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Awesome Fingerpicking Resources

Guitarists who enjoy fingerpicking, tonight is your night! Warbalist shared fingerpicking resources for four pony songs. Each one includes sheet music and tab. These are really well done—Candy Coda, who plays guitar, tried them out and loved them. They have a lot of depth behind the melodic line.

You can try fingerpicking The Perfect Stallion, Love is in Bloom, Becoming Popular, and B.B.B.F.F. You can also check out videos of several of these songs on Warbalist's Youtube channel, or you can find Warbalist on Soundcloud.


  1. Thanks for creating this nice write-up for me, everypony. I appreciate all the work you do here.

    1. You are welcome! Thanks for sharing your talents with the site!

  2. I love it ! Thanks Warbalist !

    If you know any other good fingerstyle tabs could you link them to me ?