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Original Song from The Runner

The Runner has shared some original music with us here at Everypony Sings before. This time he's back with a collaboration with Zatslol, an original song called Anew.rar. It's a bittersweet Rarity-inspired song.

This song is really well done—the vocals are great, and I like the guitar line a lot. The Runner and Zatslol did a great job. Give it a listen! You can also find both The Runner and Zatslol on Youtube.

Thanks, you two!

Awesome Violin Covers for Everypony!

We recently got an email from a pony fan named Rajiv who is a violinist. In fact, he's a very talented violinist! And better yet, he's done covers of all the pony songs on the violin. It's quite the undertaking, and the quality of the songs is really impressive.

I've embedded his version of Raise This Barn because I'm a sucker for the fiddle. But whatever your favorite song MLP:FiM song is (Winter Wrap Up! Becoming Popular! Smile!), you can find it on Rajiv's channel. You should definitely go take a look!

Many thanks to Rajiv... you are awesome.

Gaz and Babs Seed

Many thanks to Gaz for sharing this fun version of Babs Seed. It re-imagines the song with a new rock vibe, and it has some beautifully distorted guitar! You can listen to it in the video.

You might recall that Gaz has shared music with the site before. I particularly enjoy Six Hooved Stallion; it is exceptionally creative. Make sure to check that out as well.

We are getting closer to the season finale. I hope you all are as excited as I am!

Opening Theme Midi

FeignedSincerity is back with another post today! After noticing that we didn't have a midi for the Title Theme, FeignedSincerity sent one in. This means we have another great resource to share with all of you.

This is a great instrumentation of the opening theme, and I know the midi will be useful to people. Check it out here! If you like, you can also find a Tabit version. (To download Tabit, visit their website.)

Many thanks, FeignedSincerity!

Raise This Barn—Full Orchestration

Good news, everypony! A fan who goes by FeignedSincerity worked out a full orchestration for Raise This Barn and shared a midi version of it. It's a great resource for a great song.

You can find the midi here. [UPDATE: we also have a Tabit file, which you can find here.] A big thank you for FeignedSincerity for sharing!

On a different note, we have an update to Neonz' recent post. Neonz also shared .mus files for Babs Seed—one with and one without lyrics. Thanks, Neonz!

Bad Seed, Great Song

I'm glad there's a lot of love out there for Babs Seed. It's such a fun song, I catch myself humming it all the time. Our latest Babs Seed resources come from a fan who goes by Neonz.

Neonz wrote out piano sheet music for Babs Seed. You can see them being played by Finale in the video. Neonz also shared the sheet music (with lyrics or without) and a midi.

Many thanks to Neonz for sharing these resources!

Chaos Revealed by Teslahead

It seems fitting, in light of the most recent episode, that we have a Discord-themed piece to share with you. Teslahead wrote an original piece about Discord called Chaos Revealed.

This song is extremely dramatic. I love the instrumentation and the way the tension builds in the piece. Teslahead did a great job evoking the specter of Discord. Give Chaos Revealed a listen!

Thanks, Teslahead!

Italian Flim Flam Wrap Up

Fans of Everypony Sings will remember Master Eto, who has shared a lot of bass guitar resources with us in the past. Well, he's back with more... covers and resources for the Italian Intro, Winter Wrap Up and Flim Flam Brothers.

You can listen to the Italian Intro and play along with the bass tab. For Winter Wrap Up, listen to Master Eto's version here, then check out the bass tab. Flim Flam is the embedded video, and the bass tab is here.

Thanks as always, Master Eto!

Becoming Piano

FimFan14 is rapidly becoming one of our best resources for piano arrangements. This time, FimFan14 has shared a rendition of Becoming Popular, done on piano. This is one of my favorite songs, so I'm loving this version of it!

You can listen to the piano arrangement in the video. Then you can download an mp3 or a midi. And don't forget to check out the sheet music so you can play it yourself.

Many thanks, FimFan14! Keep up the good work.

Play a Song on the Fiddle, One, Two, Three, Four

Distorted shared an excellent resource for Raise This Barn. If you're a fiddle player, this is the post for you!

As you can see in the video, Distorted wrote sheet music for violin (fiddle) and piano. If you're having a barn raising, or just a hoedown, then you'll need these resources! Check out the violin sheet music, or the violin and piano combo. There's also a midi for the duet.

