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Chords by Rusty

It's been a while since we've heard from Rusty, but the chords he submits are always excellent. So I'm happy to say that Rusty has returned with two new sets of chords to share!

The first set of chords is for Hush Now, Quiet Now. That song never gets old, and it's so much fun to play and sing along with. The second set of chords is for the Singing Telegram. Play it and imagine how awesome it would be to go to one of Pinkie Pie's parties!

Thanks, Rusty!

New Team Members: Dimondium and Sonata Silencer

Today is indeed a very exciting day! I am pleased to welcome two more amazing pony fans to the Everypony Sings staff: Dimondium and Sonata Silencer.

Dimondium has been very activite on this site, and if you have spent some time around here, you have probably seen his work before. He is an extremely talented guy who does a lot of work with transcription into a variety of instrumentation. You can find his work all over the site.

Sonata Silencer, who also goes by SaxyBrony or Bey-Heart, writes some truly love sheet music and original compositions. He has ton and tons of musical skill. His most recent piece of work is this arrangement of Babs Seed for ocarina, which is pretty freaking awesome.

On a different note, I hope everyone is enjoying season three. I know I'm loving it!

Awoken Cover by DJDelta0

DJDelta0 did a great piano cover of WoodenToaster's song Awoken. You can listen to the original here, or listen to DJDelta0's version in the embedded video.

I really like this cover. It gives a different feel to the song, but it's very well done and well worth giving it a listen. It's a lot of fun!

Many thanks for sharing, DJDelta0!

A Banner with Christmas Hats!

December is fast approaching, and that means it's time to start hanging up the Christmas decorations. A fantastic guy, who goes by Yam online, made this banner for us. I am extremely excited about it!

This banner has two of my favorite ponies, and just when you think they can't get any cuter, Yam has them in Christmas hats. I can't look at it without smiling; I'm pretty much in love with it.

Thanks to Yam for making the banner. You can visit his Deviant Art page over here.

More Babs Seed Chords!

We have another great set of chords to share for today's new song. Yttdori sent in chords that he worked out for Babs Seed. I'm excited to start learning to play this song myself! Having all these resources is so awesome (read in your best Rainbow Dash voice, of course).

Find Yttdori's chords here. If you have chords or another resource of your own to share, send us an email! We will gladly share it here on the site.

Babs Seed and Smile Chords

Our day continues with some more great resources for Babs Seed. Anuenueheihei wrote out these chords, and they are done extremely well. Sit down with your guitar, piano, harpsichord, or whatever it is you own, and give it a try.

While you're at it, check out these chords that Anuenueheihei wrote for Smile. I think you will enjoy playing them; Anuenueheihei has done a beautiful job with them.

Thank you so much for sharing your musical talents, Anuenueheihei!

Babs Seed: She's a Bad, Bad Seed

If you watched this morning's episode, you saw the fun new song from the Cutie Mark Crusaders, Babs Seed. She might be a bad, bad seed... but the song is all good.

The very talented brony community has already started sending us music resources for Babs Seed. We'll be adding the song to the Season 3 page today and posting submissions in the order they're received. Our first resource is a piano version of the song submitted by DJDelta0. You can listen to it in the video, or download sheet music or a midi file. Thanks, DJDelta0!

Contributors Wanted: Friendship Lyrical Project

Dimondium is one of the most faithful contributors here at Everypony Sings, and he has a new project in mind. He wrote a piano concerto called Friendship (which you can watch in the video), and now he wants to make it into a vocal piece.

If you want to help imagine lyrics and record a vocal line for Friendship, Dimondium is looking for contributors! Check out this document for more information. You can contact Dimondium through his email address (listed in the doc) if you have questions or want to participate.

Hopefully, we can share the final version once it's completed. I look forward to hearing how it turns out!

We're on Twitter!

Yep, not only do we have a Facebook, but I'm in the process of making an official Twitter account for the site (I still do have my own Twitter, but that's not the point). If you want to follow us, you can find the link here! It's still a bit small, but it is brand new, after all. If you want to follow my personal Twitter, though, then go to this link.

Also, did you guys see the new song for tomorrow? I'm looking forward to the music you guys will, without a doubt, send in. It's a bit kitschy, but I love it. (Kitschy is my thing, if you haven't noticed.)

Sombra's Darkness

Teslahead is one of our frequent contributors. In honor of the season three premier, Teslahead shared an original composition called Sombra's Darkness.

I think this original song does a great job capturing Sombra in musical form (kind of like capturing him inside a ice shelf?). It's definitely worth giving it a listen, and we're grateful to Teslahead for sharing it.

For those to whom it applies, Happy Thanksgiving!

Cloud Belle

Guys, I love Sweetie Belle. She is the marshmallowiest pony. She's adorable.

