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Pony Music Goes BBC Micro

Pop quiz: What's a BBC Micro? Well, it's an old 8-bit computer from Britain back in the 1980s. Similarly to folks who have done pony music in MarioPaint or on floppy disk drives, a talented fan has brought pony music to the BBC Micro. His name is Loganberry, and these songs are awesome.

He's done two covers so far: the Title Theme and Smile. You can find the Title Theme here, and Smile is in the embedded video. Both are really well done—Loganberry did a great job. Keep and eye on his Youtube channel for future videos in this format.

Equestrian Idiot

A brony who goes by Dyrilby on Youtube, along with a friend, made a parody/original song called Equestrian Idiot. It's a parody, of course, of American Idiot by Green Day. As I said yesterday, everything is better when it's ponified. Give it a listen!

From what Dyrilby told us, he's planning to make an album. Not sure if it will be all parodies like this one, but he wanted to promote his stuff before he releases the album.

Thanks for sharing your parody, Dyrilby!

New Journey Remix by Dvixer

Seriously, I can't get enough of pony techno/dubstep/electronica/remixes. Adding ponies to any genre of music makes it cooler, right?

Well, Dvixer seems to think so. He did a great job remixing a song by the name of New Journey (original here) into a awesome ponified version. It is a ton of fun! Give it a listen in the video at right.

Thanks, Dvixer!

Marching Rainbow Factory and Luna's Song

Teslahead is one of the many frequent contributors here at Everypony Sings. I always enjoy seeing what he had been up to! Tonight, we have two songs from Teslahead to share.

The first is a marching band arrangement of the fan song Rainbow Factory. There are definitely not enough marching bands out there playing pony music. Get on that, guys!

The second is actually a revision of a piece of music Teslahead did earlier, called Luna's Song. I think he's done a great job with it—give it a listen!

Cutie Mark Crusaders Into C Minor and D Minor

Dimondium shared two new versions of the Cutie Mark Crusaders theme—transposed into C Minor and D Minor. I'll let him explain (since you can't beat his enthusiasm):
I took it up to C Minor, or only 3 flats, and arranged it for concert band (obviously fixing the god awful singing into a suitable key and harmony). It made it sound suitably go-get-them. But that wasn't it.

I recently took it up another 2 semitones, to D Minor, and OH MY GOSH IT SUDDENLY SOUNDS SO FREAKIN' EPIC, as well as being EASIER—One flat in C. Enjoy! If a note must be made: if you like traditional keys, C Minor is your bet. If you like better sounding, but a bit different and situationally harder based on your band's training, D Minor is yours.
 You can find both versions here. Many thanks, Dimondium!

Loyalty Cover by Cloudflare

Hey everypony! I am pleased to share a beautifully-done cover with you all tonight. It's by cloudflare, who covered Loyalty (original by AcousticBrony and MandoPony, I believe). It's a great tribute to the pony who's always 20% cooler.

Cloudflare does an amazing job with the guitar and vocals. I loved listening to it. I thought this cover gave the song a more intimate, heartfelt feeling. Well done, cloudflare.

You can listen to the cover here. You can also find cloudflare on Youtube.

Afternoon Walk; Afternoon Nap

Summer is coming to an end for many folks, but we can still appreciate that feeling of a warm, lazy summer day. I think that's what The Runner was channeling in this original song. It's called Afternoon Walk; Afternoon Nap, and it is really wonderful.

The song starts out slow and relaxed, then picks up the energy of going for a run, before settling back down (to a nap, I assume). Somehow, it suits Applejack perfectly. Give it a listen!

Thanks, The Runner—well done!

Rarity's Wish

You may remember a pony fan by the name of Bey-Heart who did a piano arrangement of the Parasprite Polka a while back. Well, Bey-Heart is now going by SaxyBrony, and he shared an original composition called Rarity's Wish.

This is a very nice piece of music. It does seem quite fitting for Rarity—I think she would approve of the elegant piano! Thanks, SaxyBrony!

Also, if you send us an email and we don't get back to you right away, it's not because we've forgotten you. Real life just gets in the way sometimes. Thanks for your patience!

Dvixer's Floppy Drive Magic!

Dvixer is back with another one of his great floppy drive pony music videos. This time around, Dvixer did an eight-disk-drive version of Big Brother, Best Friend Forever. It sounds awesome—check it out in the video!

Dvixer also shared a truly nerd-tastic original/remix song called Ponybusters: it's MLP meets Ghostbusters. Nothing I can say will do it justice, so just go listen to it.

Legend of the Crystal Ponies

Ivory Brony shared a very nice original composition with us. It's called Legend of the Crystal Ponies, and it's inspired by—wait for it—the Crystal Ponies. Amazing, right?

Seriously, though, this is a great piece of music. It's very peaceful and elegant. We don't know much about the Crystal Ponies yet (seriously Hub, when is Season Three going to start?!), but somehow this song feels appropriate to these mysterious ponies.

Thanks, Ivory Brony!

Background Music from ESPPony

ESPPony, one of our talented team members here at Everypony Sings, does amazing work on the electric guitar and electric bass. His covers are always awesome, whether he's doing songs from the show or some of the great background music.

Today, we've got ESPPony's cover of Rainbow Dash's theme and the Sonic Rainboom background music. Suffice it to say that ESPPony made these songs 20% cooler in ten seconds flat. Enjoy!

SandvichParty + Dimondium = Awesome

Both SandvichParty and Dimondium are frequent contributors to Everypony Sings, and we're quite fond of them. So when they team up and collaborate on an original song, it's all the better!

Their collaboration is called Heart of Knowledge, and it's a great tribute to Twilight Sparkle. I really like the melody and the way the trumpet and strings work together. Give it a listen!

You can find both SandvichParty and Dimondium on Youtube.

Smile One More Time: Jazz Version

Another Smile post! (Are you smiling yet?) Octavia's Pianist shared a very cool jazz rendition of Smile, Smile, Smile for piano and clarinet.

This is a great cover and reinterpretation of the song. I can't help but imagine it being played in an old-time speakeasy or something. Give it a listen in the video! You can also listen to it in mp3 or midi version. And, of course, you can download the sheet music and play it yourself. Thanks, Octavia's Pianist!

Smile: We've Got Flute Music! (And a Request)

Are you smiling? CHA sent in sheet music for Smile, Smile, Smile for the flute. I know there are more than a few flute-playing pony fans out there, so this post is all for you. You can find the sheet music here. Many thanks to CHA for sharing this resource!

Now, for a request: a barbershop quartet is asking for pony music they can sing together. They are specifically hoping to find music for Smile or This Day Aria. Can anypony lend them a hoof?

Applejack's Applefarm

MrFlipTricker shared a great tab for Cranky Doodle Donkey a few days ago. Now he's back with an original song called Applejack's Applefarm.

This song is a nice instrumental piece, I really like it. Give it a listen in the video. Then you can find MrFlipTricker (aka TheMusicBrony) on Youtube or DA.

If you have your own pony resource, cover, or original song you'd like to share, let us know! Click on "Share Music" above for more information.

Swing! Tavi Swing!

Joaftheloaf shared a very cool and unique original piece called Swing! Tavi Swing! This song is a pony-themed swing song. I have to admit, I've never heard a pony song quite like this one—and I love it!

Give the song a listen in the video, it's very well done. You can also visit Joaftheloaf on his Youtube channel to watch more of his stuff.

Thanks, Joaftheloaf! We hope to see more of your musical talents in the future!