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Coconeru and Pony Music, Now in Latin!

Coconeru shared a unique new piece of music. It's an original composition dedicated to the Princesses of Equestria. . . and it's in the style of Gregorian Chant. Watch the video to hear for yourself!

I'm having way too much fun imagining a world in which monk ponies in ancient times composed meditative chants to express their prayers to Celestia and Luna. It's awesome. (Also the monk ponies would all have tonsures, which is just funny.)

Thanks, Coconeru—another job well done!

More Low Brass Music from Erccre147

Erccre147 always does a fantastic job with his low brass music resources. He's shared a lot of songs with us in the past, and now he's back with two more!

This time around, Erccre147 shared sheet music for the season three songs: I Wasn't Prepared for This (for trombone/baritone and for tuba) and The Ballad of the Crystal Ponies (also for trombone/baritone and for tuba). Click on the links to see the sheet music!

Thanks, Erccre147, for sharing your talents!

Honestly (Truthful) by Turquoise Splash

Turquoise Splash sent in a beautiful original piece about Applejack called Honestly (Truthful). It's excellent! Honestly (see what I did there?), it sounds like something I would hear on the radio.

You should definitely give this song a listen in the video. You can also visit Turquoise Splash over on Youtube. And T.S. had some help from Poni1Kenobi, so you should visit him on Youtube, too!

Thanks, Turquoise Splash, for sharing this great song.

Ponies: Now with 800% More Floppy Disk Goodness

For anyone who's thought to themselves, "Yeah, This Day Aria is awesome, but what it really needs is more computers..."—tonight's post is all about you. Dvixer, who's contributed to Everypony Sings before, has sent in a truly awesome version of This Day Aria, played by eight floppy disk drives.

I shudder to think how many fans of MLP don't even know what a floppy disk is, but that doesn't matter, because nowadays folks like Dvixer just use old floppy disk drives to make pony music even cooler. Thanks, Dvixer!

Megaphoric/Coconeru Duet

A very cool submission came our way this week: Megaphoric and Coconeru teamed up to do a duet of Becoming Popular (The Pony Everypony Should Know). Both these pony fans are awesome vocalists, and the duet sounds great!

Watch the video to hear their duet. You can also find both Coconeru and Megaphoric on Youtube, where they have plenty of solo videos, too. (I was just listening to Canticle of Candence by Megaphoric, it's a beautiful original piece.)

Thanks, Megaphoric and Coconeru!

Cranky Doodle Donkey Tab

Sure, Smile, Smile, Smile is totally awesome and I listen to it whenever I feel down. But even shorter, less popular songs deserve the affection of the fans, right?

Well, MrFlipTricker has shared a little bit of love for Cranky Doodle Donkey by sending in guitar tab for the song. This is a great resource, so you should check it out! You can find the tab here and play it yourself.

You can find MrFlipTricker on DA. Thanks to him for sharing his musical talents!

Oh, Pinkie Pie

A fan who goes by EthePianoMan on Youtube sent in a great parody/original pony video. As he put it, "I recently wrote a parody of a song by the band Jukebox the Ghost, called 'Oh, Emily'. I rewrote the lyrics, taught myself the piano part, and made a video of the new song, 'Oh, Pinkie Pie'." It is an impressive piece of fan music, and EthePianoMan did a really great job writing and performing it. Check it out!

(When I started on this post, an image immediately came to mind, but I couldn't draw it myself. Fortunately, the internet always comes through for me.)

Parasprite Sheet Music

It's always awesome when we get a new first-time contributor! Pony fan Bey-Heart is the latest person to share something with Everypony Sings. He sent in sheet music for the Parasprite Polka, and it's great.

You can check out the sheet music here, or listen to a midi. You can also find Bey-Heart on blogger.

Many thanks to Bey-Heart for sharing his talents with us!

CMC Theme for Ensemble

Wow, this is apparently the week of the Cutie Mark Crusaders! Dimondium sent in his own ensemble arrangement of the Cutie Mark Crusaders theme.

