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Sheet Music: Hearts Strong as Horses

I don't know if you all enjoyed Hearts Strong as Horses as much as I did, but I can't get enough of this song! It's my current listen-to-it-on-loop pony music obsession.

So you can imagine how excited I am about this resource: a full score of Hearts Strong as Horses from Dasho Frainbow. This resource is sure to be a big help to anyone interested in playing this song. You can also find Dasho on Youtube and DA.

Thanks for sharing, Dasho Frainbow!

At The Gala [20% Cooler Holiday Orchestral Rock Remix]

At the Gala was an appropriately awesome conclusion to Season One. It was a great, and complex, piece of music, and we've definitely enjoyed seeing all the resources you all have created for it.

Today, as a late Christmas (or Hearth's Warming, if you prefer) present, we have a fantastic remix of At the Gala from Thunder Dash. You can listen to it on Soundcloud or (the second one should be higher quality). Plus, there's a full score!

Thanks so much for sending 2013 out with a bang, Thunder Dash!


Discord by Living Tombstone is probably my all-time favorite piece of pony fan music. Sometimes I listen to it just to feel pumped up.

Now, I have another great version of the song to enjoy, courtesy of Thunder Dash. He did a piano cover of Discord, which sounds awesome. Plus, there's sheet music! Thanks, Thunder Dash!

Stay tuned for what Thunder Dash is calling "a super special '20% Cooler Double Cardio Piano Remix' of Hearts Strong as Horses"—sounds super cool.

Hearts Strong as Bass

The Cutie Mark Crusaders certainly have come a long way since we met them in Season One. They haven't earned their cutie marks yet, but they've learned a lot and grown as friends.

Hearts Strong as Horses is a great song for the Cutie Mark Crusaders, and the only thing that might make it better would be a bass guitar cover. Fortunately, we're in luck—Master Eto is back, and he's brought a fantastic bass cover for Hearts Strong as Horses. Check it out!

Thanks for sharing, Master Eto!

Mashup to the Max!

Mashups of pony music and pop music are always fun. I like getting to hear the ways fans put different pieces—even different genres—of music together.

Well, Ivory Brony has a heck of a mashup for us tonight. It's a combination of Lady Gaga's Hair with four MLP:FiM songs: The Perfect Stallion, The Flim Flam Brothers, This is Our Big Night (from the Equestria Girls movie), and Love is in Bloom. Give it a listen!

Thanks for sharing, Ivory Brony! (By the way, I used an image of Photo Finish for this one because she's like Lady Gaga pony-fied...)

Title MIDI

I am always excited about midi resources, because you can do so many cool things with them. Whether it's remixes, disk drive covers, or some other creative purpose, there's always lots of potential in a midi.

Lu9 shared a fantastic midi of the Title Theme. You should totally check it out! And I expect to see lots of interesting projects come out of this resource.

Thanks for sharing, Lu9! It's great to have you as part of the Everypony Sings crew of submitters!

Hearts Strong as Horses Transcription

I am a little bit in love with the new song, Hearts Strong as Horses. I may or may not be listening to it on loop right now. It's just so catchy!

If you're also in a Hearts Strong as Horses mood, then you'll love this piano transcription from DJDelta0. You can listen to it in the embedded video, or check out the sheet music and try it yourself. It sounds fantastic!

Thanks for sharing, DJDelta0!

Mandolins Strong as Horses

If you watched the most recent episode of MLP:FiM, then you heard the adorable new song from the Cutie Mark Crusaders... and you heard that great mandolin line, too.

Jasonbres has already whipped up a mandolin tab for Hearts Strong as Horses, so you can play that fun mandolin part yourself. Check out the sheet music and get training! You've got hearts as strong as horses!

Thanks for sharing this resource, Jasonbres!

'Til The End (A Tribute)

This original piece from Thunder Dash is fantastic and has an amazing story behind it. I'll let Thunder Dash explain in his own words:

"So one day I was on MLPForums, roleplaying with this guy. Little did I know that he was in the military. So, as we were roleplaying, he sent me a personal message. He told me that he was in the US Army... He wanted a song that kept him and his guys motivated. So, I wrote this song both in honor of Rainbow Dash and our soldiers fighting for our country. It was also the holidays, so you could say it was also an early Christmas gift. It was an honor for me to write this song for him!"

Give the song a listen! Thanks to Thunder Dash and to all the great fans out there using their talents in many ways.


Even though Halloween (I mean, Nightmare Night...) is behind us, there are still lots of great Nightmare Moon songs coming our way.

The latest is from Thunder Dash, and it's a very cool original piece called Eclipsed. Give it a listen—I love the synthy, electronic vibe this song has going on. Thanks for sharing, Thunder Dash!

By the way, stay tuned for some posts about this morning's (SUPER CUTE) new song. We'll be posting about it tomorrow.

Original from Ivory Brony

I always love getting to hear original music from talented fans. There is so much creativity and skill out there, it really blows me away.

Today, we have an original song from Ivory Brony. It's called Electric Slumber (Luna's Night). This is a very cool electronic-style piece. I really enjoyed listening to it. Check it out!

Thanks for sharing your talents, Ivory Brony!

