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First Equestria Girls Movie Resource!

Have you gotten to see the MLP:FiM movie, Equestria Girls, yet? I have not, but there's definitely a lot of excitement about it.

Like the show, the movie has the musical numbers we have come to expect, and that means music resources. Thunderstrum sent in the first resource for one of the movie's songs, Helping Twilight Win the Crown. Check out his chords here!

Thanks for sharing, Thunderstrum!


  1. nice :3 So is this song

  2. While the premise of Equestria Girls is a little silly, the execution is actually really good. It's not the best thing the series produced, but for a change-up and surprisingly well-justified reimagining, it did a really good job.

  3. I just watched the movie(btw not bad ^^) and downloaded the sheet. I played the chords and tried to guess the right melody just by hearing the song. I found out the (i think) right melody and could play the whole song in 2 minutes flat. And I improvised a little bit to make it 20% cooler. I also made kind of ballad out of the son :D