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Pinkie's Parasprite Piano Polka!

Are you suffering from an infestation of parasprites? Have you tried everything to get rid of them, but they just keep multiplying? Do you wish you had a pink friend with poofy hair to help you out?

Well, if you have a parasprite problem and no Pinkie Pie to help, then maybe Thunder Dash can lend a hand with his great piano cover of the parasprite polka. Give it a listen or check out the sheet music. It's guaranteed to get rid of your parasprite problem, or at least put a smile on your face.

Thanks for sharing, Thunder Dash!

First Equestria Girls Movie Resource!

Have you gotten to see the MLP:FiM movie, Equestria Girls, yet? I have not, but there's definitely a lot of excitement about it.

Like the show, the movie has the musical numbers we have come to expect, and that means music resources. Thunderstrum sent in the first resource for one of the movie's songs, Helping Twilight Win the Crown. Check out his chords here!

Thanks for sharing, Thunderstrum!

Babs Seed by Topaz and Dr. Sentential

Babs Seed is one of those songs I just have to sing along to while dancing around my living room. To be honest, it's a little awkward. My dog looks at me funny.

In any event... Topaz shared a great piano cover he did of Babs Seed. He also shared sheet music that Dr. Sentenial did for the song, so you can play it yourself. Topaz' cover sounds fantastic—give it a listen!

Thanks for sharing, Topaz!


My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic has had some epic villains. From Nightmare Moon and Trixie to Discord and Chrysalis, the villains of the show are at least as awesome as the heroes.

One villain who I thought didn't get a fair chance to terrify us was King Sombra. It was almost a letdown when he was defeated. I wanted to hear more about him! Fortunately, Thunder Dash has got my back with an awesome original piece, Hunger: King Sombra's Theme. Listen to it or download it for yourself.

This piece is fantastic. Thanks for sharing, Thunder Dash!

Trombone/Baritone Arrangements

Do you play trombone or baritone? Then you probably don't have much pony music you can play, unless you arrange it yourself. This post is for you!

Blueblaze95 shared arrangements for two songs so you can play them on your low brass instrument of choice: I Wasn't Prepared For This and What My Cutie Mark is Telling Me. These resources are sure to be helpful. Check them out!

Thanks, Blueblaze95!

The Music is Reborn!

Every time an awesome fan does a cover of a pony song, it's like the song is brand new. The same songs go through different instrumentation, different styles, even different keys, and it's awesome.

TheMusicReborn is a trumpet-playing fan who shared several fantastic covers and original songs with us. The embedded video is his cover of Smile Smile Smile, because who doesn't love that song? Then there's two originals: Rarity's Waltz and Uncertainty (Trixie's First Night).

Last but not least, TheMusicReborn did an analysis of Winter Wrap Up (and gives us a shoutout!). Thanks, TheMusicReborn!

Trance 2 + 3

I've heard it said that there's an evil enchantress who lives in the Everfree Forest, and if you look deep in her eyes, she'll put you in trances.

Well, the mysterious pony living in the forest might not put you in trances, but Ivory Brony probably will with his awesome new song, Trance 2 + 3. This is an awesome piece. I'm loving the electronica vibe and energy.

Thanks so much for sharing, Ivory Brony!

Bagpipes Polka (Plus a Request)

It's been a while since we heard from those troublesome Parasprites. Must be Pinkie's music keeping them away.

Fortunately, Dusk Ranger is here to replenish the protection offered by the Parasprite Polka, and he's using the bagpipes to do it. This cover sounds awesome. Thank you, Dusk Ranger!

In other (non-bagpipe) news, we got a request for more music resources for the trumpet. If you've got trumpet talents, please share them with Everypony Sings!

Pony Music for Pipe Organ!

I don't know how many of you have spent time around pipe organs or listening to organ music, but it is a truly extraordinary instrument. There's nothing like a big pipe organ in a church belting out sound loud enough to make your bones rattle.

Well, now I can say I've seen the combination of two of my favorite things: pipe organs and pony music. The multi-talented Thunder Dash shared sheet music for I've Got to Find a Way for the pipe organ. Plus, you can listen to it here.