... But what if she were also chilling and relaxing on a cloud, Rainbow Dash-style? Well, a piece of fan art depicting just that inspired TheRunner to make a piece of music called Cloud Belle. It's charming and laid back, just like cloud-Sweetie-Belle. It's really enjoyable. Give it a listen!

Thanks, TheRunner!

The Silver Dragon

Amythistfire shared this charming piece of music, called The Silver Dragon, that he wrote for the Super Smash Ponies project. It is a lighthearted song with a bright melody that will be stuck in your head for hours after you listen to it. The instrumentation is also quite nice; I can definitely imagine this playing in the background of a video game.

You can listen to it over on Soundcloud. Thanks for sharing, Amythistfire!

(Why a picture of an animal tea party? Well, why not!)

Find a Pet Full Score by Audimag

I am very excited to share an amazing post with you all. A wonderful pony fan named Matt (a.k.a. audimag) wrote out this full score of Find a Pet. It is an incredibly detailed piece of work, and it is brilliantly done from top to bottom. Matt put many hours of work into this project, and his efforts definitely show.

I would recommend everyone check it out. It even includes a number of helpful notes at the beginning.

You can also listen to the product of Matt's work over on the right. Many thanks to you, Matt!

Vinyl Scratch/Octavia Craziness

Coconeru shared a new piece with us, and it's... well... to say that it's hyper would be an understatement. It's called Thanks Vinyl, Thank You Octavia—and you'll just have to watch the video to get the full effect.

This song is definitely a lot of fun, and the little dance they're doing is downright hypnotic.  It's cool seeing Coconeru make original songs in all kinds of different musical styles, and this electronic piece is a perfect example of what a talented pony Coconeru is.

Sombra Suite

Ivory Brony has been working on a great original composition called the Sombra Suite. Apparently he started it before Season 3 actually aired, based on the preview clip that was leaked. In any case, it's a great piece of music. I think it really captures the ominous nature of Sombra as he's portrayed in the show.

Listen to the Sombra Suite here. You should also check out Ivory Brony's Soundcloud channel to see his other work!

WeimTime Synthesia

From time to time, pony fan WeimTime sends us his synthesia videos—visualizations that match up to various pony songs. It's always a lot of fun to see his work, and he does a great job.

Today, we have two videos from WeimTime. The first, to the left, is a visualization of the original song September by the super-awesome The Living Tombstone. (Watch the original version here.) The second is based on the original song Clouds by Omnipony (and you can watch that original here). Thanks, WeimTime!

Of Derpy Hooves

We got an email from a guy who calls himself Catfood McFly (amazing name, by the way) who's used the resources on Everypony Sings and wanted to give something back. What he has to share is a Derpy Hooves alt-rock ballad. It's awesome.

Give Of Derpy Hooves a listen! You can also visit Catfood McFly on Youtube, and check out another original song he did called All Ponies Must Be Perfect.

Once in a Lulamoon

It's always awesome to get a submission from Coconeru. If you were wondering what he's has been up to (he hasn't sent anything our way in quite a while!), it turns out he's working on an EP. But he took a break long enough to send us a Trixie-themed original song, Once in a Lulamoon.

This song is really charming and kind of sad. Poor Trixie... maybe someday you'll learn not to be so rude to everypony.

Anyway, give the song a listen! And visit Coconeru on Youtube!

Failure Song Reprise MIDI

Hey everypony! We've got another great resource based on the reprise at the end of this week's premiere episodes. KitRifty, who has shared his excellent work here at Everypony Sings before, worked up a midi for the Failure Song Reprise.

You can find the midi here, or there's an mp3. The video lets you listen to the midi before you download. You can also check out KitRifty's Youtube channel.

Many thanks for a job well done, KitRifty!

Season 3 Resources from Piranhaplant

Piranhaplant is a fairly regular contributor to Everypony Sings and always does a fantastic job on music resources. Tonight, we have sheet music and chords from both of the Season 3 premier songs. I'm sure lots of fans will be excited to use these resources.

For the Failure Song: sheet music and chords
For the Ballad of the Crystal Ponies: sheet music and chords

Thanks to Piranhaplant for sharing this great work!

With a Sister Chords

MandoPony is a very talented brony. One of his great original songs is called With a Sister, inspired by the Sisterhooves Social episode. MandoPony did a fantastic job writing and recording that song—and you can listen to it in the video.

But if you want to play it yourself, then DCane is here to help! DCane wrote chords for With a Sister so that other fans could play along as well. Find the chords here and give them a try!

Love is in Bloom for Concert Band

Dimondium is one heck of a talented pony. His sheet music arrangements are always awesome, and this one is no exception. Dimondium wrote a concert band version of Love is in Bloom that sounds great.

