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What My Cutie Mark is Telling Me

Thunder Dash always shares excellent resources and covers. I'm always excited to see what he is up to, and I'm grateful he shares resources with us here at Everypony Sings.

The latest submission from Thunder Dash is piano sheet music for What My Cutie Mark is Telling Me. This is such a fun (and kind of sad) song, and the sheet music will be great for anyone wanting to play it themselves.

Thanks as always, Thunder Dash!

Tutorial for Celestia's Ballad

A while back, we received a great tutorial for I've Got to Find a Way from strepie93. Now strepie is back with another tutorial, this time for Celestia's Ballad.

I don't play piano myself, but I'm sure tutorials like this are super helpful if you're trying to learn a song on the piano. Check out strepie's video and get playing! This is a beautiful song, and the resource is sure to be a big help.

Thanks, strepie93!

Long Way From Equestria

Sometimes, I get to hear pony fan music that just blows me away with how beautiful it is. (That's one of the perks of running this site!) The fan song Long Way From Equestria, originally by MandoPony and AcousticBrony, is one of those pieces.

Well, BassBeastJD shared a fantastic orchestral cover of Long Way From Equestria, featuring a choir of pony fans! Give it a listen, it's well worth it.

In addition, BassBeastJD shared an original Snowdrop tribute song, The First Snowfall. Check that one out, too! Thanks, BassBeastJD!

It's the Art of the Dress

With so many great songs in seasons 2 and 3, sometimes I forget about the old classics from the first season of the show. Art of the Dress is definitely one of those—it's fun to revisit one of my early favorite songs.

I got to do just that tonight thanks to Warbalist, who shared a truly beautiful arrangement of Art of the Dress. You can (and should!) listen to his cover in the embedded video. Then you can download the mp3 or check out the sheet music/tab so you can play it yourself.

Thank you for sharing, Warbalist!

Sonic Rainboom!

The songs from MLP:FiM are awesome, obviously. But the background music doesn't always get the same love, and it is awesome, too. One of the (many) great pieces of background music is the tune that plays when Rainbow Dash achieves the legendary sonic rainboom.

Thunder Dash shared some great sheet music for the sonic rainboom soundtrack. It's a fantastic resource for a fantastic bit of music. Go take a look!

Many thanks to Thunder Dash!

Gypsy Bard Tab

If you like your ponies with a side of disturbing, dark humor, then you are probably a fan of Friendship is Witchcraft. The fan-made parody series is truly hilarious, and it has some great songs, too.

One of those great songs is Pinkie's Gypsy Bard. You can listen to it in the embedded video. And if you're hankering to play along on your guitar, you're in luck! Dyrilby shared a tab for Gypsy Bard, which you can find here.

Thanks for sharing, Dyrilby!

A True, True Friend—Vocal Lines

We all know how important it is to have true, true friends. Especially if those friends are the kind of people who might spontaneously break into song with you.

If you and your friends are hoping to do a rendition of True, True Friend, then this post may be just what you need. Dasho Frainbow shared a resource with all the vocal lines for A True, True Friend, so you can see each of the parts and get the melodies exactly right. It's a great resource—go check it out!

Thanks to Dasho Frainbow! You can find Dasho on Youtube or DeviantArt.

[Edit: Dasho Frainbow wanted us to let you know that you can also play this one on the trumpet!]

Original from MrFlipTricker

Sometimes, what you need in life is Pinkie Pie. And sometimes, what you need in life is awesome dance music. And sometimes, on very special days, you get both. Today is one of those days.

MrFlipTricker shared his newest original composition: Pinkie's Dance. It's an awesome Pinkie Pie-themed dance piece which will probably make you squeal, "This is my jam!" It's fantastic. Give it a listen, and then throw a lightswitch rave party. (1,000 internet points to anyone who actually gets that last reference.)

Thanks, MrFlipTricker!

Chords for The Hardest Thing

Pony fans are some of the friendliest, most helpful folks I've ever gotten to know. The community has a real sense of, well, friendship that's just magical.

I was reminded of this tonight because we received a response to a request. A while back, we posted a request from someone who wanted chords for the fan song The Hardest Thing (you can listen to it in the video). Well, MathematicPony stepped up and worked out the chords, because she's awesome! Find the chords here.

Thanks to MathematicPony! If you want, find her on Youtube and on DeviantArt.

So Many Wonders by Thunder Dash

Thunder Dash is one of the many extremely talented pony fans who regularly shares their awesomeness with Everypony Sings. It's always a pleasure to pass along what Thunder Dash sends us.

Tonight, we bring you Thunder Dash's version of So Many Wonders, and it sounds great. You can listen to it on Soundcloud, and check out the sheet music. If you've got a piano, try playing it yourself!

Thanks, Thunder Dash!

Mario's Got to Find a Way

I think we can all agree that MarioPaint is awesome. I mean, who wouldn't want to see their music rendered in little cats and boats and airplanes?

Majinonifox1 has done a really impressive rendition of I've Got to Find a Way in MarioPaint. Starting with the score submitted by DJDelta0, Majinonifox1 was able to make a near-perfect cover of the song. Give it a listen!

Thanks for sharing this, Majinonifox1!

