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Chords for The Hardest Thing

Pony fans are some of the friendliest, most helpful folks I've ever gotten to know. The community has a real sense of, well, friendship that's just magical.

I was reminded of this tonight because we received a response to a request. A while back, we posted a request from someone who wanted chords for the fan song The Hardest Thing (you can listen to it in the video). Well, MathematicPony stepped up and worked out the chords, because she's awesome! Find the chords here.

Thanks to MathematicPony! If you want, find her on Youtube and on DeviantArt.


  1. I only wish, that someone made tabs for that song some day... It's really cute ^^

    1. Actually, I'm fairly certain that the video description already has tabs, made by Joaftheloaf himself, no less! ^_^