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Another Original: Moonlight

I don't think I'll ever get tired of hearing the amazing original music that comes from you guys. It's one of the real privileges of running this website. You all are awesome!

Our latest original song comes from Gloomy Dusk, and it's called Moonlight. Give it a listen, it's awesome. I really enjoyed the beat and energy of this piece.

Thanks for sharing, Gloomy Dusk!

Sonic Rainboom Swing

I never realized until today that the MLP:FiM fandom was missing one thing. One very important thing. Swing dancing.

My revelation came thanks to Thunder Dash, who wrote an awesome swing song based on the background music from Wonderbolts Academy. He calls the piece Sonic Rainboom Swing, and it makes me want to find a dancing partner.

Thanks, Thunder Dash!

Everfree Originals

Everfree Brony has shared some great original pieces with us in the past, so I was happy to see some new songs today that we can share with you.

I'm particularly fond of the parody MMMMadness, which is embedded. It's hilarious. There are also two other songs: Three's a Team, about the Cutie Mark Crusaders, and Friendship, which is a cover of an original song by Aviators.

Thanks, Everfree Brony!

Jazzy What My Cutie Mark is Telling Me

What My Cutie Mark is Telling Me (or WMCMITM, for short) is one of my favorite songs from Season 3. It was both fun and sad to see the mane six struggling with the feeling that they weren't doing the right thing.

Well, Golden Glissando did a super cool cover of WMCMITM in a jazz style. It's awesome! Give it a listen, I'm sure you'll like it.

Thanks, Golden Glissando!


We have another fantastic original song to share with you all tonight! This one comes from Cyphers Wolf, and I'm sure you'll enjoy it.

Redemption is a Luna-themed piece that combines a melodic, classical style with some great electronic and dubstep elements. All in all, it's an impressive original composition! Give it a listen!

Thanks for sharing, Cyphers Wolf!

Original from Thunder Dash

It's always great to see new submissions from familiar folks here on the site. Thunder Dash is one of those familiar names, and I'm happy to have a new song to share from him.

Thunder Dash shared an original song he's calling Wonderbolt Academy Meets Top Gun. It makes sense to me—Rainbow Dash would obviously be a Top Gun if she could. Listen to this awesome song here, or check out the sheet music!

Thanks, Thunder Dash!

Original: Dreaming

There are a lot of amazing musicians and artists in the MLP:FiM fan community. Here at Everypony Sings, we love posting original music that you all have created.

Tonight, we have an original song by Drrtiny called Dreaming. It's a very beautiful instrumental piece. Give it a listen—I'm sure you'll enjoy it as much as I do. You can also find sheet music in the video description, if you're interested.

Thanks, Drrtiny!

Discord + Funk Rock = Success

It's a pretty simple formula. Take Discord, add funk rock, and you get awesome. I'm talking, of course, about the amazing fan song Discord (original here), which is one of my favorite pieces to come out of the MLP:FiM community.

Well, Thunder Dash took the inspiration of Discord and covered it in a funk rock style. The combination is fantastic. Give it a listen! There's also a midi version.

Thanks as always, Thunder Dash!

Dimondium Transposition

Dimondium is a member of the Everypony Sings team with a lot of musical talents. One of his talents is transposing music, making familiar songs sound very different by putting it in a different key.

This time, Dimondium took Raise This Barn and transposed it into D (Harmonic) Minor. The cheerful hoedown sounds way creepier in this key. It's downright malevolent. Give it a listen!

Thanks for sharing, Dimondium!

Fighting is Magic: Rainbow Dash's Stage

Are you familiar with the ill-fated fan game, Fighting is Magic? It was a super cool-looking fighting game based on pony characters that Hasbro squashed (though I can understand why they did). Well, at least one good thing came out of the whole story—some awesome music.

Thunder Dash has shared a piano cover of the music that was written for Rainbow Dash's stage in the game. It is appropriately epic. Give it a listen in the video or check out the sheet music.

Thanks, Thunder Dash!

