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Season 3 Resources from Piranhaplant

Piranhaplant is a fairly regular contributor to Everypony Sings and always does a fantastic job on music resources. Tonight, we have sheet music and chords from both of the Season 3 premier songs. I'm sure lots of fans will be excited to use these resources.

For the Failure Song: sheet music and chords
For the Ballad of the Crystal Ponies: sheet music and chords

Thanks to Piranhaplant for sharing this great work!


  1. "Tonight"? How long ago was this posted, and what time zone are you in? It's 11:07 am on the 13th where I am.
    Also, what about The Success Song?

    1. Never mind. I can see he included it in one document, with the chords.

    2. "Tonight."

      Good question! The EPS team members live in different time zones. This blog is set to United States Eastern Time, but Ruby Rose was likely writing from the Pacific Time zone. She wrote her post late on the 12th, but the blog thought it was already the 13th.