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Daring-Do and the Musical Theme

Everypony's favorite adventurer/archeologist is definitely Daring-Do. She is just so cool! I'm sure she has movies as well as books dedicated to her stories.

Well, if those movies need a theme song for Daring-Do, then Thunder Dash is here to help. He wrote a great theme for Daring-Do called Overcome. You can listen to it in the video. It definitely captures her spirit!

Thanks for sharing, Thunder Dash!

Elements of Insanity

IvoryBrony does some great musical projects. It's always a pleasure to hear from him and get to share his work on the site.

This time, IvoryBrony has shared two parts of an electronic music series, Elements of Insanity. The first is The Element of Magic, and the second is Element of Laughter. Check them out on Soundcloud. They sound awesome! I hope we get to hear the rest of this series at some point.

Thanks, IvoryBrony! (Credit for the picture to TehJadeh.)

I Am Iron Man—I mean, Octavia

I think Octavia is my favorite background pony. She's one of my favorites, that's for sure. I'd love to have an episode about her backstory.

Until we get that episode, we have fan music to provide us with Octavia goodness. BassBeastJD shared an original song called I Am Octavia. It's a beautiful orchestral piece. I'm sure you'll enjoy it. Give it a listen!

Thanks for sharing, BassBeastJD!


I dedicate tonight to the patchwork villain, the lord of chaos—Discord. We already shared an acoustic version of Discord (original by Eurobeat Brony).

Now we have a cover of a remix of Discord. Specifically, The Living Tombstone's great remix of Discord, arranged for chamber music by Thunder Dash. Enjoy it with a glass of chocolate rain (take the glass, leave the rain). Listen to it on Soundcloud, check out the score, or download the individual parts.

Thanks for sharing, Thunder Dash!

Acoustic Discord

A couple of days ago, we posted an acoustic cover of Rainbow Factory by EnergyBrony. It sounded awesome, and it was really fun to hear a new take on a popular fan song.

Well, today EnergyBrony is back with an acoustic cover of one of my favorite fan songs, Discord. If you've never listened to the original, you're missing out! And if you have listened to the original a few (hundred) times, then check out this awesome new version.

Thanks for sharing, EnergyBrony!

Original: From Here

Applebloom is so stinkin' adorable. She was my favorite pony for a while (before I came to know the marshmallow-y goodness that is Sweetie Belle).

4everfreebrony shared an original song about Applebloom, From Here. This song is really lovely. 4everfreebrony is a talented guitarist and vocalist, and the lyrics are beautiful and touching. Give it a listen!

Thanks so much for sharing, 4everfreebrony!

Do You Want to Help Twilight Win the Crown?

If you had a chance to help out Twilight Sparkle, wouldn't you jump at the opportunity? What if the fate of Equestria depended on your help?

Well, you can help out with the newest pony music project from BassBeastJD. This project is similar to the Massive Smile Project and the Long Way from Equestria Project, but it's for the song from the Equestria Girls movie, Helping Twilight Win the Crown.

Check out the video for more details. We can't wait to see how this project turns out!

Monster for Marching Band

...And we have another fantastic cover of a fantastic fan song, this time from our own Dimondium.

The original song is Monster, by Aviators and Omnipony (that link goes to the super-awesome music video). Dimondium thought, what if you could play that song... with your marching band? So, of course, he wrote a marching band arrangement. There's sheet music and an audio file, too.

Thank you, Dimondium!

Acoustic Rainbow Factory

Rainbow Factory is one of those fan-made songs that has achieved almost as much popularity as the official songs from the show. If you've never heard it, you should definitely check it out.

Today, we bring you an acoustic guitar cover of Rainbow Factory from EnergyBrony. I love this cover—it manages to capture the same dark energy of the original with a very different instrumentation. Give it a listen!

Thanks to EnergyBrony for sharing!

My Little Ukulele

The ukulele is an adorable instrument, and that's all I have to say about that. Listening to it just makes you happy, doesn't it?

If you're not convinced, listen to this great cover of the Title Theme on ukulele from ChuckinBrony. He did a great job—I especially like the strumming/fingerpicking bit at the beginning.

Thanks so much for sharing, ChuckinBrony!

A True True Pipe Organ

Here's a fun fact about me: I think pipe organ music is really cool. Seriously. If you ever get a chance to go to a cool old church or whatever and check out their pipe organ, do it.

