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Love is in Bloom Full Instrumentation

Hey everypony! We have a great resource to share tonight. This one comes from Obliterador, who is a first-time contributor to the site. He sent in a really nice version of Love is in Bloom.

Obliterador used some of the midis that had already been shared here at Everypony Sings to make a full instrumentation midi of the great season-ending number. He did a great job, and the midi sounds perfect. I was singing along as I listened to it.

Thanks, Obliterador!

Scootaloo's Wings Cover

Have you heard the fan song Scootaloo's Wings by JackleApp? You can listen to it here. But this post is not about JackleApp's song, it's about a really nice cover Jepp did of it.

You can listen to Jepp's cover of Scootaloo's Wings over on Soundcloud. It's well done and very mellow. Jepp did a great job. Thanks, Jepp!

(I also owe Jepp an apology. Candy Coda told him this post would go up a while ago, but I failed to follow-through. My bad!)

This is Whining!

Vakanz, who shared a song with us a while back, has sent in another submission. His song is called This is Whining, and it's dubsteppy. It's a lot of fun.

Give it a listen in the video! Perhaps Rarity could have used dubstep to defeat the Diamond Dogs? I would watch that episode.

Thanks to Vakanz for sharing his music with us!

Bronies, Ponies, and Loneliness

Dimondium is a regular contributor here at Everypony Sings, and he always does a great job. So we're excited to share that he has a very ambitious project in mind... and he's seeking help.

You see, Dimondium wants to do a massive marching band arrangement of MLP:FiM music to be played at his school. We're talking about 150 musicians all playing pony music together. It would be an amazing thing to see.

You can help to make it happen! Check out the details from Dimondium or contact him (his email is in the document).


It's been a while since we've heard from PercussiveBrony here at Everypony Sings, but I think it was worth the wait! PercussiveBrony does amazing work creating all-percussion versions of pony music.

Percussionshy is a medley of all of Fluttershy's big musical numbers—Hush Now, Quiet Now, her verse in At the Gala, So Many Wonders, and Find a Pet—done completely with percussion instruments. It is nothing short of awesome. Check it out!

Well done, PercussiveBrony!

Floppy Success Song

Dvixer is at it again—turning out an awesome floppy disk rendition of a pony song. This time, it's the Failure Success Song, done on eight floppy disk drives. Give it a listen!

Maybe it's because I was born in the 80s (and I do remember using floppy disk drives), but these originals/covers that Dvixer does give me a great dose of happy nostalgia.

Thanks as always, Dvixer!

Guitar Lessons from Piecrust8

Are you a guitar player—or do you wish you were? Do you want to play along with MLP:FiM songs, but can't quite do it? Well, Piecrust8 may be able to help you with his guitar lesson videos.

In the video to the left, you can see how to play the Title Theme. If you're interested in the Cutie Mark Crusaders theme, there's a lesson for that one, too. Keep an eye on Piecrust8's Youtube channel, he may do more lessons in the future.

Thanks, Piecrust8! These are great resources!

Crystal Empire Theme

DJDelta0 shared an original composition he made for the mysterious Crystal Ponies: a Crystal Empire Theme. As he says in his description, "I always pictured a 'crystal empire' to be grand, beautiful, and awe-inspiring. This is the music that I would associate with it."

This piece is definitely grand, beautiful, and awe-inspiring. Give it a listen! I think it's a great theme song for the Crystal Ponies. Well done, DJDelta0!

Friendship Fugue

Have you been thinking to yourself, "Why isn't there more baroque-style pony music on Everypony Sings?" No? That's weird. In any case, we have some baroque-style pony music, thanks to Etudify!

Etudify wrote a fugue on the MLP:FiM Title Theme. It is a beautiful and truly charming piece of music. I really enjoyed listening to it, and I think you will too! Give it a listen in the video. If you want to try playing it yourself, check out the sheet music!

Thanks, Etudify!

Brony Choir

Reedmace Star brought to our attention an invitation for folks to sing in a Brony Choir. NerdyAslin is the one putting out the call—you can hear all about it here. The first project they're tackling is The Heart Carol, and they're using Reedmace Star's arrangement.

Since NerdyAslin make a (joking) request for an arrangement of Pinkie Pie's Welcome Song, Reedmace Star made a (joking) response. Here it is, in four-part glory: Welcome Song sheet music. There's also a midi and a Lilypond version, and the video contains the very cute visualization.


DXsmiley shared an original composition called Banished that he wrote with Pixel8ed72. Banished is all about Luna/Nightmare Moon. If you've ever wondered what she thought about for those thousand years, then this is the song for you!

You can find DXsmiley on Youtube and Bandcamp, and you can also find Pixel8ed72 on Youtube and Bandcamp as well.

DXsmiley, you and Pixel8ed72 did a great job on this piece. Thank you for sharing it!


Just when you thought Chrysalis couldn't get any more intimidating, Coconeru had to go write her a new theme song (and record a colt version, of course). His piece, The Changeling Conquest, follows the tune of This Day Aria but with all-new, extra-dramatic lyrics.

Listen to the song in the video, or Chrysalis will steal your loved ones in the night. Seriously. That will happen.

(Thanks, Coconeru!)

Cutie Mark Remix

A young brony who goes by Vakanz shared a cool remix of the Cutie Mark Crusaders Theme. It's pretty awesome—I particularly liked the way the music bounced back and forth between my left and right speakers. Long story short, it's a lot of fun.

You can listen to this CMC Remix here. Many thanks to Vakanz for sharing his very first remix with Everypony Sings!

Failure Success Song Visualization

Another great submission has come our way from WeimTime. WeimTime does visualizations and midi versions of pony songs. The latest one he's tackled is I Wasn't Prepared For This, aka The Failure Success Song.

Check out the visualization in the video. I always find these to be a fun way to see the music of My Little Pony in a different way. There's also a midi file that you can use for other pony music projects.

Thanks as always to WeimTime for sharing his talents!

Saxophone Music Bomb from Zebrasftw1

A talented pony fan who goes by zebrasftw1 on Youtube (check out her channel!) has sent in a whole bunch of sheet music, most of it for alto sax. I'm going to do this in bullets to make it clearer:

-Becoming Popular: two versions, one for alto sax and one for any C instrument.
-Cupcakes for alto sax.
-Theme Song for alto sax.
-Parasprite Polka for alto sax.
-Smile for alto sax.
-Winter Wrap Up for alto sax.
-This Day Aria, a duet for flute and alto sax.

You can listen to the Aria duet in the video, and you can find several other recordings at zebrasftw1's Youtube channel. Many thanks for these great resources!