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It's (So) Creepy

Guess what, everypony? Thanks to TheSimo182, we've got a resource for you based on the newest Friendship is Witchcraft song, It'll Be OK.

If you aren't familiar with FiW, or haven't seen the newest episode, you can find it here. Fair warning, though: it is creepy. TheSimo182 worked out chords for It'll Be OK. The song is disturbingly catchy, and the chords look great. Check them out!

Thanks, TheSimo182!

A True, True Friend (Who Plays Trombone)

Do you play trombone and/or baritone? Then this is the post for you! Blueblaze95 submitted sheet music for A True, True Friend to be played on these low brass instruments.

You can find the sheet music (and give it a listen) over on Noteflight. As I said, this is a great resource for trombone or baritone players. Thanks, Blueblaze 95!

On a similar note, we received a request for trombone sheet music for The Failure Success Song (I Wasn't Prepared for This). Can anyone help out? It's what a true, true friend would do!

Behold, Princess Piano Transcription!

DJDelta0 is back with another great resource from the finale. He sent in a piano transcription of Behold, Princess Twilight Sparkle. This song was a short one, but DJDelta0's version sounds great!

Give it a listen in the video. Then you can check out the resources—sheet music, a midi file, and an mp3. I'm sure this will be useful to a lot of fans for playing, remixing, etc.

Thanks, DJDelta0!

Pinkie's Brew Tab

If you're familiar with the fan series Friendship is Witchcraft, then of course you know the song Pinkie's Brew. And if you want to play along with Pinkie's witchy song, then we've got the resource for you.

Dyrilby wrote a tab for Pinkie's Brew. You can listen to a bit of it in the video, then find the tab here. But please don't make a portal, just accept it and move on.

Thanks, Dyrilby!

What My Cutie Mark is Telling MIDI

It's funny how resources come in groups. Yesterday brought lots of I've Got to Find a Way submissions, and the song of today is apparently What My Cutie Mark is Telling Me. Another great submission to share with you all, this time from Neonz.

Neonz worked up a great midi version and mp3 of What My Cutie Mark is Telling Me to share with you all. Use it for all your remixing needs! It sounds great.

Thanks to Neonz!

What My Cutie Mark is Telling Me

Do you play an instrument? Specifically, do you play a Bb or Eb instrument? Do you wish we'd post more resources you could use? Well, then it's your lucky day!

Dimondium sent in two resources for What My Cutie Mark is Telling Me: one for Bb instruments, and one for Eb instruments. Check out the sheet music, play it on your instrument of choice, and let us know what you think! You can even record a cover and send it to us to share on the site.

Thanks, Dimondium, as always!

Celestia's Ballad Re-Arranged

Celestia's Ballad was a very cool song in the finale—I was excited to have a Princess Celestia song for the first time in MLP:FiM.

Well, two extremely talented pony fans—BassBeastJD and Alioopster27—have done their own arrangement and cover of Celestia's Ballad. It sounds awesome. Both the instrumentals and the vocals are spot-on (I have to confess, at first I didn't realize it was a vocal cover; kudos to you Alioopster!). Give it a listen in the video, I know you'll love it.

Thanks to both these folks for sharing a great song!

Piano Players Have Got to Find a Way

I'm loving all the amazing resources that are coming in for the finale. I've Got to Find a Way seems to be particularly popular. Our latest music resource is from first-time submitter Treble Blast.

Treble Blast worked out I've Got to Find a Way by ear and wrote sheet music to share with everypony. Listen to Treble Blast's version over on MuseScore. Then check out the sheet music and try playing it yourself.

Thanks, Treble Blast!

I've Got to Find a Way Chords

A new submitter, EngDrag, sent in a new music resource: chords for I've Got to Find a Way. These chords were written for piano, so piano players should be sure to check this one out.

You can find the chords here. Try them out and let us know how it goes! As always, if you want to share a cover or a resource of your own, you can send us an email.

Many thanks, EngDrag, for sharing your talents!

Power Ballad by Power Chord

Our own Power Chord made a cover of I've Got to Find a Way that is simply... awesome. It's a rock ballad version—you have to listen to it. Right now.

Power Chord wanted to say thanks to PineappleKAKE who made the midi he used for the song. After you're done enjoying the power ballad version of I've Got to Find a Way, check out a new project Power Chord has in mind: a rock opera version of Magical Mystery Cure. Can you help? Let him know!

