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Celestia's Ballad Re-Arranged

Celestia's Ballad was a very cool song in the finale—I was excited to have a Princess Celestia song for the first time in MLP:FiM.

Well, two extremely talented pony fans—BassBeastJD and Alioopster27—have done their own arrangement and cover of Celestia's Ballad. It sounds awesome. Both the instrumentals and the vocals are spot-on (I have to confess, at first I didn't realize it was a vocal cover; kudos to you Alioopster!). Give it a listen in the video, I know you'll love it.

Thanks to both these folks for sharing a great song!

1 comment:

  1. Love it, kudos to both of you!!! Would it be terribly cheesy to have that as a father/daughter song for my daughter's wedding (still a long way off, she is 6.) I think the lyrics would be so perfect for the occasion. It's my idea so don't be taking everyone!! j/k I used to DJ weddings and Butterfly Kisses was very popular (showing my age, that was in the 90s), but I thought this would be perfect.