Fluttershy's Lullaby

Even though we're in Season Four now, I still enjoy going back and listening to some of the "classic" songs from the first season of the show. Take Hush Now, Quiet Now for example—this song always helps me to feel calm and relaxed.

Thunder Dash shared a great instrumental arrangement of Hush Now, Quiet Now. Give it a listen, it sounds beautiful. It's bound to put you in a sleepy mood. Plus, there's sheet music!

Thanks for sharing, Thunder Dash!

My Zone

Hello everypony! For our first post today, we have an exciting update from Vakanz, who has shared his music with us before.

Vakanz is releasing an album called My Zone. It contains 27 tracks of original music, some of it pony-inspired and some of it coming from other places. You can check out the album here.

Thanks for sharing, Vakanz! Congrats on the album!

Another Original from Thunder Dash!

Thunder Dash is one of our most prolific contributors. It's always great to hear from him, whether he's submitting music resources or original songs.

Tonight, it's an original song based on the sisterly relationship between Rainbow Dash and Scootaloo. The piece is called Under My Wing, and it sounds fantastic. Give it a listen!

Thanks for sharing your musical talents with us, Thunder Dash!

Original from Thunder Dash

Thunder Dash is back with another original song. This one is called Crystal Realm, and as you might guess, it's inspired by the Crystal Empire.

Give the song a listen, it sounds great! Thunder Dash says there are two easter eggs in the song. If you can identify both, Thunder Dash will make you a free OC theme. Good luck!

Thanks for sharing, Thunder Dash!

Clawhammer Raise This Barn!

Are you a banjo player or a banjo fan? Then you know about how great clawhammer-style banjo is. If you don't know about clawhammer banjo, you've probably heard it—it's that old-timey style with the famous bum-diddy rhythm.

I can't think of a better song to play on clawhammer banjo than Raise This Barn. Fortunately, Jasonbres shared clawhammer banjo tab for Raise This Barn, so you can play it yourself! Check out the tab here.

Thanks for sharing, Jasonbres!

Rainbow Dash Solo: Now 20% More Awesome

Do you remember Rainbow Dash's awesome section in At the Gala? Her dream about flying with the Wonderbolts? It's definitely my favorite part of that song.

Well, the super-talented Thunder Dash (no relation) has shared a whole bunch of resources for Rainbow Dash's solo. There's guitar sheet music and tab, then a full orchestration. There's also a midi of the full instrumentation. And as a bonus, there's a cellphone ring tone, too!

Thank you, Thunder Dash!

Original: Oxygen

Original music is one of the great things about this fandom. I think it's awesome that people can share their musical talents and creativity along with their appreciation for the show.

We just got an original song from a new fan of the show. In fact, he's only been a part of the fandom for a few weeks, and this is his first piece of music inspired by MLP. The song is called Oxygen, and it was made by FritzyBeat and Almost Anyone. Give it a listen!

Thanks for sharing, and welcome to the herd, FritzyBeat!


Musical improvisation is an amazing talent. I'm super impressed by people who can just come up with a song or a variation on the fly.

The fact that Thunder Dash can do it doesn't surprise me, though. This talented pony fan shared a beautiful improvisation of So Many Wonders. Make sure you give it a listen—it is impressive!

Thanks for sharing, Thunder Dash!

Parasprite Polka

Pinkie Pie taking on the parasprites is one of my favorite moments in MLP:FiM. Everypony thinks she's just being crazy the whole episode, and then she breaks in with the Parasprite Polka and saves the day.

If you run into parasprite problems, then make sure you take a look at the sheet music Der Mann shared with us. With help from vijey5, GolD Roger, and L'asian Jesus, Der Mann came up with a great resource for this song.

Thanks for sharing, Der Mann!

Mandolin Resources

The mandolin is a cool instrument, and I'm happy it's gaining popularity thanks to bands like Mumford & Sons. More mandolin is a good thing in my book!

If you're a mandolin fan and a pony fan, then this is the post for you. Jasonbres shared mandolin tab for two pony songs: Winter Wrap Up and Smile Smile Smile. Break out your mandolin and give them a try!

Thanks for sharing these resources, Jasonbres!

Piano Winter Wrap Up

If you live somewhere cold, you're probably eager to wrap up winter already! Still, good music can help sustain you through the cold winter months.

Thunder Dash shared a wonderful piano cover of Winter Wrap Up that's sure to brighten your day. Give it a listen! It sounds fantastic.

Thanks so much for sharing, Thunder Dash!

Nightmare Night Original

Nightmare Night may be over until next year, but that doesn't mean we can't enjoy creepy and spooky music inspired by the occasion.

Metalmaster32 shared a great original song he titled Creeping Through the Night. He imagined the villains of Equestria sneaking up on Ponyville in the dark. The song sounds appropriately scary!

On a different note, Metalmaster32 also shared a new recording he did of B.B.B.F.F. on acoustic guitar. Thanks for sharing both songs!

Songs from Power Chord

Power Chord is one of the members of our very own Everypony Sings team. It's great that we get to work with great fans from all over the country (and the world!)

For this post, Power Chord shared two songs, an original and a cover. The original is Enter Twilight, a Metallica parody/crossover, and a rock cover of Friend for Life from the Equestria Girls movie. Check them out!

Thanks for sharing, as always, Power Chord!

