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Oh, Pinkie Pie

A fan who goes by EthePianoMan on Youtube sent in a great parody/original pony video. As he put it, "I recently wrote a parody of a song by the band Jukebox the Ghost, called 'Oh, Emily'. I rewrote the lyrics, taught myself the piano part, and made a video of the new song, 'Oh, Pinkie Pie'." It is an impressive piece of fan music, and EthePianoMan did a really great job writing and performing it. Check it out!

(When I started on this post, an image immediately came to mind, but I couldn't draw it myself. Fortunately, the internet always comes through for me.)

1 comment:

  1. Jukebox the Ghost (my favorite band) PLUS My Little Pony (my favorite show)?
    It's too much awesome!