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Symphonic Anime Orchestra: Pony Medley

It makes me very happy to know that there is a group out there known as the Symphonic Anime Orchestra. These folks are all volunteers who dedicate time and energy to making music that is both incredible and wonderfully nerdy.

The SAO shared with us a medley of pony music they recently performed at a convention in Nashville, Tennessee. The songs, in order, are Rainbow Factory (an original song by Wooden Toaster), the Cutie Mark Crusaders Theme, Life in Equestria, and the Title Theme. Enjoy!

Thanks for sharing, and for all you do, SAO!

This String Ensemble Aria

Do you and your closest friends have a string ensemble group? No? Well, go find some string players and put an ensemble together! We have just the resource you'll want to use.

Shynight composed a beautiful string ensemble arrangement of This Day Aria. I love it, it really sounds fantastic—listen to it in the video. Then you can check out the sheet music and play it yourself in your friendly neighborhood string ensemble!

Thanks for sharing, Shynight!

Magical Mashups

IvoryBrony recently created two mashups, and they are absolutely magical.

The first is a combination of Owl City's Good Time, Zedd's Spectrum, and The Type of Pony Everypony Should Know. The second mixes Gaga's Highway Unicorn Road to Love and Strange New World (from Equestria Girls).

IvoryBrony weaves all of this music together in a truly beautiful way. Give them a listen! (I would also encourage doing a little dance.)

This Day Aria Piano Duet

I am a big fan of Thunder Dash's music, and this piece is no exception. This arrangement transforms This Day Aria into a powerful piano duet.

I think this is a brilliant piece for a piano duet. Since the song has two voices, having two pianos seems like a natural fit. You can listen to it over on Soundcloud or take a look at the sheet music.

Thunder Dash also remarked in his email that he would be truly impressed if two people could play it without stopping or giving up. The challenge has been issued!


I didn't expect to love Babs. I thought the show was just trying to shoehorn in another Cutie Mark Crusader, and I didn't want to see them mess up the dynamic that the CMCs already had.

But I do. I love Babs. And I love her song, and I love this great cover from Billy Rex. I really enjoyed the electronic vibe he added to the song. Give it a listen—I think you'll love it too! You can also find Billy on Soundcloud.

Thanks for this tribute to a great character, Billy Rex!

This is Our Big Night

The Equestria Girls movie gave us some great songs to tide us over until Season Four starts. (Can you believe we'll be starting Season Four?)

One of the songs from Equestria Girls that I've been enjoying is This is Our Big Night. If you haven't heard it, you can listen to it in the video. And now, thanks to Speady99, you can play it yourself! Speady99 shared a fantastic transcription of the song so you can play it to your heart's content.

Thanks for sharing, Speady99!

Fingerstyle Guitar Makes Me Smile

Personal confession: my significant other plays fingerpicked guitar, and I love that style of music. It's so gentle and relaxing, and you can do some beautiful music with it.

The occasion for this confession is the great submission we received from Warbalist. Warbalist just completed a fingerstyle version of Smile, which sounds fantastic—make sure you listen to it! Even better, there's sheet music/tab and an mp3.

Thanks so much, Warbalist!

Getting... Very... Sleepy...

Maybe it's just because I'm writing this newspost very late in my time zone (it's midnight where I am), but this song is lulling me right to sleep. If you want a beautiful lullaby, this is the song for you.

Thunder Dash continues to show his diverse musical talents with his latest submission, Dash Yourself to Sleep. I bet Scootaloo loves this song. Give it a listen!

Thanks as always for sharing, Thunder Dash!

String Quartet At the Gala

If you were going to the Grand Galloping Gala, you'd expect the finest music to be part of the evening's entertainment. Perhaps a lovely string quartet could serenade you with beautiful music?

Even if you can't make it to the Gala, Gigabyte has shared a beautiful string quartet version of At the Gala. The sheet music is here. There's also an easier version, which you can find here. (Both of these files are for Musescore.) Thanks for sharing these resources, Gigabyte!

Also, Candy Coda and I wanted to let you know that we've fallen a bit behind on our pony emails (or pmails for short), but we are working to catch up! Thanks for your patience!

Music at the Crossroads

The fans of MLP:FiM are some talented folks! There are so many creative talents out there, for art, music, animation, and more. Even just the musical side of things that we share here on Everypony Sings is incredibly diverse.

This fan song, Crossroads, is a great example of that. It's a collaboration between Cyphers Wolf and Orion Melody that blends their different musical styles together. Give it a listen, it's very cool!

Thanks for sharing this, Cyphers Wolf, and thanks to Orion Melody, too!

Equestria Girls Goes Floppy

Listening to the amazing and creative music that folks create from floppy disk drives makes me wish I had a few of those old drives lying around myself. I just love the way that a no-longer-useful technology is re-purposed in the service of art.

Right now, I'm listening to a floppy disk drive cover of Helping Twilight Win the Crown courtesy of Techdisk. Give it a listen in the video—it sounds great! Techdisk wanted to give a shoutout to DJDelta0, who made the midi he used for this project.

Thanks, Techdisk!

Equestria Girls Chords!

We have a veritable treasure trove of Equestria Girls resources tonight, thanks to the work of a fan who goes by Jaden Chord.

Jaden Chord is a classical guitarist and did a great job on chords for four of the songs from Equestria Girls. You can check out the chords for A Friend for Life, This is Our Big Night, Helping Twilight Win the Crown, and Time to Come Together.

Thanks so much for sharing, Jaden Chord!

Original Songs

It's so much fun to hear the original music that comes from the fans of MLP:FiM. There is so much talent out there, and it's a pleasure to get to hear and share some of that talent here at Everypony Sings.

Tonight, we have two original songs from 4everfreebrony. The embedded video will let you hear the song From Here, about Applebloom growing up. The other song is My Cadence, featuring Angel Heart. Give them both a listen!

Thanks for sharing these songs, 4everfreebrony! It's always great to hear from you.

*SPOILERS* Apple Chords

I am getting pretty excited about season 4! I can't wait to see what Twilight gets up to now that she has wings and is a princess, not to mention the rest of the gang.

Fortunately, we've gotten at least a peek at the new season with the song Apples to the Core. And Indie Brony shared some new chords for the song, so you can play it yourself! Find the chords here.

Thanks for sharing your talents, Indie Brony!