If you happen to have an orchestra lying around (including a reed organ!), break this piece out! You can watch the video to hear what it sounds like, then download the sheet music. It's really well done. Thanks, Dimondium!

I Wasn't Prepared for This Rock Cover

Good news, everypony! Claire Anne Carr took the already-awesome I Wasn't Prepared for This and said, "You know what this needs? More electric guitar." That's what I imagine her thought process was, anyway. Watch the video—you can listen to Claire's excellent electric guitar along with the song's original vocals. Claire did a great job on this. Thanks to her for sharing it!

If you have your own cover or resource to share, send us an email! Just head over to the Share Music for more information.

Low Brass Resources Galore

I'm sure that site contributor Erccre147 is a hero to all the tuba, trombone, and baritone players who love Friendship is Magic. The resources he shares for these instruments are always excellent.

So I'm happy to say that Erccre147 has shared some new sheet music with us here at Everypony Sings. He has written bass, trombone, and baritone resources for two songs: Smile, Smile, Smile (tuba version and trombone/baritone version) and the Gypsy Bard from Friendship is Witchcraft (tuba version and trombone/baritone version).

The last resource Erccre147 shared is slightly different. It's a brass arrangement of Discord (The Living Tombstone's Remix). The sheet music is written for four trumpet parts (though you'd actually need more than four trumpets to play it), trombone, euphonium, tuba, and percussion. It's a massive undertaking, so I'm very impressed by Erccre147's great work!

Awesome Find a Pet Resources

All I can say about the post tonight is... wow. Reedmace Star shared some truly amazing resources for the Find a Pet Song. There's a lot here, so I'm going to lay this out as clearly as possible:

First of all, watch the video to hear Reedmace Star playing piano accompaniment along with the original vocals from the song. This version is not a solo piano reduction of the song, but it is an accompaniment line meant to go with the vocals. If you want to play it yourself, there's sheet music and a midi.

Then there's a transcription with vocals, chords, and bass line, which you can find here (or check out the midi). And there's sheet music and tab for the bass line by itself here. Lastly, there are Lilypond files for all these versions, if you want to download them.

This collection of resources is really extraordinary. Thanks so much, Reedmace Star!

Cutie Mark Crusaders Encore

Just in case you haven't had enough CMC for one night, we have another great resource for the three cutest fillies in Ponyville. This time around, Lanthus shared his arrangement of the Cutie Mark Crusaders Theme. That style parody never gets old.

You can download a .mus file (which can be opened in Finale) of Lanthus' arrangement. There's also a midi, which may be helpful for your music projects.

Many thanks to Lanthus!

Cutie Mark Crusaders Go Piano Playing

The Cutie Mark Crusaders are one of my favorite parts of MLP:FiM. And I love the background song known as Cutie Mark Crusaders Go Crusading. So I was very pleased to find that MillenniumFalsehood wrote and shared a great piano version of the song.

You can find the sheet music here. You can also download a Musescore file or a midi version. All three are great resources for any piano-playing pony enthusiasts out there, or for anyone trying to earn a piano cutie mark. Thanks, MillenniumFalsehood!

Time and Space and Derp

We have a cool original song tonight by TheRunner. It's called Time and Space and Derp, and it's an instrumental rock piece inspired by Doctor Whooves (himself inspired, of course, by crossing My Little Pony with Doctor Who). I always get a kick out of the creativity of the fandom with things like Doctor Whooves. Add original music to the mix, and I'm all over it!

Listen to Time and Space and Derp in the video. Then you can visit TheRunner on Youtube and Soundcloud. And if you have your own music to share, visit the Share Music page.

This Day Aria by Warbalist

I feel privileged to write about a really awesome piece of music today. Warbalist has put together another guitar fingerpicking arrangement, and this time it is for This Day Aria. It is truly well done - music like this reminds me why playing the guitar is so darn fun.