Thanks for sharing, Thunder Dash!

Elements Remixed

There is a lot of fun pony music out there, and a lot of fun remixes being made from those original songs. We have one of these remixes to share with you today.

Panic did a remix of Elements by Blu3Mixed (you can find the original here). This is a very cool dubstep-style song, and the remix is great, too. Give it a listen!

Thanks so much, Panic!

More Magical Mystery Cure

A little while ago, we posted a composition from a fan named Einar who is exploring the fates of the mane six when they had mixed-up cutie marks.

Now Einar is back with more pieces of his project. The first one is based on Evil Enchantress, and you can check out the midi and sheet music. Then there's a piece based on A True, True Friend which will follow after the Fluttershy piece we posted before. Again, there's sheet music and a midi.

Thanks for sharing more of your work, Einar!

Catch Me if You Can

The Cutie Mark Crusaders are super adorable. I think we can all agree that Scootaloo's determination and her little-sister love for Rainbow Dash are awesome.

So I'm very happy that we have a Scootaloo-themed song to share tonight. 4EverfreeBrony shared an original song he wrote called Catch Me if You Can. It's very bluesy and a lot of fun. Give it a listen!

Thanks for sharing, 4EverfreeBrony!

Party Soft!

Imagine if Fluttershy threw a party for her friends. It wouldn't be a wild blowout bash like Pinkie Pie, or a sleepover like Twilight, or a competition like Rainbow Dash and Applejack. It would be... party soft.

Well, Vocal Score shared the soundtrack for just that situation. Party Soft is the perfect song for Fluttershy's get-together. It sounds fantastic. Give it a listen!

Thanks for sharing your original song, Vocal Score!

Thunder Dash Is Buttering Us Up

I can only conclude that Thunder Dash is trying to butter us up with so many great original songs and covers. I don't know what you want Thunder Dash, but I'm prepared to negotiate as long as you keep sharing your musical talents!

Thunder Dash did a cover of Pinkie Pie's Buttering Up Song. (Remember that one? Yeah, it's a blast from the past.) You definitely want to listen to it! And there's even sheet music so you can play it yourself.

Thanks for sharing, Thunder Dash!

A True, True Friend

I know one thing for sure: a true, true friend shares their talents and music resources. Fortunately, here at Everypony Sings, we have a lot of true friends.

We received chords for A True, True Friend from a fan who goes by tmbgdude. You can check out the chords here, and you can find tmbgdude on DeviantArt. This is a great resource and we're happy to share it with all of you.

Thanks for sharing, tmbgdude!

So Many (Rockin') Wonders!

I think we can all agree that Fillyshy is adorable. She is tiny and built like a baby deer and she wants nothing more than to make friends with animals.

Well, I didn't think that Fillyshy's song So Many Wonders could get any better, but I was wrong. Our own Power Chord did a fantastic dual-style cover of So Many Wonders. You really have to listen to this one, it's awesome.

Thanks, Power Chord!

Play Piano at the Ghosty

Wait, I think my title might have gotten something wrong... no... no, it looks good. When you get scared, you should definitely play piano at the ghosty.

Fortunately, Thunder Dash is here to help with a piano version of Giggle at the Ghosty. You can listen to it over on Soundcloud, then check out the sheet music and play it yourself.

Thanks for sharing this resource, Thunder Dash!

A Pony Cover of a Pony Parody of Green Day

I never get tired of the way fans of MLP:FiM constantly create, recreate, parody, remix, and cover music. You can take a Green Day song, write a parody about Equestria, and then that parody can be covered and remixed by other fans.

The original song, Equestrian Idiot by Dyrilby, is embedded in this post. Our submission tonight comes from Vakanz, who did his own cover of the song. Listen to Vakanz' version here.

Thanks for sharing, Vakanz!

Beyond the Magical Mystery Cure

I think we can all agree that the season 3 finale was epic. Seeing the Mane Six in so much trouble was heartbreaking. It made me want to explore that alternate reality more.

Clearly, I wasn't the only one who felt that way. A fan who goes by Einar decided to explore the life of the fate-switched ponies through music. The first piece he composed and shared with us is a meditation on Fluttershy leaving Ponyville because she can't get anyone to smile. Listen to the midi and check out the sheet music.

