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Sheet Music from Dimondium

A few months back, our own Dimondium shared an original composition called What Was Never Nonexistent. It's a very cool piece of music, so I'm reposting the video here for your enjoyment.

Now Dimondium also has some sheet music resources for this piece. If you play any wind instrument—sax, clarinet, oboe, flute, French horn, and more—there's probably something here for you.

Thanks for creating these resources, Dimondium!

Return of Flutterguy!

It's been too long since I got to listen to Flutterguy's rendition of Evil Enchantress. Ohh, those wild Season 1 days, when ponies got trolled by blue flowers and we laughed and laughed...

Ahem. Anyway. We got a great acoustic cover of the Flutterguy Evil Enchantress song by a fan named Sam. He does a great job capturing the bluesy vibe of the song, and his voice is perfect for it. Give it a listen—it sounds great!

Thanks for sharing, Flutter-Sam!

Floppy Disk Loyalty

Listening to music played on old floppy disk drives never gets old. Maybe it's because I was born in the 80s and still remember using computers that had floppy disk drives... maybe it's just because these recordings sound awesome.

Whatever the reason, I'm glad I have Dvixer to hook me up with floppy disk covers of pony songs. This time around, it's a cover of fan song Loyalty (original by AcousticBrony and MandoPony). And the disk drives are 5" drives (if you were born after about 1992, this isn't going to mean anything to you, so just disregard).

Thanks for making this great cover, Dvixer!

Simplified Guitar Chords x2

Learning an instrument can be hard. It can also be discouraging when all the songs you want to play are above your ability level. Well, if you're trying to learn the guitar (or other fretted instrument, really), this post may be just what you need!

First-time contributor Donny's Boy shared two sets of chords, each of which are fairly simple and good for beginners. The first is for Helping Twilight Win the Crown, from the Equestria Girls movie. The second is for Smile Smile Smile. You can also find Donny's Boy on FiMFiction and DeviantArt.

Thanks for sharing, Donny's Boy!

Discord (Meets Thunder Dash)

I think my all-time favorite piece of original pony fan music is Discord, by Eurobeat Brony. You can listen to the original version in the video, but this post is actually about one of the many awesome covers of this awesome song.

Thunder Dash, who is crazy-talented at writing piano arrangements, has done what he does best, this time to the tune of Discord. You can listen to Thunder Dash's piano version here, and download the sheet music for your own Discord-related musical needs.

Thanks so much, Thunder Dash!

MIDI Madness!

Do you need pony song midis? Of course you do. They're perfect for remixes, floppy disk drive covers, and more!

Pony (and midi) fan Obliterador shared midi versions of two pony songs: The Cutie Mark Crusaders Theme and Love is in Bloom. Both sound fantastic, so be sure to check them out!

Thanks for sharing these great resources, Obliterador!

Loyalty - Excessively Literal Translation

Are you familiar with the fan song Loyalty by AcousticBrony and MandoPony? You can watch it in the embedded video.

Well, a fan who goes by Ink decided to take that song and use it as a tribute to all the fans out there who have to rely on bad translations and fansubs in order to enjoy My Little Pony. Go listen to Loyalty—The Excessively Literal Translation. Thanks for sharing, Ink!

On another note, Candy Coda asked me to let you know that he's been really busy lately. If you've sent in an email, don't despair! We'll get to it as soon as we can.

Equestria Girls Double Feature

The MLP:FiM movie, Equestria Girls, lives up to the same standard of awesome music that we've come to expect from the show.

DJDelta0 shared piano versions of two songs from the movie: Helping Twilight Win the Crown (in the embedded video) and Time to Come Together. There's links in the video descriptions to download the sheet music, so you can play the songs yourself.

Thanks for sharing, DJDelta0!

Winter is in Bloom

Winter is in bloom! Or, maybe love is in bloom in the winter? Or maybe love is wrapping up winter. In any case, we have pony music covers to share with you!

EnergyBrony shared great covers of Winter Wrap Up and Love is in Bloom. The Winter Wrap Up cover, in the embedded video, is a rock guitar cover with a lot of energy. Then there's a vocal and acoustic guitar cover of Love is in Bloom, which also sounds fantastic.

Thanks, EnergyBrony! We hope to hear more from you in the future!

Equestrian Fanfare—Horn Tab

There's a little piece of background music in the show that plays whenever something royal happens—call it the Equestrian Fanfare. If you wish you could play it yourself, then today is your lucky day!