You can watch the video to hear the arrangement, or you can download the sheet music to try it yourself. Dimondium did note that he transposed the song from its original key of F#maj to Ebmaj.

Well done as always, Dimondium!

A Lesson in Synthpop

I'm absolutely in love with this piece of music from EPS team member Power Chord. Maybe it's because I love the Perfect Stallion. Maybe it's because I have a strange affinity for 80's pop. Or maybe it's just because Cheerilee looks freaking adorable in leg warmers. In any case, you should give it a listen; it'll make your ears happy.

Like just about everypony else, I am super excited that season 3 has started up. I'm looking forward to new plot lines, fun characters, and new music. We have some fun weeks ahead!

Failure Song Reprise Chords

One of the fun things about today's episodes was getting to hear the Failure Song Reprise. Even though the other songs had been unveiled a while ago, we still got some new music in the premier.

If you're itching to play this song, Kurayami has your back. Kurayami shared some great chords for the reprise. Break out your guitar—or other chord-based instrument—and give it a try!

Thanks, Kurayami, for sharing this great resource!

Two Covers: The Failure Song and Smile

A pony fan who goes by EthePianoMan over on Youtube sent in two great vocal/piano covers of MLP:FiM songs.

The first is The Failure Song, which finally aired this morning. You can watch it in the video. The other is Smile, Smile, Smile, and you can find it here. EthePianoMan is a very talented guy, so these covers are well done. Make sure to give them a listen!

Thanks to EthePianoMan!

Ballad of the Crystal Ponies Sheet Music

After a ridiculously long wait, we are finally just a few hours away from the start of season three. Praise Celestia! In honor of the new season, we have a great piano arrangement of the Ballad of the Crystal Ponies from Bey-Heart (aka SaxyBrony).

Bey-Heart did a great job on this arrangement. I'm sure the sheet music will be appreciated by the piano players out there. Give it a try to celebrate the return of ponies!

Thanks, Bey-Heart, for sharing this resource.

B.B.B.F.F. Acoustic Tab

B.B.B.F.F. remains one of my favorite songs from season 2. It's so sweet and charming, and I love to sing along to it. So I was thrilled to get to listen to an amazing acoustic version of this song by a brony who goes by Metalmaster32.

Seriously, give this one a listen, because it's beautiful. And even better, Metalmaster32 sent in the tab for this version, so you can learn to play it yourself on guitar! Many thanks to Metalmaster32 for sharing this great resource.

Twilight Sparkle's Theme: Methodical

One of the awesome things about MLP:FiM is the really strong and diverse personalities of the characters in the show. It's not surprising that people think up musical themes for each of them.

Well, DJDelta0 wrote a theme for Twilight Sparkle called Methodical. It's supposed to represent the way Twilight might think in class or when she's studying. I think DJDelta0 did an amazing job on this piece—I really like it! Give it a listen in the video, or download it.

Thanks, DJDelta0!

Halloween in Equestria

In honor of All Hallow's Eve, Dvixer sent in a Halloween-themed pony remix. This song is really well done and suits its holiday (whether that's Halloween or Nighmare Night) perfectly. Many thanks to Dvixer for sharing it!

Check out Halloween in Equestria in the video. You can download the song if you click here.

In other news, less than a week until season three! Finally!

Album idea

Hey guys, it's been a while. Anyway, I am working as the main coordinator for a pony music album. Now you guys who are regulars know how much I adore 80s music, and that's exactly what this album will be about: 80s styled pony covers/originals. I'm currently looking for participants to make this a reality, as I'm still in the planning stages, but I want a rough estimate of people who want to give this a shot. That said, here are some guidelines I'd like to propose:

-Covers of official MLP songs and fandom songs are accepted as well as originals, but they must be in an 80s style. This includes any genre from the decade (Glam rock, new wave, old school rap, etc.)

-You can do more than one song if you want, but I'd like to have at the most 25-30 tracks (Depending on how many Bandcamp will allow for a single release and on the participants).

-If you do an original, try to keep it PG-13 if it's a bit risque/violent. There is no limit to what you can write a song about, but don't get too vulgar or it won't be accepted.

-There is no due-date yet, since this is still the planning stages. I will keep everyone updated on the guidelines.

If anyone's interested, contact me on Skype (Name: mr.generic), email me at, or at my YouTube page linked in the About Us section. I look forward to your replies!

Find a Pet Full Score in the Works

Hey everypony! Audimag sent in some work he's doing on a full score of the Find a Pet song. He was not sure if people would have use for a full, printable score. Candy Coda encouraged him, and Audimag's moving forward on the project. I hope folks will enjoy it!

In the meantime, you can see what Audimag has done so far. Check it out in the video—you can see the start of a score. It will be an amazing resource when it's finished.

Thanks for sharing, Audimag!