Thanks for sharing, Einar!

Cutie Mark Bagpipers?!

I would pay good money to see an episode where the Cutie Mark Crusaders tried to learn the bagpipes. That would be hilarious. Maybe they could meet a Scottish Highland Pony along the way!

Why am I thinking about Cutie Mark Crusaders and bagpipes? Because we got an awesome submission from a fan who goes by Dusk Ranger. He worked out a version of the Cutie Mark Crusaders Go Crusading song for the bagpipes and panflute. It sounds completely awesome. Check it out in the video!

Dusk Ranger, thanks for sharing this totally unique piece!

Original and Cover from Thunder Dash

Thunder Dash is quite the prolific pony musician. I have to say, I'm impressed with how much he's been sharing with us here at Everypony Sings—not that I'm complaining!

Tonight, we have one original song and one cover from Thunder Dash. The original piece is called The Fall and it's based on the very beginning of MLP:FiM, the pilot episodes. You can listen to it in the video. Then Thunder Dash shared a cover of At the Gala, complete with sheet music. Make sure to check those out, too!

Thanks, Thunder Dash!

Anthropology Meets Pianology

There are so many awesome fan songs out there, it's hard to pick favorites. But Anthropology has got to be one of the best. It is so much fun.

Neonz has done a solo piano cover for Anthropology, along with a whole bunch of resources so you can play it yourself! There's sheet music (with lyrics and without), Finale .mus files (with lyrics and without), and a midi version.

Thanks so much for sharing your talents and these resources, Neonz!

Open Your Eyes Remix

Gloomy Dusk does some fantastic work remixing music and creating new songs. It's always a pleasure to hear from him.

Tonight's submission from Gloomy Dusk is a remix of Open Your Eyes (original by Aviators), a song about Twilight trying to help her friends get back to their true destinies. This is a super cool song about Twilight, and the remix is awesome. Give it a listen!

Thanks for sharing, Gloomy Dusk!

So Many Piano Wonders

It's been a while since we had a submission for Fillyshy's adorable song, So Many Wonders. Just thinking about how cute she is in that sequence is making my heart hurt. On to the submission before I die of adorable poisoning!

A fan named Einar took the existing resource that had been submitted by Thunder Dash and reworked it into his own version. You can find Einar's sheet music here. There's also a midi. I'm sure these resources will be helpful to Fluttershy fans and/or pianists.

Thanks for sharing, Einar!

The Night Sky

MathematicPony is back! She has shared some great resources with us in the past, and now she's also shared an original song she wrote.

The piece is called The Night Sky, and it's inspired by Princess Luna. It sounds really cool, I loved the melody in the strings as well as the energy in the piece. Go check it out on Soundcloud!

Thanks for sharing, MathematicPony!

Pony Rock Covers

Hard-rocker Scootaloo would be proud of our next submission. She would want to do a sweet guitar solo and sling her mic around before crowd-surfing across her adoring fans.

Thanks to submitter Dubpone, we bring you two rock covers of pony songs. The first, in the embedded video, is for one of my favorite songs: B.B.B.F.F. The second is for Giggle at the Ghosty. Both sound fantastic. Enjoy!

Thanks so much for sharing your rockin' talents, Dubpone!

Cupcake Flute

Ah, yes, the mystical Cupcake Flute. Immortalized in Mozart's famous opera of the same name... oh, wait, that was the Magic Flute. My bad.

In any case, we have some great flute music for Cupcakes, thanks to fan Pegaspaniel. Check out the sheet music here. Hopefully the flute players out there will enjoy! You can find Pegaspaniel on Youtube.

Thanks for sharing your resource, Pegaspaniel!

Piano in Ponyville

It's always a good day when we get new music from Thunder Dash. I don't think there's one of his songs I haven't liked.

Thunder Dash does some great piano covers, and the latest one is for Morning in Ponyville. You should definitely listen to it in the video. I especially like the ending. Then check out the sheet music and play it for yourself!

Thanks, Thunder Dash!

