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Sheet Music from Dimondium

A few months back, our own Dimondium shared an original composition called What Was Never Nonexistent. It's a very cool piece of music, so I'm reposting the video here for your enjoyment.

Now Dimondium also has some sheet music resources for this piece. If you play any wind instrument—sax, clarinet, oboe, flute, French horn, and more—there's probably something here for you.

Thanks for creating these resources, Dimondium!

1 comment:

  1. Some of you may notice odd octave jumps on anything that isn't in Bb, an alto sax, a bass cleft instrument (including tuba) or a flute/piccolo. I apologize for this, but do know I was trying to keep instrument ranges in mind. If you want, you can compare to those instruments and raise it if you feel you can hit those notes (and if it's possible at all).

    Also, the Alto sax version can double as baritone sax. themoreyouknow.jpg