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More Babs Seed Chords!

We have another great set of chords to share for today's new song. Yttdori sent in chords that he worked out for Babs Seed. I'm excited to start learning to play this song myself! Having all these resources is so awesome (read in your best Rainbow Dash voice, of course).

Find Yttdori's chords here. If you have chords or another resource of your own to share, send us an email! We will gladly share it here on the site.


  1. These are off key methinks :/ Seems like the right progression though

    1. The link says Capo 1 meaning that the chords are relative to the capo transposing the key of the song, so whilst you play it like it's in D major, you're actually playing it in Eb/D# major (whatever floats your boat enharmonically). So the song actually has the following chords: Eb, Cm, Ab, Bb, and Gm. They're just presented in a way that makes it easier for most people to play (relatively speaking). I hope that clears things up.

    2. Thanks for helping to explain that, JPT!