Finale Bass Resources

MasterEto, as always, has some great bass guitar resources to share. This time around, he's shared his versions of two songs from the finale: What My Cutie Mark is Telling Me and A True, True Friend.

You can watch MasterEto play What My Cutie Mark is Telling me in the embedded video, and find the bass tab here. Then listen to A True, True Friend and check out the bass tab for that song.

Thanks, Master Eto!

True True Disk Drives

I never get tired of seeing people use old disk drives to make music. Dvixer is one of the most talented folks I've seen doing this kind of original composition, and I love it!

Dvixer shared a floppy disk drive version of A True True Friend, and it sounds great! Give it a listen. Thanks to Dvixer for sharing this rendition!

In other news, Candy Coda has added the finale songs to the Season Three page, so you can find all the music resources we get there.

Cover is Finding Its Way

Judging by the posts we've received, the current favorite song from the finale is I've Got to Find a Way. Warhok97 shared his cover version of the song, and it sounds fantastic.

Listen to Warhok97's version in the video. It is really faithful to the original. What's more, he worked it out by ear, which blows me away! You can find Warhok97 on Youtube and DA.

Thanks for sharing your cover!

I've Got to Find a Way

I've got to find a way to share all these awesome season 3 finale resources! The latest is a double feature: piano transcriptions of I've Got to Find a Way and Celestia's Ballad by DJDelta0. They sound great!

You can listen to DJDelta0's rendition of I've Got to Find a Way in the video, and Celestia's Ballad here. Then make sure to check out the sheet music, MP3, and midi resources (all in the video descriptions).

Original: A Moment of Love

Dimondium does some truly impressive composition work. His latest original song is called A Moment of Love. It's a clarinet and bassoon duet, which I understand is not a common pairing—but it sounds great!

You can listen to the song in the embedded video. If you're interested in playing the song yourself, you can find the sheet music and an MP3 download in the video description.

Thanks as always, Dimondium!

I've Got to Find a Way

PineappleKAKE has shared some resources for I've Got to Find a Way. I thought this song was a really sad and touching part of the episode, so I'm glad other folks are appreciating it, too.

You can check out a midi and sheet music of PineappleKAKE's piano version of I've Got to Find a Way. If you're looking to play this piece and sing along with it, then these resources are sure to help. Go take a look!

Many thanks to PineappleKAKE for sharing.

Celestia's Ballad

The Runner is our latest contributor to provide resources for the finale songs by sharing chords for Celestia's Ballad. I'm sure they will be useful to everypony who's excited about playing this song!

You can find The Runner's chords here. I haven't tried playing them myself, but they look great. Try them out yourself!

Many thanks to The Runner for sharing this resource. Stay tuned for more later tonight!

Chords! Chords! Chords!

I'm not sure how he managed it so quickly, but Yttdori has shared chords for all seven of the songs from the finale. If you want to play along with these songs on guitar (or any other chord-based instrument), this is the post for you!

Here are the chords:
Morning in Ponyville
What My Cutie Mark is Telling Me
I've Got to Find a Way
A True, True Friend
Celestia's Ballad
Behold, Princess Twilight Sparkle
Life in Equestria

Many thanks, Yttdori!

Finale Songs from DJDelta0

DJDelta0 was the first pony fan to send in resources for the finale. He tackled three of the seven (!) finale songs, creating some really excellent piano reductions.

The songs DJDelta0 has done are A True True Friend (in the embedded video), Morning in Ponyville, and What My Cutie Mark is Telling Me. For each of the songs, DJDelta0 also shared sheet music, an mp3, and a midi. You can find those in the descriptions of each of the videos, and we'll be adding them to the Season Three resource page in the near future.

Holy Celestia-Loving Finale!

I just finished watching the finale and... wow. That was awesome. If you haven't seen it yet, consider this your huge spoiler alert for all of our upcoming posts. Read at your own risk!

The finale was great. This episode was also the most musical we've ever seen, which means lots of activity here at Everypony Sings. We've already received emails from some of you, on account of the songs that were leaked. So we're going to start posting right away, in the order that we receive messages from you all.

We'll also get the songs posted to the Season Three page as soon as possible. Stay tuned—everything is going to be fine!

Brace yourselves....

Heya guys! I know I haven't been around as much as I used to, but you know, real life takes precedence, but I wanted to bring some news about the season finale tomorrow. It's a......Wait for it.....Musical episode! Finally! That being said, I can already tell the site's going to be flooded with new submissions for the songs (Covers, tabs, chords, sheet music, etc.) and two of them have officially been released as spoilers (While one was leaked).