Title Theme Cover

MathematicPony is one of the many talented fans we have the pleasure to get to know through Everypony Sings. I want to hear more of her work, she does a great job on everything she sends us!

Tonight, she's shared a great piano cover of the extended Title Theme. It sounds really charming, and she is a great pianist. Give it a listen, you're sure to enjoy it!

Thanks, MathematicPony!

Chords from The Runner

Do you ever just go look at the music pages for the various seasons? It always blows me away to see how much this community has created and shared with one another. It's truly awesome.

One of our contributors, The Runner, has three new resources to add to that collection: chords for You Gotta Share, the Italian Intro, and What My Cutie Mark is Telling Me. Go check them out and try them for yourself!

Many thanks to The Runner for sharing!

The Hardest Thing Cover

A while back, we had a request for chords for the fan song The Hardest Thing by JoaftheLoaf. MathematicPony stepped up and shared chords so that others could play this great song themselves. (You can find that post here.)

Well, MathematicPony is back with a cover of the song using her own chords! It sounds simply amazing. MathematicPony has a great voice, and the piano part sounds fantastic. You definitely want to check it out.

Thanks, MathematicPony! (PS. I love your name. MathematicPony just sounds like someone I would want to be friends with.)

Original by Gloomy Dusk: Shattered

Gloomy Dusk has shared some great original music with us at Everypony Sings before, and it's always a pleasure to hear from him.

This time around, Gloomy Dusk shared an original song called Shattered. It's about the broken friendship of the Mane Six and it's from his upcoming EP (although the rest of the EP won't be pony-themed). It's both beautiful and sad—give it a listen!

Thanks, Gloomy Dusk! (Oh, and the picture for this post comes from TehJadeh, whose work is awesome.)

Ballad of the Crystal Ponies Arrangement

When the Ballad of the Crystal Ponies was previewed, before season three started, I was in love with the song. I listened to it over and over, memorizing all the words and singing along.

It's great to have an excellent resource for this song to share, because it's reminding me how much I love it. A guy who goes by mastersuperfan wrote an arrangement for the ballad with voice, piano, and guitar. The guitar part is tricky—you'd have to be pretty good to play it. But it all sounds great together. Check it out!

Thanks, mastersuperfan!

Evil (Awesome) Blues Enchantress

I have a theory: Thunder Dash is an evil enchantress (or enchanter, I suppose) who uses his powers to make unbelievably great music.

Seriously, you have to listen to his bluesy version of Evil Enchantress for double pianos. It is just so well done and it makes me really happy. And—even better—you can check out the sheet music and try playing it with a friend! Don't miss out on this one.

Thanks, Thunder Dash!

I've Got to Find a Way for French Horn

If you've ever made a mistake and known you needed to do something to make it right, then you probably resonated with the season 3 finale song, I've Got to Find a Way. It's poignant and sad and makes me wish I could give Twilight a hug.

Well, if you are a French horn player, then today is the day you get to play this great song on your instrument of choice. TheCastro82 shared sheet music for I've Got to Find a Way on French horn. Take a look!

Thanks, TheCastro82!

Anthropology Sheet Music

Anthropology is one of those fan songs that deserves to go down in history for being so amazing. If you haven't listened to it, you need to check it out immediately.

Are you back? Good. Well, Neonz shared sheet music to Anthropology so you can play it yourself on the piano and sing along! Could anything be better? Here's the sheet music—with and without lyrics—as well as .mus files with and without lyrics. Plus there's a midi.

If you liked these resources, you should also check out what Neonz did with the Welcome Song.

Sheet Music for Nocturne of the Firmaments

Are you familiar with the fan composition Nocturne of the Firmaments? I was not, but I'm glad that I was clued in. It's a beautiful piece (in many movements) by Belgerum based on the fan fiction Background Pony. You should check it out if you get the chance. I've embedded the first movement.

In any case, the way I came to hear about the Nocturne was from Ivory Keys, who shared his own piano sheet music for it. If you would like to play the Nocturne yourself, you should definitely check out this sheet music!

Many thanks to Ivory Keys for making this resource!