So what could be better than combining two of my favorite things, pipe organ music and pony music? Thunder Dash has done just that with a cover of A True True Friend for the organ. It is super cool. Plus, there's sheet music!

Thanks for sharing, Thunder Dash!

Tubby Wubby Pony Waifu... in... Russian?

I'm not going to lie, this fan video and song is pretty weird. Basically, I have no idea what's going on. But we have a cover of it in Russian, so...

EnergyBrony shared a Russian cover of Tubby Wubby Pony Waifu, which you can check out in the embedded video. I don't speak Russian, but the instrumentation and vocals sound great to me!

Thank so much for sharing, EnergyBrony!

*SPOILERS* Apples to the Chord

We recently got another great resource for the Season 4 preview song, Apples to the Core. I can't wait to see the whole episode!

In the meantime, we can play along to this fun song. Vampire shared chords for Apples to the Core, so try them out on your instrument of choice. You'll feel like part of the Apple family in no time!

Thanks for sharing, Vampire! (Oh, and I found this adorable Apple family portrait here.)

This Strange (Equestrian) World

Do you ever wish you could be magically transported to Equestria? Or that the ponies could be magically transported to our world, and also they would go to your school? Hey, I just got an idea for a movie...

Well, if you've ever thought about going to a strange new world, then this is the post for you! Pony fan xtremesmw shared resources for This Strange World, from the Equestria Girls movie. Here's the transcription for guitar, and there's also a midi for the bass line. Enjoy!

Thanks for sharing, xtremesmw!

Cupcakes on Crack

I am always impressed by the talents of the MLP:FiM fandom. But sometimes I get to hear something that takes me so far beyond impressed that I can hardly find the words to express how awesome it is.

This submission from ThunderDash is one of those amazing pieces. He calls it The Cupcake Song INSANE Piano Edition, and I can't contest that title. You just have to listen to it yourself and you'll understand. Then, if you're really daring, you can check out the sheet music and try playing it yourself.

Thanks, ThunderDash!

Winter Wrap Up for Musescore

When it's the middle of August and the hottest part of the year (for those of us in the northern hemisphere, anyway), sometimes all you want to think about is ice skating and snowball fights and winter coldness. So let's wrap up winter!

SirTherodar did a full instrumentation of Winter Wrap Up, based on the transcription by KitRifty. The resource is for Musescore, and you can download it here. Then go find a band to play it with!

Thanks for sharing, SirTherodar!

*SPOILERS* Hand-Written Sheet Music

The dedication of MLP:FiM fans never ceases to amaze me. You all are awesome!

We have another resource to share for the Season 4 song, Apples to the Core. It comes from Dogman15, who hand-wrote sheet music for the song with chords and the melody line. You can see the whole thing here, or check out page 1 and page 2 separately.

Thanks for sharing and for going to all this effort, Dogman15!

*SPOILERS* Apples to the Core

As you may have heard, at ComicCon we got a teaser for Season 4 in the form of a new song, Apples to the Core. We'll be labeling any spoiler posts in case you want to wait and be surprised!

But for those of you who can't wait to start singing along with the Apple family, we have some fantastic resources from TangyNeonz. Tangy Neonz shared sheet music you can download (with and without lyrics), along with .mus files with and without lyrics, a midi version, and an MP3.

Many thanks, TangyNeonz!

Laugh with a Friend

The MLP:FiM fandom—they read a comic that has Pinkie Pie singing a new song, so they compose a melody and make a recording of that song, and then they come up with great piano resources for it!

The song Laugh, Ponyacci, Laugh now has a four-hands duet version courtesy of INSYG. INSYG has shared some awesome resources with us in the past, and we're happy to be able to share this one too. If you have a piano-playing friend, then check out the sheet music and laugh together! Oh, and there's a midi version, too!

Thanks, INSYG!

Original from Phony Brony

First off, an apology: both Candy Coda and I have been crazy busy recently. So it's taking a bit longer for us to respond to your emails and post your submissions. But we aren't ignoring you! Thanks for being patient with us.

Our first post for tonight is an original song called Wonders by Phony Brony. It's a very cool piece, I like the energy it has. Give it a listen!

Thanks so much for sharing, Phony Brony!