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Oats on the Wall!

After I heard the song in Sleepless in Ponyville, I thought to myself, "I hope someone makes sheet music for this. That would be brilliant!"  And Teslahead made that wish come true.

Teslahead pointed out that he didn't included lyrics in the music, but you shouldn't have any problems figuring it out. At the very least, you should have it all memorized by the end.

Start singing!


  1. Someone needs to do Cranky Doodle Donkey. It's, like the only song without piano sheet music.

  2. My only objection is that Daniel Ingram had nothing to do with this song. The instrumentation behind it that we heard in the episode was done by William Anderson, and even then, the melody has already existed as a public domain tune with an unknown composer. Corey Powell adapted the existing "lyrics".

    1. Haha, fair enough! I just think it's fun and silly.

    2. We love all pony music here, not only the songs Daniel Ingram writes!