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Tutorial for I've Got to Find a Way

Are you learning piano, or do you wish you could play pony songs on the piano? Well, then today is your lucky day!

A pony fan who goes by strepie93 shared a fantastic tutorial for I've Got to Find a Way, so you can learn to play it yourself. The video goes through each bit of the song, breaking down the parts for ease of learning. It's really a great resource! There's also a midi file of the song.

Thanks, strepie93!

Original Music by IvoryBrony

We get to hear some amazing original compositions thanks to all of you who visit Everypony Sings. I'm always amazed by the creativity and talent out there in the fandom!

Our most recent submission is an original piece called Return of the King by IvoryBrony. It's the first two movements of a suite about Discord (at least, I'm assuming it's about Discord). It sounds great, and I'm looking forward to hearing where IvoryBrony goes with it. Give it a listen!

Thanks for sharing, IvoryBrony!

I've Got to Find a Way Cover (Plus a Request)

We have an awesome rendition of I've Got to Find a Way to share with you all tonight. ThePianoFilly, clearly living up to the name, did a piano cover of the song which sounds amazing.

You should definitely listen to the song in the video. You can also visit ThePianoFilly's Youtube channel. Many thanks, ThePianoFilly, for sharing this great cover!

Changing gears, we received a request for chords to this fan song, The Hardest Thing. A pony fan is hoping to learn the song on the ukulele but needs chords for it. Can anyone help out?

A True, True Friend...

A true, true friend would definitely share their music resources with you—and FimFan14 has done just that. He worked up a whole bunch of resources for A True, True Friend, and they're sure to be useful.

You can listen to FimFan14's piano rendition in the video. Then there's sheet music so you can play it yourself. There's also a midi version. And there are two mp3 files: one with vocals and one without vocals.

Thanks a bunch, FimFan14!

Remixing Hope

Tonight brings another great example of the collaboration and creativity of the pony fandom. Cyphers Wolf took a fan song, Hope (originally by Feather and Neighsayer) and made a great remix out of it.

You can listen to Cypher Wolf's remix in the embedded video. It sounds amazing. The talent of the original musicians and the way Cypher Wolf made the remix is awesome. You can also check out the original here.

On another note, we have a request from a pony fan seeking sheet music. In particular, this person wants to see sheet music posted on Noteflight. If anyone knows of Noteflight resources or would be willing to make some, let us know!

Meet Thunder Dash!

We were recently contacted by a talented pianist and pony fan, Thunder Dash. He's done some fantastic covers and original songs, and we would like to share some of his stuff with you.

In the embedded video, you can check out his cover of the fan song Discord (which is one of my all-time favorites). This piano version is awesome. Or try an original composition. Or how about a cover of A True, True Friend? You can also find Thunder Dash on Youtube or DeviantArt.

Thanks, Thunder Dash!

Low Brass Babs and Barn

It's been a while since we've seen low brass resources from Erccre147. Fortunately, we have two new songs thanks to Erccre147's continued efforts! Low brass players, rejoice!

The songs Erccre147 has shared this time around are Babs Seed and Raise This Barn. For Babs Seed, here is the sheet music for tuba and for trombone/baritone. And for Raise This Barn—tuba and trombone/baritone. Play to your heart's content!

Great work, Erccre147! Thanks!

Vakanz Rap Battle

Vakanz is a pony musician who has shared a few of his projects with us before, and he's back with another song! This one is a rap battle between him and a guy called TheGrassSaysMoo.

Check out the song in the embedded video. It's a lot of fun. I am excited to see what Vakanz gets up to next!

Thanks for sharing, Vakanz!

Original: Wonders of Flight

We have a new original song to share with you tonight. Midnight Rain sent in an original composition called Wonders of Flight. Both the song and Midnight Rain's performance of it are great!

Listen to Wonders of Flight in the video. I enjoyed the style of guitar Midnight Rain used for the song. It was really fun to listen to.

Thanks, Midnight Rain, for sharing this awesome song!

Pinkie's Gala Fantasy

There are some songs that don't get as much love in the MLP:FiM fandom or here on Everypony Sings. Fortunately, Ivory Keys is here to pay attention even to the less-popular songs.

In this case, Ivory Keys wrote sheet music for Pinkie's Gala Fantasy. Remember that one? Pinkie was so excited to go to that party. All that candy! And you can relive the excitement by playing the song yourself.

Thanks to Ivory Keys!