Teach Me How To Pony

There are a lot of talented pony fans out there, and we always enjoy hearing the original music that they create.

Tonight, we have a creation from Vakanz, who has shared some of his music with us before. He has done a preview of an incomplete song, Teach Me How to Pony. Give it a listen! If you like it and want to hear the full version, let Vakanz know.

Thanks for sharing, Vakanz!

Fluttershy's Training Montage for Piano

Thunder Dash has shared some great resources and covers with Everypony Sings recently, and is back with another one tonight!

This time around, Thunder Dash has written a piano version of the background music for Fluttershy's Training Montage. The background music in the show often doesn't get the love it deserves, so it's great to see such a wonderful resource for this piece. Go check it out!

Many thanks to Thunder Dash for sharing!

[Update: there's also a video!]

Beyond Her Garden Remix

It's always fun to see how fans of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic use their creativity to make so many cool pieces of music. Original songs are written, then remixed, then remixed again, always giving us something new to listen to.

In this case, Dyrilby has shared a remix version of the fan song Beyond Her Garden (originally by Wooden Toaster). This is a great remix of a great song—make sure you check it out!

Thanks for sharing, Dyrilby!

Reggae Babs Seed

One of Daniel Ingram's talents is to make music that's inspired by great composers or styles of music. One of the talents of the MLP:FiM fan community is to twist that music into completely new styles and genres, whether it's dubstep, opera, jazz—or reggae.

Thunder Dash wrote and shared an amazing reggae version of Babs Seed, which you really just need to listen to. It is so creative and well-done, I am impressed. Check it out!

Thunder Dash, thanks again for sharing your music with us!

Smile Again, for Four Hands

It really is my lucky day—another Smile Song resource has come our way! This one is from INSYG, and it's a really neat arrangement of the cheerful Pinkie Pie ballad.

INSYG has written a four hands piano version of Smile, so you can play it as a duet with a friend and have plenty of reasons to smile together. Grab a piano and a partner and give it a try! You can find the sheet music here.

Thanks for sharing your talents, INSYG!

Smile Smile Smile—Orchestral

I just mentioned in the last post how much I enjoy the Smile Song... and now we have another great resource to share for it. It's my lucky day, I guess!

FaffleMaster shared an orchestral version of Smile. It sounds awesome. I really enjoyed this arrangement of the piece, the instrumentation is particularly nice. Check it out in the embedded video, I'm sure it'll put a smile on your face!

Many thanks to FaffleMaster for sharing!

Acoustic Smile Song

Smile, Smile, Smile remains one of my absolute favorite songs from Friendship is Magic. I have a cover of it as my alarm, so I wake up every morning smiling. So I'm excited to share another amazing version of this song.

Metalmaster32, in spite of what his name might suggest, wrote a beautiful acoustic guitar cover of Smile. I really love this version, it's very creatively done and Metalmaster32 is clearly very talented. Give it a listen!

Thanks for sharing, Metalmaster32!

Extended Title Theme

It's too bad that television shows are always limited by the clock—there's only so much time to tell a story and set the mood. So the title theme is understandably short, but I still really enjoy the extended version.

Treble Blast shared a new resource for the Extended Title Theme. You can check out the sheet music and listen to it on Musescore. It sounds great!

Many thanks, Treble Blast!

Sheet Music for Japanese Intro

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic has fans all over the world. One of the cool things about the show is getting to hear or see how it's shared in other countries.

Reedmace Star brings us a great example of that with resources for the Japanese Intro, Mirai Start. You can listen to Reedmace Star's version in the embedded video. Then there's sheet music and a midi for you to check out.

Thanks, Reedmace Star!

This Day Aria for Solo Piano

Is your life lacking a certain sinister presence? Do you feel a nagging urge to have a duet with your evil twin? Do you wish your day had more arias in it? You may be suffering from This Day Aria withdrawal (TM).

Fortunately, Thunder Dash has just the thing: a solo piano version of This Day Aria for all your playing pleasure! You can find the sheet music here. It looks awesome. Give it a try!

Thanks for sharing, Thunder Dash!

What Was Never Nonexistent

Everypony Sings team member Dimondium is a talented and prolific composer. He would like to share another new piece that he wrote. The song is called What Was Never Nonexistent, and it features piano and flute.

This song is really beautiful. I like the different movements and the emotions conveyed in each one. I'm not sure exactly what Dimondium's inspiration was for this piece, but I love how it turned out. Give it a listen and hear for yourself!

Many thanks, Dimondium!

Smile Song Transposed

Everypony Sings' own Dimondium likes to do transpositions of pony songs. The songs often take on a different feel when they're moved to another key, so these projects are interesting to hear.

This time around, Dimondium transposed Smile, Smile, Smile to F# (Gb) major. I really like this version! You can listen to it in the video. If you want sheet music, mp3, or midi files, click here.

Thanks as always, Dimondium!

At the Gala Sheet Music

Another great resource to share with you all today! Ivory Keys sent in sheet music for At the Gala. If you've been wanting to play this epic song on the piano, then this is the post for you!

You can find the sheet music here. At the Gala is a really complex song, one of the most difficult in the show, so this resource clearly took a lot of effort. Ivory Keys did a great job.

Many thanks, Ivory Keys!