Hush, Now

Hush Now, Quiet Now is one of the abiding favorites from the show. Who doesn't want to listen to a nice, calming lullaby that suddenly gets jazzed up by Sweetie Belle?

I know a lot of fans like to play this one on the piano. And thanks to Thunder Dash, we all have a new piano version to enjoy! It is fun, energetic, and captures the feeling of both Fluttershy and Sweetie Belle's singing. Give it a listen or check out the sheet music!

Thanks, Thunder Dash!

You're Going to Need the Ocarina of Time for all These Tabs

Holy ever-living Celestia. If you play the ocarina, you just hit the jackpot. Pony fan jessekruz, who shared an ocarina tab with us before, is back with lots more resources.

Check out all these songs you can learn on the ocarina: The Failure Song, This Day Aria, I've Got to Find a Way, Apples to the Core, So Many Wonders, B.B.B.F.F., Winter Wrap Up, Cupcakes, the Title Theme, Giggle at the Ghosty, The Perfect Stallion, and Babs Seed. Thanks so much, jessekruz!

(Credit for the great image goes to Kudalyn on DA.)

Two Originals from Thunder Dash

Thunder Dash is really an amazing composer. He turns out so many great songs, it blows me away. Tonight, we have two new pieces from Thunder Dash to share.

The first is called Chaotic World, and it imagines Equestria with Discord as its ruler. It's about as creepy and dark as you'd expect. The second is much happier; it's called The Dream Fulfilled, and it's Thunder Dash's idea of the music that might be playing when Rainbow Dash finally becomes a Wonderbolt.

Thanks to Thunder Dash for sharing! He asked us to let you all know that he's working on "a super special 20% Cooler Keyboard Ensemble Remix of 'This is Our Big Night' from Equestria Girls." Stay tuned for that!

Hush Now, Quiet Cover

Confession time: sometimes, I stay up way too late on the computer. Shocking, I know. But when I'm up late surfing the internet and writing newsposts, maybe what I need is a nice lullaby.

A lullaby like Hush Now, Quiet Now, for example. But with a Hawaiian, tropical vibe. Like this one from Vccj, in fact. Vccj's cover is fantastic—I really love the direction he took the song. Give it a listen, and then go to bed!

Thanks for sharing, Vccj!

(Spoilers) Apples to the Core Goes MIDI

Season 4 is creeping closer, though we're still more than a month away from new ponies. Until then, we'll have to make do with the sneak peeks we've gotten of what's to come—like the song Apples to the Core.

If you're interested in doing something fun with this season 4 preview song, then TangyNeonz might have just the resources for you. TangyNeonz made midi and .wav versions of this song, with and without vocals. Check out all these resources:
All singers—midi and wav;
Big Macintosh and Apple Boom—midi and wav;
Instrumental—midi and wav

Thanks, TangyNeonz!

Celestia's Ballad Remixed

Celestia's Ballad was a beautiful part of the season finale. It was cool to finally get to see a little more of Princess Celestia's perspective and motivations.

I also loved getting to hear EnergyBrony's great cover of the Ballad. You should definitely give it a listen—it sounds great! Even though EnergyBrony is from Russia, his English is really good.

Thanks for sharing your musical talents with us, EnergyBrony!

Mandolin Opening

Folk instrumentation is becoming more popular these days, probably thanks in part to bands like Mumford & Sons. I can't say I'm complaining; more banjo and mandolin is always good in my book.

Apparently Thunder Dash agrees with me, because he's shared a great version of the Title Theme for mandolin. You can listen to it over on Soundcloud. Then check out the sheet music and tab, so you can play it yourself! Enjoy the mandolin-y goodness.

Thanks, Thunder Dash!

Beyond Her Garden for Band

Beyond Her Garden is one of the original songs by the extremely talented WoodenToaster. It's one of my favorite songs from WoodenToaster, in fact. You can check it out in the video.

Today's post is actually a resource for Beyond Her Garden from Ember Wolf and Aurora Rider, who arranged the song for band. You should take a look at their score. We'd love to see a band play this!

Thanks for sharing, Ember Wolf and Aurora Rider!

Marching Band Helping Twilight Win the Crown

If you were at the high school in the Equestria Girls movie—say, in the marching band—you'd want to help Twilight win the crown, right? Of course you would!

Well, now you and your personal marching band can help Twilight win the crown, thanks to the efforts of our own Dimondium. Dimondium arranged Helping Twilight Win the Crown for marching band. You can listen to it in the video and then check out the sheet music for yourself!

Thanks, Dimondium! It's great to have you on the team.

Symphonic Anime Orchestra: Pony Medley

It makes me very happy to know that there is a group out there known as the Symphonic Anime Orchestra. These folks are all volunteers who dedicate time and energy to making music that is both incredible and wonderfully nerdy.

The SAO shared with us a medley of pony music they recently performed at a convention in Nashville, Tennessee. The songs, in order, are Rainbow Factory (an original song by Wooden Toaster), the Cutie Mark Crusaders Theme, Life in Equestria, and the Title Theme. Enjoy!

Thanks for sharing, and for all you do, SAO!

This String Ensemble Aria

Do you and your closest friends have a string ensemble group? No? Well, go find some string players and put an ensemble together! We have just the resource you'll want to use.