Original + Cover by Vocal Score

Vocal Score is one of the contributors to Everypony Sings who really blows me away with his talent. (There are a lot of you, to be fair, but it doesn't make you all any less amazing!)

For this post, we have an original song by Vocal Score as well as a cover. The original is called Back to Sweet Apple Acres, which you can guess is about Apple Jack. You can listen to that in the embedded video, it's fantastic. Then there's a cover of Love Me Cheerilee by Wooden Toaster and The Living Tombstone (original here). Both of these songs sound great—thanks, Vocal Score!

Synesthesia Videos by iTheFluttershy

The MLP:FiM fan community is an ongoing stream of creativity. Fans write songs, do covers, remixes, collaborations, and the pony music just keeps coming.

Today, we have some great midi/synesthesia videos from a guy who goes by iTheFluttershy. He wanted us to share his Youtube channel, which has a bunch of great midi versions of fan songs. I've included just one in the video, but go over to his channel to see plenty more!

Thanks for sharing, iTheFluttershy!

What My Cutie Mark is Telling Me for Four Hands

Four hands are definitely better than two—especially when you're trying to live out someone else's destiny after a spell gone wrong switches your cutie marks around.

Four hands are also better than two when it comes to playing a great pony song on the piano. Fan INSYG has done a great four-hands version of What My Cutie Mark is Telling Me, so you and your bestie can play it together. There's sheet music and a midi, so have fun!

Thanks, INSYG!

Soar—Rainbow Dash's Theme

Thunder Dash is a pony fan who has become a pretty regular fixture here at Everypony Sings. He does great covers and original songs.

Tonight, his submission is an original piece called Soar. It's a musical theme for Rainbow Dash, and it is as cool as she is. Thunder Dash also says there's a musical easter egg in the song. If you recognize it, you can email him at and get a free request!

Thanks for sharing, Thunder Dash!

Original: Big Sister Now

Sometimes, we get to hear from pony fans who are making some really great original music. Those are good days. Today is one of those days.

Vocal Score shared an original song about Rainbow Dash and Scootaloo, who hands-down make up one of the cutest relationships in the show. You should definitely listen to the song. It sounds fantastic!

Thanks, Vocal Score!

Piano Cover and Music for BBBFF

Do you have a BBBFF? Or a BSBFF? Do you tell your big siblings how much they mean to you? I think BBBFF is one of the sweetest songs in the show.

We are pleased to have some great resources for BBBFF. The video is a cover of the song by DrSentenial. Then a fan who goes by Topaz worked up piano sheet music for the song so you can play it yourself. There's also a midi file.

Thanks for sharing, Topaz!

Coconeru & Feather Parody

Have you ever seen the show Flight of the Conchords? If not... well, let's just say you're missing out on some truly bizarre New Zealand music-based comedy.

Well, Coconeru and Feather wrote a hilarious parody of a Flight of the Conchords song called The Most Beautiful Mare in the Room. Listen to it! I can definitely say we've never posted anything quite like this before. (Seriously, though, it's awesome.)

Thanks for sharing, Coconeru!

Ivory Keys: Now Taking Requests!

Ivory Keys is one of the many talented fans who we've gotten to know at Everypony Sings. He wanted us to let you know about an exciting opportunity to request music compositions.

You can visit Ivory Keys' Tumblr to learn more. Hopefully he will get lots of requests, and you all will get lots of awesome new music!

Thanks to Ivory Keys for sharing this info!

Babs Seed Meets Thunder Dash

Babs Seed was a fun addition to the Cutie Mark Crusader dynamic, and she got a great song as an added bonus! It's one of the (many) songs from the show that's just so catchy.

Even better, Thunder Dash has shared one of his awesome covers for Babs' song. It's super fun. You can listen to it in the video, or check out the piano sheet music and play it yourself.

Thanks, Thunder Dash!

A True True Saxophone Player

A true, true saxophone player would definitely be excited to play pony music on the sax. And such a true true sax player would be happy to see resources for their instrument of choice. So today is a good day for that true true sax player!

MrPicsou has shared an alto sax version of A True True Friend. You can find the sheet music here. Have fun!

Thanks, MrPicsou!