Coconeru Album?!?

It's true! Coconeru, amazing musician and pony fan, has completed his first album, an EP called Bow Ties and Turntables. It is super cool, with an electronic/chiptunes feel to it.

Go listen to the album immediately! You can hear the whole thing in the Youtube video, or find it on Bandcamp. You will not regret it. I promise.

Thanks so much, Coconeru, for sharing your awesome talents with us!

I Hear the Stars Twinkle

Twinkle, twinkle, little star... how I wonder how you sound. If we could hear the sounds of stars, maybe they would sound like the beautiful original piece that Thunder Dash shared with us.

The song is called I Hear the Stars Twinkle, and it's based on the fan animation about Snowdrop. It really is lovely and very peaceful. Truly music of the spheres, I think. Give it a listen!

Thanks so much for sharing, Thunder Dash!

The Best Version of Pinkie's Brew You Will Hear Today

The folks who do the Friendship is Witchcraft fan show are amazing. I especially love the songs they write, which are a perfect blend of catchy and creepy. Pinkie's Brew is one of my favorites.

That's why I was so thrilled to hear this great trumpet cover of Pinkie's Brew from TheMusicReborn. It is just fantastic. Without a doubt, it's the best version of Pinkie's Brew you'll hear today. Even better, there's sheet music so you can play it yourself!

Thanks, TheMusicReborn!

Celestia's Ballad Resources

Sometimes I wish Princess Celestia would whisk me away to a magical dimension and show me all the things she likes about me. And then make me into a princess. Is that so much to ask?

Well, for those of us who can't be Celestia's favorite student, at least we can enjoy Celestia's Ballad. And today, we have some great resources from INSYG to share. INSYG has done sheet music and a midi for the Ballad, and you can listen to his version in the video.

Thanks, INSYG!

Scootaloo's Wings Chords + Cover

Have you heard the original song, Scootaloo's Wings? It was written by JackleApp, and you can find it on Youtube if you want to listen to it.

Well, EthePianoMan, who has shared music with us here at Everypony Sings before, did a great cover of Scootaloo's Wings. Even better, he shared the chords for his cover, so that you can try playing it yourself! Find the chords here.

Thanks, EthePianoMan!

Raise This Piano

Thunder Dash is back with another great cover. I think I'm getting spoiled by all the great music we get to hear at Everypony Sings!

Tonight, Thunder Dash brings us a fantastic piano cover of Raise This Barn. I love the old-timey piano sound Thunder Dash brings to this piece. It's so fitting. You can listen to the cover here, and then check out the sheet music for yourself.

Thanks again, Thunder Dash!

Originals by Everfree Brony

I am so impressed by folks who write original songs. The composition and songwriting talents some of you have are amazing! Right now, I'm enjoying the wonderful creativity of Everfree Brony.

Everfree Brony shared not one, not two, but four original pieces with us. The first, Bird Song, is embedded. You can listen to the others on Youtube: Honesty, Bend, and Still. They are all fantastic. Go listen!

Thanks, Everfree Brony!

Art of the Dress for Four Hands

There may be nothing cuter than a piano duet. (Except for Sweetie Belle, but what's cuter than Sweetie Belle?) If you've been looking for a sweet piano duet to play with a friend or special someone, this is the post for you!

INSYG shared a four-hands version of Art of the Dress. It sounds great and I'm sure it would be a blast to play. You can listen to it in the video. Then find the sheet music and a midi here. Thanks, INSYG!

On another note, we have a request for violin music. Anybody out there have violin music to share? Send us an email!

Babs Seed + Capo

I know a thing or two about playing on fretted instruments, and sometimes it can be hard to reduce a complex song into relatively simple chords. Of course, the capo is our friend for transposing songs into easier-to-play forms.

A fan shared a version of Babs Seed for fretted instruments (guitar, etc.) with a capo. He wants the credt to go to Anuenueheihei, since he used Anuenueheihei's chords and just transposed them. In any case, it's a great resource—check it out!

Thanks, anonymous friend!