Shynight composed a beautiful string ensemble arrangement of This Day Aria. I love it, it really sounds fantastic—listen to it in the video. Then you can check out the sheet music and play it yourself in your friendly neighborhood string ensemble!

Thanks for sharing, Shynight!

Magical Mashups

IvoryBrony recently created two mashups, and they are absolutely magical.

The first is a combination of Owl City's Good Time, Zedd's Spectrum, and The Type of Pony Everypony Should Know. The second mixes Gaga's Highway Unicorn Road to Love and Strange New World (from Equestria Girls).

IvoryBrony weaves all of this music together in a truly beautiful way. Give them a listen! (I would also encourage doing a little dance.)

This Day Aria Piano Duet

I am a big fan of Thunder Dash's music, and this piece is no exception. This arrangement transforms This Day Aria into a powerful piano duet.

I think this is a brilliant piece for a piano duet. Since the song has two voices, having two pianos seems like a natural fit. You can listen to it over on Soundcloud or take a look at the sheet music.

Thunder Dash also remarked in his email that he would be truly impressed if two people could play it without stopping or giving up. The challenge has been issued!


I didn't expect to love Babs. I thought the show was just trying to shoehorn in another Cutie Mark Crusader, and I didn't want to see them mess up the dynamic that the CMCs already had.

But I do. I love Babs. And I love her song, and I love this great cover from Billy Rex. I really enjoyed the electronic vibe he added to the song. Give it a listen—I think you'll love it too! You can also find Billy on Soundcloud.

Thanks for this tribute to a great character, Billy Rex!

This is Our Big Night

The Equestria Girls movie gave us some great songs to tide us over until Season Four starts. (Can you believe we'll be starting Season Four?)

One of the songs from Equestria Girls that I've been enjoying is This is Our Big Night. If you haven't heard it, you can listen to it in the video. And now, thanks to Speady99, you can play it yourself! Speady99 shared a fantastic transcription of the song so you can play it to your heart's content.

Thanks for sharing, Speady99!

Fingerstyle Guitar Makes Me Smile

Personal confession: my significant other plays fingerpicked guitar, and I love that style of music. It's so gentle and relaxing, and you can do some beautiful music with it.

The occasion for this confession is the great submission we received from Warbalist. Warbalist just completed a fingerstyle version of Smile, which sounds fantastic—make sure you listen to it! Even better, there's sheet music/tab and an mp3.

Thanks so much, Warbalist!

Getting... Very... Sleepy...

Maybe it's just because I'm writing this newspost very late in my time zone (it's midnight where I am), but this song is lulling me right to sleep. If you want a beautiful lullaby, this is the song for you.

Thunder Dash continues to show his diverse musical talents with his latest submission, Dash Yourself to Sleep. I bet Scootaloo loves this song. Give it a listen!

Thanks as always for sharing, Thunder Dash!

String Quartet At the Gala

If you were going to the Grand Galloping Gala, you'd expect the finest music to be part of the evening's entertainment. Perhaps a lovely string quartet could serenade you with beautiful music?

Even if you can't make it to the Gala, Gigabyte has shared a beautiful string quartet version of At the Gala. The sheet music is here. There's also an easier version, which you can find here. (Both of these files are for Musescore.) Thanks for sharing these resources, Gigabyte!

Also, Candy Coda and I wanted to let you know that we've fallen a bit behind on our pony emails (or pmails for short), but we are working to catch up! Thanks for your patience!

Music at the Crossroads

The fans of MLP:FiM are some talented folks! There are so many creative talents out there, for art, music, animation, and more. Even just the musical side of things that we share here on Everypony Sings is incredibly diverse.

This fan song, Crossroads, is a great example of that. It's a collaboration between Cyphers Wolf and Orion Melody that blends their different musical styles together. Give it a listen, it's very cool!

Thanks for sharing this, Cyphers Wolf, and thanks to Orion Melody, too!

Equestria Girls Goes Floppy

Listening to the amazing and creative music that folks create from floppy disk drives makes me wish I had a few of those old drives lying around myself. I just love the way that a no-longer-useful technology is re-purposed in the service of art.

Right now, I'm listening to a floppy disk drive cover of Helping Twilight Win the Crown courtesy of Techdisk. Give it a listen in the video—it sounds great! Techdisk wanted to give a shoutout to DJDelta0, who made the midi he used for this project.

Thanks, Techdisk!

Equestria Girls Chords!

We have a veritable treasure trove of Equestria Girls resources tonight, thanks to the work of a fan who goes by Jaden Chord.

Jaden Chord is a classical guitarist and did a great job on chords for four of the songs from Equestria Girls. You can check out the chords for A Friend for Life, This is Our Big Night, Helping Twilight Win the Crown, and Time to Come Together.

Thanks so much for sharing, Jaden Chord!

Original Songs

It's so much fun to hear the original music that comes from the fans of MLP:FiM. There is so much talent out there, and it's a pleasure to get to hear and share some of that talent here at Everypony Sings.

Tonight, we have two original songs from 4everfreebrony. The embedded video will let you hear the song From Here, about Applebloom growing up. The other song is My Cadence, featuring Angel Heart. Give them both a listen!

Thanks for sharing these songs, 4everfreebrony! It's always great to hear from you.

*SPOILERS* Apple Chords

I am getting pretty excited about season 4! I can't wait to see what Twilight gets up to now that she has wings and is a princess, not to mention the rest of the gang.