Teslahead, who's shared his musical talents with us in the past, worked out a horn tab for the Equestrian Fanfare. I have to be honest and say I'd never seen horn tabulature in the past, but I'm sure it will be a useful resource. Go check it out!

Thanks for sharing, Teslahead!

The Joy of Laughter

Pinkie Pie would tell you that laughter is one of the best experiences in life. It's also good for making friends and scary away tree-monsters.

Well, Thunder Dash also seems to understand the value of laughter, because he wrote and shared a new original song, The Joy of Laughter. It's sweet and peaceful and puts a smile on my face. Give it a listen so you can feel the joy, too!

Thanks for sharing, Thunder Dash!

For the Record

For the record, I love how talented the fans of this show are. And for the record, I love getting to listen to original songs. And for the record, Panic's new song For the Record is awesome.

Panic is making a foray into a new genre (for him), electro house music. It's a lot of fun and has great energy. Give it a listen in the embedded video!

Thanks for sharing, Panic!

Teach Me How to Pony

We have a new original piece from Vakanz, a collaboration he did with a couple of other pony fans. The song is called Teach Me How to Pony.

Give it a listen in the video, or check it out on Soundcloud or Bandcamp. It's fun to hear the way these guys work together.

Thanks for sharing, Vakanz!

Hush Now... It's Ocarina Lullaby Time

I think every kid who played The Legend of Zelda has a secret desire to be able to play the ocarina. Especially if it had magical powers, but heck, just a regular ocarina is cool!

Well, jessekruz worked out an ocarina version of Hush Now, Quiet Now (Fluttershy's version, not Sweetie Belle's). You can find it over on his DeviantArt page. Now go dig out your ocarinas and give it a try!

Thanks, jessekruz!

Helping Twilight Win the Crown

Okay, I still haven't seen Equestria Girls. But we've got resources to share anyway, because we love you. (Well, mostly, you're sharing the love with each other... like good friends do.)

Thunder Dash wrote a double piano version of Helping Twilight Win the Crown from the movie. You can listen to it in the embedded video, and you definitely should. Then check out the sheet music and find a friend to play it with you!

Thanks for sharing, Thunder Dash!

True, True Art of the Dress

We have been getting bits and pieces of a cool project expanding on the story we heard in Magical Mystery Cure. A pony fan who goes by Einar has been exploring the fate-switched ponies through musical mashups.

Tonight's submission is called True, True Art of the Dress. Here's what Einar had to say about it: "True, True Art of the Dress is a Rondo (Ab major) based on True True Friend, followed by minor key fugue (Ab minor) much more loosely based on the same, transitioning into a minor-key version of the line "And that's the Art of the dress" (also Ab minor) and then springs into C# major  for the really easy-to-identify fairly straight presentation of Art of the Dress." It's super cool—give it a listen!

Opening Theme on Guitar

I don't know about you all, but I can't hear the opening notes to the theme song for MLP:FiM without just getting happy and excited. It's like a musical sign of good things to come.

Thunder Dash, who has become one of our regular contributors, did a guitar version of the opening theme which sounds great. Give it a listen, or check out the sheet music and play it yourself!

Thanks for sharing, Thunder Dash!

Steve's Brew

I assume by now that most of you are familiar with the fan parody series, Friendship is Witchcraft, and its many amazing musical numbers. They have a place of honor in my iTunes along with all the pony music from the actual show.

Well, one of those songs is Pinkie's Brew, which you can hear in the video. But this post is actually about a parody of the parody—a song called Steve's Brew, inspired by Friendship is Witchcraft and everypony's favorite brick-building videogame, Minecraft. Check out the parody lyrics by Vedred here.

Thanks for sharing, Vedred!

Brothers Rap Battle

Vakanz has shared his work with us a few times before, and it's been fun to see how his musical style has developed.

This time around, Vakanz shared a rap battle he did with his brother. Although it's not directly pony-related, it's still a fun song, and we're happy to share it here at Everypony Sings. Give it a listen over on Soundcloud.

Thanks, Vakanz!

Celestia's Ballad 20% Cooler Electric Dream Love Ballad Remix

What could improve on the god-like ruler of Equestria, who literally makes the sun rise every morning? Well, her having her own ballad was pretty awesome, but what could improve on that?

Thunder Dash has the answer, and it's the Celestia's Ballad 20% Cooler Electric Dream Love Ballad Remix (or CB20CEDLB for short). This is a remix of Celestia's Ballad that incorporates both Behold Princess Twilight Sparkle and Life in Equestria. So it's kind of a microcosm of the whole finale episode. It's awesome.

Thanks so much, Thunder Dash!