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Awesome Find a Pet Resources

All I can say about the post tonight is... wow. Reedmace Star shared some truly amazing resources for the Find a Pet Song. There's a lot here, so I'm going to lay this out as clearly as possible:

First of all, watch the video to hear Reedmace Star playing piano accompaniment along with the original vocals from the song. This version is not a solo piano reduction of the song, but it is an accompaniment line meant to go with the vocals. If you want to play it yourself, there's sheet music and a midi.

Then there's a transcription with vocals, chords, and bass line, which you can find here (or check out the midi). And there's sheet music and tab for the bass line by itself here. Lastly, there are Lilypond files for all these versions, if you want to download them.

This collection of resources is really extraordinary. Thanks so much, Reedmace Star!

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