Fortunately, we've gotten at least a peek at the new season with the song Apples to the Core. And Indie Brony shared some new chords for the song, so you can play it yourself! Find the chords here.

Thanks for sharing your talents, Indie Brony!

Daring-Do and the Musical Theme

Everypony's favorite adventurer/archeologist is definitely Daring-Do. She is just so cool! I'm sure she has movies as well as books dedicated to her stories.

Well, if those movies need a theme song for Daring-Do, then Thunder Dash is here to help. He wrote a great theme for Daring-Do called Overcome. You can listen to it in the video. It definitely captures her spirit!

Thanks for sharing, Thunder Dash!

Elements of Insanity

IvoryBrony does some great musical projects. It's always a pleasure to hear from him and get to share his work on the site.

This time, IvoryBrony has shared two parts of an electronic music series, Elements of Insanity. The first is The Element of Magic, and the second is Element of Laughter. Check them out on Soundcloud. They sound awesome! I hope we get to hear the rest of this series at some point.

Thanks, IvoryBrony! (Credit for the picture to TehJadeh.)

I Am Iron Man—I mean, Octavia

I think Octavia is my favorite background pony. She's one of my favorites, that's for sure. I'd love to have an episode about her backstory.

Until we get that episode, we have fan music to provide us with Octavia goodness. BassBeastJD shared an original song called I Am Octavia. It's a beautiful orchestral piece. I'm sure you'll enjoy it. Give it a listen!

Thanks for sharing, BassBeastJD!


I dedicate tonight to the patchwork villain, the lord of chaos—Discord. We already shared an acoustic version of Discord (original by Eurobeat Brony).

Now we have a cover of a remix of Discord. Specifically, The Living Tombstone's great remix of Discord, arranged for chamber music by Thunder Dash. Enjoy it with a glass of chocolate rain (take the glass, leave the rain). Listen to it on Soundcloud, check out the score, or download the individual parts.

Thanks for sharing, Thunder Dash!

Acoustic Discord

A couple of days ago, we posted an acoustic cover of Rainbow Factory by EnergyBrony. It sounded awesome, and it was really fun to hear a new take on a popular fan song.

Well, today EnergyBrony is back with an acoustic cover of one of my favorite fan songs, Discord. If you've never listened to the original, you're missing out! And if you have listened to the original a few (hundred) times, then check out this awesome new version.

Thanks for sharing, EnergyBrony!

Original: From Here

Applebloom is so stinkin' adorable. She was my favorite pony for a while (before I came to know the marshmallow-y goodness that is Sweetie Belle).

4everfreebrony shared an original song about Applebloom, From Here. This song is really lovely. 4everfreebrony is a talented guitarist and vocalist, and the lyrics are beautiful and touching. Give it a listen!

Thanks so much for sharing, 4everfreebrony!

Do You Want to Help Twilight Win the Crown?

If you had a chance to help out Twilight Sparkle, wouldn't you jump at the opportunity? What if the fate of Equestria depended on your help?

Well, you can help out with the newest pony music project from BassBeastJD. This project is similar to the Massive Smile Project and the Long Way from Equestria Project, but it's for the song from the Equestria Girls movie, Helping Twilight Win the Crown.

Check out the video for more details. We can't wait to see how this project turns out!

Monster for Marching Band

...And we have another fantastic cover of a fantastic fan song, this time from our own Dimondium.

The original song is Monster, by Aviators and Omnipony (that link goes to the super-awesome music video). Dimondium thought, what if you could play that song... with your marching band? So, of course, he wrote a marching band arrangement. There's sheet music and an audio file, too.

Thank you, Dimondium!

Acoustic Rainbow Factory

Rainbow Factory is one of those fan-made songs that has achieved almost as much popularity as the official songs from the show. If you've never heard it, you should definitely check it out.

Today, we bring you an acoustic guitar cover of Rainbow Factory from EnergyBrony. I love this cover—it manages to capture the same dark energy of the original with a very different instrumentation. Give it a listen!

Thanks to EnergyBrony for sharing!

My Little Ukulele

The ukulele is an adorable instrument, and that's all I have to say about that. Listening to it just makes you happy, doesn't it?

If you're not convinced, listen to this great cover of the Title Theme on ukulele from ChuckinBrony. He did a great job—I especially like the strumming/fingerpicking bit at the beginning.

Thanks so much for sharing, ChuckinBrony!

A True True Pipe Organ

Here's a fun fact about me: I think pipe organ music is really cool. Seriously. If you ever get a chance to go to a cool old church or whatever and check out their pipe organ, do it.

So what could be better than combining two of my favorite things, pipe organ music and pony music? Thunder Dash has done just that with a cover of A True True Friend for the organ. It is super cool. Plus, there's sheet music!

Thanks for sharing, Thunder Dash!

Tubby Wubby Pony Waifu... in... Russian?

I'm not going to lie, this fan video and song is pretty weird. Basically, I have no idea what's going on. But we have a cover of it in Russian, so...

EnergyBrony shared a Russian cover of Tubby Wubby Pony Waifu, which you can check out in the embedded video. I don't speak Russian, but the instrumentation and vocals sound great to me!

Thank so much for sharing, EnergyBrony!