You should also take time to visit Distorted's blog. He has some really cool stuff up there. Thanks, Distorted, for sharing your talents!

Keep Smiling

A few days ago, we received a submission of a special original song. A fan who goes by SmileBrony wrote a song he titled Keep Smiling. The song has a really sad and touching story behind it: SmileBrony wrote this song as a tribute to his father, who passed away before Christmas.

Give this original piece a listen. It's really well done. I love the lyrics and I think SmileBrony showed a lot of talent in creating it. I hope that it gives him fond memories of his father for years to come.

Thanks, SmileBrony. Our thoughts are with you.

Making Cupcakes on your Piano!

Okay, if you really want to make cupcakes, I recommend using your oven. But if you want to play Making Cupcakes, then FimFan14 is here with a great piano resource!

You can listen to FimFan14's piano cover in the video or check out the midi. Then take a look at the sheet music and try playing it yourself. I'm sure it will make your day sweeter! Many thanks to FimFan14 for sharing these resources.

... Now I want cupcakes...

Band Members Wanted

For those living in California, the Equestria LA event is fast approaching. It will be a fun chance to hang out with some other pony fans and enjoy everything related to the show.

Master Eto, who has submitted music to the site before, is hoping to get a group together to maybe play music at the event. In other words, you could be part of a pony band! I think that is pretty freaking cool. Contact Master Eto over at his Youtube channel if you are interested.

On a random note, that bearded pony is my new favorite character. He has this awesome German thing going on.

Babs Seed, Babs Seed... What We Gonna Do?

If you've got a bully on your tail... well, you should probably find an adult to talk about that. But after you talk to an adult, you should break out your trumpet and play the Babs Seed song!

Tony300300, who recently shared a trumpet version of the Ballad of the Crystal Ponies, is back with sheet music for Babs Seed. He says he's working on his own cover, and if he shares that with us, we'll pass it along to you.

Thanks, Tony300300!

Even Rainbows Have Rainy Days

Coconeru is both talented and prolific! He's already back with another original song. Like Under My Wings, this piece is also inspired by Rainbow Dash. The new song, Even Rainbows Have Rainy Days, takes on a different aspect of Rainbow Dash's character.

This is a very cool piece. I love the jazzy piano. Of course, the lyrics and vocals are amazing (this is Coconeru we're talking about, after all). Check it out!

Thanks Coconeru!

Love is in Bloom - Piano Arrangement

FimFan14 shared an amazing rendition of everypony's favorite wedding song: Love is in Bloom. If you'd like to play this great song yourself—or have someone play it at your wedding reception—today is your lucky day!

You can listen to FimFan14's recording in the video. Then make sure to check out the midi and the sheet music. These are wonderful resources, you won't want to miss them.

Many thanks, FimFan14!

Under My Wings

Coconeru shared a great new piece he did in collaboration with MatthewMosierMusic (aka Momo). It's a Rainbow Dash-inspired song called Under My Wings.

I love this song. The music is beautifully done, and the lyrics really capture the idea of a sense of freedom in flight. I think it totally fits with Rainbow Dash's character. Give it a listen!

Thanks, Coconeru and Momo!

My Little Acoustic Medley

Dyrilby is working on a pony-themed album called Shenanigans. He shared one of the tracks that will be on that album: a medley of a few pony songs played acoustically. It sounds great!

Give the song a listen. I really like what Dyrilby is doing with the guitar on these covers, and the way he blends the familiar melodies together. You can also visit him on Youtube if you want to see some of his other work.

Thanks, Dyrilby!

Crystal Trumpet!

The crystal ponies may have had a crystal flugelhorn, but do you think they had a crystal trumpet? If they did, then they'd probably be excited about our latest music resource.

Tony300300 wrote and shared a trumpet score for the Ballad of the Crystal Ponies. If you're a trumpet player, you should definitely check this one out! Find the sheet music here.

Many thanks to Tony300300 for sharing this resource. I'm sure everypony will like to play this song!

Bass Tabs and Covers From Master Eto

Master Eto does a fantastic job as a bassist. His covers and bass resources are awesome. And he's back with more!

