford & Sons. I can't say I'm complaining; more banjo and mandolin is always good in my book.

Apparently Thunder Dash agrees with me, because he's shared a great version of the Title Theme for mandolin. You can listen to it over on Soundcloud. Then check out the sheet music and tab, so you can play it yourself! Enjoy the mandolin-y goodness.

Thanks, Thunder Dash!

Beyond Her Garden for Band

Beyond Her Garden is one of the original songs by the extremely talented WoodenToaster. It's one of my favorite songs from WoodenToaster, in fact. You can check it out in the video.

Today's post is actually a resource for Beyond Her Garden from Ember Wolf and Aurora Rider, who arranged the song for band. You should take a look at their score. We'd love to see a band play this!

Thanks for sharing, Ember Wolf and Aurora Rider!

Marching Band Helping Twilight Win the Crown

If you were at the high school in the Equestria Girls movie—say, in the marching band—you'd want to help Twilight win the crown, right? Of course you would!

Well, now you and your personal marching band can help Twilight win the crown, thanks to the efforts of our own Dimondium. Dimondium arranged Helping Twilight Win the Crown for marching band. You can listen to it in the video and then check out the sheet music for yourself!

Thanks, Dimondium! It's great to have you on the team.