*SPOILERS* Apples to the Chord

We recently got another great resource for the Season 4 preview song, Apples to the Core. I can't wait to see the whole episode!

In the meantime, we can play along to this fun song. Vampire shared chords for Apples to the Core, so try them out on your instrument of choice. You'll feel like part of the Apple family in no time!

Thanks for sharing, Vampire! (Oh, and I found this adorable Apple family portrait here.)

This Strange (Equestrian) World

Do you ever wish you could be magically transported to Equestria? Or that the ponies could be magically transported to our world, and also they would go to your school? Hey, I just got an idea for a movie...

Well, if you've ever thought about going to a strange new world, then this is the post for you! Pony fan xtremesmw shared resources for This Strange World, from the Equestria Girls movie. Here's the transcription for guitar, and there's also a midi for the bass line. Enjoy!

Thanks for sharing, xtremesmw!

Cupcakes on Crack

I am always impressed by the talents of the MLP:FiM fandom. But sometimes I get to hear something that takes me so far beyond impressed that I can hardly find the words to express how awesome it is.

This submission from ThunderDash is one of those amazing pieces. He calls it The Cupcake Song INSANE Piano Edition, and I can't contest that title. You just have to listen to it yourself and you'll understand. Then, if you're really daring, you can check out the sheet music and try playing it yourself.

Thanks, ThunderDash!

Winter Wrap Up for Musescore

When it's the middle of August and the hottest part of the year (for those of us in the northern hemisphere, anyway), sometimes all you want to think about is ice skating and snowball fights and winter coldness. So let's wrap up winter!

SirTherodar did a full instrumentation of Winter Wrap Up, based on the transcription by KitRifty. The resource is for Musescore, and you can download it here. Then go find a band to play it with!

Thanks for sharing, SirTherodar!

*SPOILERS* Hand-Written Sheet Music

The dedication of MLP:FiM fans never ceases to amaze me. You all are awesome!

We have another resource to share for the Season 4 song, Apples to the Core. It comes from Dogman15, who hand-wrote sheet music for the song with chords and the melody line. You can see the whole thing here, or check out page 1 and page 2 separately.

Thanks for sharing and for going to all this effort, Dogman15!

*SPOILERS* Apples to the Core

As you may have heard, at ComicCon we got a teaser for Season 4 in the form of a new song, Apples to the Core. We'll be labeling any spoiler posts in case you want to wait and be surprised!

But for those of you who can't wait to start singing along with the Apple family, we have some fantastic resources from TangyNeonz. Tangy Neonz shared sheet music you can download (with and without lyrics), along with .mus files with and without lyrics, a midi version, and an MP3.

Many thanks, TangyNeonz!

Laugh with a Friend

The MLP:FiM fandom—they read a comic that has Pinkie Pie singing a new song, so they compose a melody and make a recording of that song, and then they come up with great piano resources for it!

The song Laugh, Ponyacci, Laugh now has a four-hands duet version courtesy of INSYG. INSYG has shared some awesome resources with us in the past, and we're happy to be able to share this one too. If you have a piano-playing friend, then check out the sheet music and laugh together! Oh, and there's a midi version, too!

Thanks, INSYG!

Original from Phony Brony

First off, an apology: both Candy Coda and I have been crazy busy recently. So it's taking a bit longer for us to respond to your emails and post your submissions. But we aren't ignoring you! Thanks for being patient with us.

Our first post for tonight is an original song called Wonders by Phony Brony. It's a very cool piece, I like the energy it has. Give it a listen!

Thanks so much for sharing, Phony Brony!

Sheet Music from Dimondium

A few months back, our own Dimondium shared an original composition called What Was Never Nonexistent. It's a very cool piece of music, so I'm reposting the video here for your enjoyment.

Now Dimondium also has some sheet music resources for this piece. If you play any wind instrument—sax, clarinet, oboe, flute, French horn, and more—there's probably something here for you.

Thanks for creating these resources, Dimondium!

Return of Flutterguy!

It's been too long since I got to listen to Flutterguy's rendition of Evil Enchantress. Ohh, those wild Season 1 days, when ponies got trolled by blue flowers and we laughed and laughed...

Ahem. Anyway. We got a great acoustic cover of the Flutterguy Evil Enchantress song by a fan named Sam. He does a great job capturing the bluesy vibe of the song, and his voice is perfect for it. Give it a listen—it sounds great!

Thanks for sharing, Flutter-Sam!

Floppy Disk Loyalty

Listening to music played on old floppy disk drives never gets old. Maybe it's because I was born in the 80s and still remember using computers that had floppy disk drives... maybe it's just because these recordings sound awesome.

Whatever the reason, I'm glad I have Dvixer to hook me up with floppy disk covers of pony songs. This time around, it's a cover of fan song Loyalty (original by AcousticBrony and MandoPony). And the disk drives are 5" drives (if you were born after about 1992, this isn't going to mean anything to you, so just disregard).

Thanks for making this great cover, Dvixer!

Simplified Guitar Chords x2

Learning an instrument can be hard. It can also be discouraging when all the songs you want to play are above your ability level. Well, if you're trying to learn the guitar (or other fretted instrument, really), this post may be just what you need!

