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Anthropology Sheet Music

Anthropology is one of those fan songs that deserves to go down in history for being so amazing. If you haven't listened to it, you need to check it out immediately.

Are you back? Good. Well, Neonz shared sheet music to Anthropology so you can play it yourself on the piano and sing along! Could anything be better? Here's the sheet music—with and without lyrics—as well as .mus files with and without lyrics. Plus there's a midi.

If you liked these resources, you should also check out what Neonz did with the Welcome Song.


  1. Is there a spot on this site dedicated to fan songs like this?

  2. LOVE IT! I was going to try to do a transcription of it once I had the time, but now I don't have to! :D

  3. So... is this "website" still running live and operating?

    1. That's what I want to know. They haven't added anything since Apples to the Core, and that still has the storyboard image. I really want to help these guys out, if they would only make me one of the site contributors. I'm online way more than they are, it seems. And they're not responding to e-mail. Please bug them and e-mail them.

    2. I'd like to help them out to, but don't know a way to go about it.(yes, I know how long ago you posted this...)

    3. There's a new site for sheet music and MIDIs now: I guess we use that.