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Cutie Mark Crusaders Into C Minor and D Minor

Dimondium shared two new versions of the Cutie Mark Crusaders theme—transposed into C Minor and D Minor. I'll let him explain (since you can't beat his enthusiasm):
I took it up to C Minor, or only 3 flats, and arranged it for concert band (obviously fixing the god awful singing into a suitable key and harmony). It made it sound suitably go-get-them. But that wasn't it.

I recently took it up another 2 semitones, to D Minor, and OH MY GOSH IT SUDDENLY SOUNDS SO FREAKIN' EPIC, as well as being EASIER—One flat in C. Enjoy! If a note must be made: if you like traditional keys, C Minor is your bet. If you like better sounding, but a bit different and situationally harder based on your band's training, D Minor is yours.
 You can find both versions here. Many thanks, Dimondium!


  1. You seem to have forgotten the link.

    1. Ah, shoot, this is what happens when you write posts while sleepy. It's fixed now.