First-time contributor Donny's Boy shared two sets of chords, each of which are fairly simple and good for beginners. The first is for Helping Twilight Win the Crown, from the Equestria Girls movie. The second is for Smile Smile Smile. You can also find Donny's Boy on FiMFiction and DeviantArt.

Thanks for sharing, Donny's Boy!

Discord (Meets Thunder Dash)

I think my all-time favorite piece of original pony fan music is Discord, by Eurobeat Brony. You can listen to the original version in the video, but this post is actually about one of the many awesome covers of this awesome song.

Thunder Dash, who is crazy-talented at writing piano arrangements, has done what he does best, this time to the tune of Discord. You can listen to Thunder Dash's piano version here, and download the sheet music for your own Discord-related musical needs.

Thanks so much, Thunder Dash!

MIDI Madness!

Do you need pony song midis? Of course you do. They're perfect for remixes, floppy disk drive covers, and more!

Pony (and midi) fan Obliterador shared midi versions of two pony songs: The Cutie Mark Crusaders Theme and Love is in Bloom. Both sound fantastic, so be sure to check them out!

Thanks for sharing these great resources, Obliterador!

Loyalty - Excessively Literal Translation

Are you familiar with the fan song Loyalty by AcousticBrony and MandoPony? You can watch it in the embedded video.

Well, a fan who goes by Ink decided to take that song and use it as a tribute to all the fans out there who have to rely on bad translations and fansubs in order to enjoy My Little Pony. Go listen to Loyalty—The Excessively Literal Translation. Thanks for sharing, Ink!

On another note, Candy Coda asked me to let you know that he's been really busy lately. If you've sent in an email, don't despair! We'll get to it as soon as we can.

Equestria Girls Double Feature

The MLP:FiM movie, Equestria Girls, lives up to the same standard of awesome music that we've come to expect from the show.

DJDelta0 shared piano versions of two songs from the movie: Helping Twilight Win the Crown (in the embedded video) and Time to Come Together. There's links in the video descriptions to download the sheet music, so you can play the songs yourself.

Thanks for sharing, DJDelta0!

Winter is in Bloom

Winter is in bloom! Or, maybe love is in bloom in the winter? Or maybe love is wrapping up winter. In any case, we have pony music covers to share with you!

EnergyBrony shared great covers of Winter Wrap Up and Love is in Bloom. The Winter Wrap Up cover, in the embedded video, is a rock guitar cover with a lot of energy. Then there's a vocal and acoustic guitar cover of Love is in Bloom, which also sounds fantastic.

Thanks, EnergyBrony! We hope to hear more from you in the future!

Equestrian Fanfare—Horn Tab

There's a little piece of background music in the show that plays whenever something royal happens—call it the Equestrian Fanfare. If you wish you could play it yourself, then today is your lucky day!

Teslahead, who's shared his musical talents with us in the past, worked out a horn tab for the Equestrian Fanfare. I have to be honest and say I'd never seen horn tabulature in the past, but I'm sure it will be a useful resource. Go check it out!

Thanks for sharing, Teslahead!

The Joy of Laughter

Pinkie Pie would tell you that laughter is one of the best experiences in life. It's also good for making friends and scary away tree-monsters.

Well, Thunder Dash also seems to understand the value of laughter, because he wrote and shared a new original song, The Joy of Laughter. It's sweet and peaceful and puts a smile on my face. Give it a listen so you can feel the joy, too!

Thanks for sharing, Thunder Dash!

For the Record

For the record, I love how talented the fans of this show are. And for the record, I love getting to listen to original songs. And for the record, Panic's new song For the Record is awesome.

Panic is making a foray into a new genre (for him), electro house music. It's a lot of fun and has great energy. Give it a listen in the embedded video!

Thanks for sharing, Panic!

Teach Me How to Pony

We have a new original piece from Vakanz, a collaboration he did with a couple of other pony fans. The song is called Teach Me How to Pony.

Give it a listen in the video, or check it out on Soundcloud or Bandcamp. It's fun to hear the way these guys work together.

Thanks for sharing, Vakanz!

Hush Now... It's Ocarina Lullaby Time

I think every kid who played The Legend of Zelda has a secret desire to be able to play the ocarina. Especially if it had magical powers, but heck, just a regular ocarina is cool!

Well, jessekruz worked out an ocarina version of Hush Now, Quiet Now (Fluttershy's version, not Sweetie Belle's). You can find it over on his DeviantArt page. Now go dig out your ocarinas and give it a try!

Thanks, jessekruz!

Helping Twilight Win the Crown

Okay, I still haven't seen Equestria Girls. But we've got resources to share anyway, because we love you. (Well, mostly, you're sharing the love with each other... like good friends do.)

Thunder Dash wrote a double piano version of Helping Twilight Win the Crown from the movie. You can listen to it in the embedded video, and you definitely should. Then check out the sheet music and find a friend to play it with you!

Thanks for sharing, Thunder Dash!

True, True Art of the Dress

We have been getting bits and pieces of a cool project expanding on the story we heard in Magical Mystery Cure. A pony fan who goes by Einar has been exploring the fate-switched ponies through musical mashups.