IDK about you guys, but I'm excited to see how fast this stuff will come in. I'm on the edge of my seat here!

Originals from Cyphers Wolf

Cyphers Wolf shared an original song with us recently about Luna's time on the moon. Now he's back with two more original songs (they go together) from his Luna-themed album.

The songs are called Fevre Dreams and Awake, and you can listen to both in the embedded video. Cyphers Wolf says, "Fevre Dreams starts out quiet and has some unusual song progressions, meant to represent the strange dreams one would have. It flows into the next song, Awake, which is a more upbeat, happy song."

Enjoy these songs! And a big thank you to Cyphers Wolf for sharing.

Wonderbolts Derby

We have an original song from a new submitter tonight. He goes by MrJustpostin Rangapants on Youtube. (I hope he doesn't mind if I call him Mr. JR for short!) In any case, he shared his first original song with us, called Wonderbolts Derby.

I really like the way Mr. JR composed this song, especially the instrumentation and the lyrics. He says he's interested in constructive criticism, so maybe surf over to his Youtube channel and let him know what you think?

Thanks, Mr. JR!

Hush Now...

It's time to go to bed. At least, where I am writing this post, it is time to go to bed. I'm drifting off... to sleep...

Where was I? Oh right. Valenheart shared a great (and very relaxing!) cover of Hush Now, Quiet Now. It's called the Fluttershy Lullaby, because there are no Cutie Mark shenanigans in this version. It's a really great version of the song—it's putting me to sleep, and I mean that in a good way!

Great job to Valenheart and Kanade for this song!

Welcome Welcome Welcome

Welcome to Ponyville! ... I mean, welcome to Everypony Sings, where fan Neonz has shared some great resources for Pinkie Pie's Welcome Song.

The Welcome Song is short but sweet. Neonz shared a whole bunch of resources for this fun song. If sheet music is what you want, then you can check out pdf sheet music with and without lyrics. There's also .mus files with and without lyrics. Then there's a midi. Finally, you can listen to the song in the video.

Thanks, Neonz!

The Perfect Trombone

We have a new resource for The Perfect Stallion to share with you, courtesy of a fan named Kevin! Kevin shared sheet music for The Perfect Stallion so you can play it... on trombone.

If you're a trombone player, I'm sure you'll love this resource. It looks really well done (though I can't play it myself, no trombones here). Kevin clearly worked hard on it! Find the sheet music here.

Many thanks to Kevin for sharing this resource!

The Call of the Moon

Another great original song! This one is from Bluegrassbrony and it's called The Call of the Moon. Since it's late where I am writing this post, this one seems like an appropriate one to listen to before bed.

Bluegrassbrony did a wonderful job on this song. I think it captures the mystery and power of the moon, at least for someone like Luna. You should give it a listen!

Thanks to Bluegrassbrony!

Everfree Harmony

Gloomy Dusk shared an original composition with us at Everypony Sings. It's called Everfree Harmony, and it's based on curiosity about the Everfree Forest and what might lie beyond it. (The Cutie Mark Crusaders are also curious about the Everfree Forest!)

This song is great. Gloomy Dusk did a great job with the melodies and instrumentation. I really enjoyed listening to it! I think you will, too. Check it out over on Soundcloud.

Thanks, Gloomy Dusk, for sharing this original song.

Anger and Sadness

The title on this post might not sound too appealing... but the original song with this title is definitely worth your time! A fan who goes by Cyphers Wolf, who shared some of his original music with us in the past, sent in this Princess Luna-themed song.

I'm really enjoying Anger and Sadness. I think Luna is such an interesting character (and I love that she's getting more attention in Season Three!). Cyphers Wolf did a great job on this song, and is actually working on a Luna-focused album of original music. We'll be looking forward to it!

Thanks, Cyphers Wolf!

More Awesome Bass Resources from Master Eto

Master Eto is a great source for all things pony- and bass-related. Since we're having a slow week (no episode tomorrow!), he shared a couple of other songs with us.

First up is a cover of Hush Now, Quiet Now on the bass. You can watch that in the video, then check out the bass tab and try it yourself. Second, Master Eto also shared a cover of the fan song Proud to Be a Brony.

A big thank you to Master Eto for always sharing such awesome resources!