Tablature from Highwater Trousers

We have some great resources to share today from Highwater Trousers. He sent in three tabs for songs from the show, and they look excellent!

The tablature is for Giggle at the Ghostie, Pinkie's Buttering Up Song, and Winter Wrap Up. Go check out the resources and play along yourself! You know you want to...

Thanks to Highwater Trousers, and Happy St. Patrick's Day to everyone—stay safe!

DJDelta0 Final Finale Piece

DJDelta0 has been on a mission to blow us away with awesome piano covers. In particular, he's been doing some great work on the songs from the finale.

He just finished the last song, Life in Equestria. It sounds fantastic. You should listen to it immediately. Then you can download sheet music, midi, and mp3 resources.

Many thanks, DJDelta0!

Giggle at the Ghosty Arrangement

Ivory Keys is back again with another excellent piano arrangement. Every one of the resources he's shared have been extremely well done, so we're always happy to post more.

This time around, Ivory Keys arranged Giggle at the Ghosty for the piano. Check out the sheet music here and play it yourself! It's perfect for any time you're feeling scared or anxious.

Thanks again, Ivory Keys!

Celestia's MIDI Ballad

KitRifty sent in our newest resource: a midi version of Celestia's Ballad from the season three finale. He did an awesome job working on this piece, and it sounds excellent.

I really like Celestia's Ballad for the glimpse it gives us into Celestia's perspective on all the things Twilight has done. So I enjoyed listening to KitRifty's rendition of the song in midi form. Listen to it yourself, or download the midi for your own use.

Thanks for another great resource, KitRifty!

Arrangements by (and for) Ivory Keys

Ivory Keys has shared some great resources in the past, and he's back with more tonight! You should check them out and play them on your own ivory keys.

The piano arrangements Ivory Keys shared this time around are for Winter Wrap Up and Smile. Take a look at the resources and give them a try! They look awesome.

Thanks, Ivory Keys!

I've Got to Find a Pet

Hang on, I may have gotten confused there in the title... What I meant was, we have resources for I've Got to Find a Way and Find a Pet!

Ivory Keys has shared sheet music with us for both of these great songs. The piano sheet music looks great, so if you've got a piano, go try it out! Here are the links for I've Got to Find a Way and for Find a Pet.

Many thanks to Ivory Keys for sharing his sheet music with us.

Dvixer: Morning in Ponyville

I'm pretty sure I've said this before, but I love the floppy disk drive as a musical instrument. Dvixer never fails to impress me with his MLP floppy drive songs.

You can listen to his latest creation, Morning in Ponyville on eight drives, in the embedded video. It sounds awesome! I also appreciated the little joke at the end of the song, see if you catch it.

Thanks as always, Dvixer.

I've Got to Find a Way by EngDrag

After the season three finale, EngDrag shared some excellent chords for I've Got to Find a Way. Now he's back with his own cover of the song.

You can listen to EngDrag's version of I've Got to Find a Way here. It sounds great! I like how he modified the melody line to suit his voice—it really sounds excellent.

Thanks, EngDrag, for sharing your talents with us!

Holy Pony Chamber Music!

We just got tipped off to the existence of the Symphonic Anime Orchestra. If you don't know about this group, you should, because they are amazing. They will be performing at the Middle Tennessee Anime Convention (MTAC) at the end of the month.

In the meantime, they shared some truly extraordinary sheet music resources. If you play any kind of symphonic instrument, you need to check these out. For each of these songs, there are multiple instrument parts, so take a look: Title Theme, Cutie Mark Crusaders Theme, At the Gala, Smile, and Raise This Barn.

A big thank you to the arranger from the Symphonic Anime Orchestra for sharing these resources!

Smile Smile Smile Tab

For all the hype it received, and all the love after it was aired, the Smile song has never gotten old for me. It still puts a smile on my face... so Pinkie Pie is doing her job.

If you still love Smile Smile Smile, then you'll love our new guitar tab from Highwater Trousers. You can never have too many smiles or too many Smile resources, right? Right. So go check this one out!

Thanks, Highwater Trousers! You sure made me smile.

Finale Resources from Master Eto

Master Eto has returned with two more covers of songs from the finale. You can listen to Morning in Ponyville in the video, and I've Got to Find a Way here. Both versions sound great—no surprises there.

Then, of course, Master Eto has provided the bass tab so you can play along yourself. If you play the bass, check out the tab for Morning in Ponyville and I've Got to Find a Way. These resources are sure to be a big help to you!

Thanks, Master Eto!