This time around, Master Eto has shared covers and bass tab for Find a Pet and the Failure Song. You can watch Find a Pet in the embedded video, and check out the Failure Song cover here. Both are extremely well done. In addition, you can listen to Master Eto's cover of the extended intro.

Many thanks as always, Master Eto!

Failure Song: Piano Success!

I really enjoyed the Failure Song (I Wasn't Prepared For This). Maybe it's because I identify with Twilight Sparkle worrying over everything, or maybe it's just because the song has such a charming melody.

In any case, I'm always happy to see Failure Song submissions. And we got a great one from a first-time contributor, mastersuperfan. He shared a Noteflight resource for the Failure Song with the duet of voices and piano accompaniment.

This resource sounds amazing. You should definitely check it out. Thanks, mastersuperfan!

This Day Aria Cover

I think we can all agree that This Day Aria is an epic and amazing song. It was a perfect piece for the drama of the season two finale. So it's no surprise that fans still love this song and want to create resources for it.

A fan named MissDarkAngelx1 recorded a cover of This Day Aria. She has a great voice, and her version sounds awesome. Give it a listen, I'm sure you'll enjoy it.

You can find MissDarkAngelx1 on Youtube. Thanks to her for sharing this cover!

Some Great Sheet Music and Midis

One of the great things about the pony fanbase is all of the wonderful original music that is created. For instance, there are songs like Avast Octavia's Plot or Rainbow Dash Shylenol.

A very nice guy, who goes by chaoszero64, put together some awesome music resources for these two songs. For starters, here is the sheet music for Avast Octavia's Plot as well as a midi. You can also see just the parts for cello, viola, violin, and a second violin. Then there is a midi and sheet music for Rainbow Dash Shylenol. It's really great stuff!

Thanks so much for sharing your musical talents, chaoszero64.

Trumpet Title Theme

The title theme is the only song we get to hear week after week, but it's still worth listening to even after two and a half seasons. And I know there are a lot of fans out there who learn to play the theme song on a variety of instruments.

Superpancho worked out a great version of the title theme for trumpet. If you're a trumpet player, check out the sheet music! You can give it a try yourself. Many thanks to Superpancho!

Raise This Barn Banjo Tab

As a person who loves folk music, I was beyond excited about Applejack's recent song. Heck, I got to see a pony play the banjo. I don't know how that works, but you can't deny that it's wonderful.

Well, here is some more banjo for you! Bluegrassbrony, who has shared music with us before, put together this lovely banjo tab that you can listen to over in the video. It sounds amazing, and it is a blast to play. You can learn to play it yourself with the tab or Guitar Pro file.

Thanks for this, Bluegrassbrony. You've made my day!

Octavia - Last Performance

You can't have a post about Vinyl Scratch without having one about Octavia. The two of them seem like opposite sides of the same coin. And the universe must agree with me, because we have an original song inspired by Octavia to go with the original inspired by Vinyl Scratch.

This one's by Gloomy Dusk, and it's called Octavia - Last Performance. It's a beautiful piece. I love the instrumentation and the way the song builds. I'm sure you will, too!

Thanks, Gloomy Dusk!

Vinyl's Rave

Everypony loves Vinyl Scratch (aka DJ PON-3), right? Right. Vinyl Scratch is one of the most awesome background ponies.

Teslahead made a great original piece inspired by the greatest DJ in Equestria: Vinyl's Rave. Give it a listen! I bet you'll be dancing in your seat, just like I am.

Many thanks to Teslahead to sharing this song, and happy new year!

Applejack's Favorite Song

Wasn't it great that the most recent episode revealed Applejack's favorite song? Too bad we didn't get to hear the whole cast singing about how dragons are the greatest creatures.

Well, if Applejack's song is your favorite, too, then check out these resources from FimFan14. FimFan14 shared sheet music and a midi for the dragon song. Enjoy!

Thanks, FimFan14!

Resources from Master (of Bass Guitar) Eto

Master Eto is a great bass guitarist, and better yet, he's willing to share his bass guitar resources and talents. It's awesome!

Master Eto has submitted a number of bass tabs in the past. This time around, he's got tab for Ballad of the Crystal Ponies and for Art of the Dress. You can watch Art of the Dress in the embedded video and check out Master Eto's cover of Ballad of the Crystal Ponies here.

Thanks, Master Eto!