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Equestrian Fanfare—Horn Tab

There's a little piece of background music in the show that plays whenever something royal happens—call it the Equestrian Fanfare. If you wish you could play it yourself, then today is your lucky day!

Teslahead, who's shared his musical talents with us in the past, worked out a horn tab for the Equestrian Fanfare. I have to be honest and say I'd never seen horn tabulature in the past, but I'm sure it will be a useful resource. Go check it out!

Thanks for sharing, Teslahead!


  1. Standard notes on a treble clef staff would be a bit more useful to more people. I have an inkling of what theme this is, but I can't know for sure without seeing the notes in "universal" notation.

  2. I would write it out in a piano notation, but I have difficulty determining durations of notes, especially in a song that uses goes back and forth between triplets. So I wrote it in a Tabular notation, and being it is a brass theme I don't know guitar, I wrote it in a brass tab. Also, this is the video that I adapted the tab for, if it helps to identify the song:

    1. Oh, that. That starts on an F. I could easily write out the note durations and tones if I wanted to. FFFC, CCDCBbDC, CDEb D C DCBbDC.