Tonight's submission is called True, True Art of the Dress. Here's what Einar had to say about it: "True, True Art of the Dress is a Rondo (Ab major) based on True True Friend, followed by minor key fugue (Ab minor) much more loosely based on the same, transitioning into a minor-key version of the line "And that's the Art of the dress" (also Ab minor) and then springs into C# major  for the really easy-to-identify fairly straight presentation of Art of the Dress." It's super cool—give it a listen!

Opening Theme on Guitar

I don't know about you all, but I can't hear the opening notes to the theme song for MLP:FiM without just getting happy and excited. It's like a musical sign of good things to come.

Thunder Dash, who has become one of our regular contributors, did a guitar version of the opening theme which sounds great. Give it a listen, or check out the sheet music and play it yourself!

Thanks for sharing, Thunder Dash!

Steve's Brew

I assume by now that most of you are familiar with the fan parody series, Friendship is Witchcraft, and its many amazing musical numbers. They have a place of honor in my iTunes along with all the pony music from the actual show.

Well, one of those songs is Pinkie's Brew, which you can hear in the video. But this post is actually about a parody of the parody—a song called Steve's Brew, inspired by Friendship is Witchcraft and everypony's favorite brick-building videogame, Minecraft. Check out the parody lyrics by Vedred here.

Thanks for sharing, Vedred!

Brothers Rap Battle

Vakanz has shared his work with us a few times before, and it's been fun to see how his musical style has developed.

This time around, Vakanz shared a rap battle he did with his brother. Although it's not directly pony-related, it's still a fun song, and we're happy to share it here at Everypony Sings. Give it a listen over on Soundcloud.

Thanks, Vakanz!

Celestia's Ballad 20% Cooler Electric Dream Love Ballad Remix

What could improve on the god-like ruler of Equestria, who literally makes the sun rise every morning? Well, her having her own ballad was pretty awesome, but what could improve on that?

Thunder Dash has the answer, and it's the Celestia's Ballad 20% Cooler Electric Dream Love Ballad Remix (or CB20CEDLB for short). This is a remix of Celestia's Ballad that incorporates both Behold Princess Twilight Sparkle and Life in Equestria. So it's kind of a microcosm of the whole finale episode. It's awesome.

Thanks so much, Thunder Dash!

Pinkie's Parasprite Piano Polka!

Are you suffering from an infestation of parasprites? Have you tried everything to get rid of them, but they just keep multiplying? Do you wish you had a pink friend with poofy hair to help you out?

Well, if you have a parasprite problem and no Pinkie Pie to help, then maybe Thunder Dash can lend a hand with his great piano cover of the parasprite polka. Give it a listen or check out the sheet music. It's guaranteed to get rid of your parasprite problem, or at least put a smile on your face.

Thanks for sharing, Thunder Dash!

First Equestria Girls Movie Resource!

Have you gotten to see the MLP:FiM movie, Equestria Girls, yet? I have not, but there's definitely a lot of excitement about it.

Like the show, the movie has the musical numbers we have come to expect, and that means music resources. Thunderstrum sent in the first resource for one of the movie's songs, Helping Twilight Win the Crown. Check out his chords here!

Thanks for sharing, Thunderstrum!

Babs Seed by Topaz and Dr. Sentential

Babs Seed is one of those songs I just have to sing along to while dancing around my living room. To be honest, it's a little awkward. My dog looks at me funny.

In any event... Topaz shared a great piano cover he did of Babs Seed. He also shared sheet music that Dr. Sentenial did for the song, so you can play it yourself. Topaz' cover sounds fantastic—give it a listen!

Thanks for sharing, Topaz!


My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic has had some epic villains. From Nightmare Moon and Trixie to Discord and Chrysalis, the villains of the show are at least as awesome as the heroes.

One villain who I thought didn't get a fair chance to terrify us was King Sombra. It was almost a letdown when he was defeated. I wanted to hear more about him! Fortunately, Thunder Dash has got my back with an awesome original piece, Hunger: King Sombra's Theme. Listen to it or download it for yourself.

This piece is fantastic. Thanks for sharing, Thunder Dash!

Trombone/Baritone Arrangements

Do you play trombone or baritone? Then you probably don't have much pony music you can play, unless you arrange it yourself. This post is for you!

Blueblaze95 shared arrangements for two songs so you can play them on your low brass instrument of choice: I Wasn't Prepared For This and What My Cutie Mark is Telling Me. These resources are sure to be helpful. Check them out!

Thanks, Blueblaze95!

The Music is Reborn!

Every time an awesome fan does a cover of a pony song, it's like the song is brand new. The same songs go through different instrumentation, different styles, even different keys, and it's awesome.

TheMusicReborn is a trumpet-playing fan who shared several fantastic covers and original songs with us. The embedded video is his cover of Smile Smile Smile, because who doesn't love that song? Then there's two originals: Rarity's Waltz and Uncertainty (Trixie's First Night).

Last but not least, TheMusicReborn did an analysis of Winter Wrap Up (and gives us a shoutout!). Thanks, TheMusicReborn!

Trance 2 + 3

I've heard it said that there's an evil enchantress who lives in the Everfree Forest, and if you look deep in her eyes, she'll put you in trances.

Well, the mysterious pony living in the forest might not put you in trances, but Ivory Brony probably will with his awesome new song, Trance 2 + 3. This is an awesome piece. I'm loving the electronica vibe and energy.

Thanks so much for sharing, Ivory Brony!