You can listen to all the audio deliciousness in the video on the left or on Soundcloud. Then check out the tablature and learn to play it yourself.

Many thanks to Warbalist for sharing!

Guitar Tabs by SpikesMustache

Is it weird that season one songs feel old school to me now? It seems like so long ago that I was falling in love with Giggle at the Ghosty and the rest. Now the show is all grown up and getting a third season! Sigh...

Okay, enough nostalgia from me. The reason I was thinking about season one songs is because SpikesMustache shared great tab for Giggle at the Ghosty and Hush Now, Quiet Now. Both of these songs are awesome, and the tab is awesome, too. Go check them out!

Chords for Season Three Songs

GamerGod9590 shared some chords for the two season three songs—I Wasn't Prepared for This and Ballad of the Crystal Ponies. The chords are very well done and should be a great resource for guitar or piano players. Go take a look!

GamerGod9590 also shared a piano cover of The Ballad of the Crystal Ponies/Crystal Fair Song. You can listen to that in the video. It sounds great! You can find GamerGod9590 on Youtube as well.

Coconeru is Doctor Whooves?

Ponies + Doctor Who + Coconeru + ??? = Profit

I'm still working on the equation, but what I do know is that this song is adorable. Coconeru did a cover of The Doctor's Lullaby, from the fan short Goodnight Goodnight. It's totally charming, though I do think Coconeru should have affected a British accent if he was going to impersonate The Doctor.

In any case, enjoy it! And thanks to Coconeru for sharing this song!

Extended Title Theme (Orchestral Version)

The Runner shared a new version of the extended Title Theme. This rendition is a very beautiful orchestral version. I particularly love the string parts. The whole thing is incredibly elegant and has a real air of grandeur. I'd love to hear it played by a real orchestra!

You can listen to the orchestral Title Theme in the video. Then you can visit The Runner on Youtube or Soundcloud.

Thanks, The Runner!

Song Bomb from Coconeru

Regular visitors to Everypony Sings should remember Coconeru. He does fantastic covers of pony songs as well as originals. Well, he sent us a "song bomb" of four new songs. They definitely live up to expectations.

You can listen to Coconeru's cover of I Wasn't Prepared For This (The Failure Song) in the embedded video. I particularly like the hilarious backup vocals. Then you can listen to three originals: the two-part Ballad of Pinkamina Diane Pie and the remix She Didn't Put Those in Her BAHG.

Many thanks to Coconeru!

Awesome Fingerpicking Resources

Guitarists who enjoy fingerpicking, tonight is your night! Warbalist shared fingerpicking resources for four pony songs. Each one includes sheet music and tab. These are really well done—Candy Coda, who plays guitar, tried them out and loved them. They have a lot of depth behind the melodic line.

You can try fingerpicking The Perfect Stallion, Love is in Bloom, Becoming Popular, and B.B.B.F.F. You can also check out videos of several of these songs on Warbalist's Youtube channel, or you can find Warbalist on Soundcloud.

Everypony Loves Winter Wrap Up

It's true—everypony loves Winter Wrap Up! ("Everypony" may not include those who do not like Winter Wrap Up.) Claona loves it, at least: he says it's one of his favorites, and he shared a great guitar tab for the song.

You can check out the tab in guitar pro here, or look at a pdf version if you prefer. Hopefully the guitarists out there will appreciate this resource!

Thanks, Claona!

Art of the Dress Duet and An Original

Teslahead always does an excellent job with his music resources. This time around, he's shared a duet version of Art of the Dress for French horn and violin. If you're so inclined, you can find the sheet music here and play it yourself!

In addition to this music resource for Art of the Dress, teslahead also shared an original piece called Rainbow March. You can listen to the song over on Soundcloud. It's a lot of fun. You've got to love any music that's based on the awesomeness of Rainbow Dash!

This Sax Quartet (Plus Trumpet) Aria

I love how much fun people are having with the This Day Aria, especially when they write different instrument lines to represent the different Cadences! We got a fantastic example of this today by a fan who goes by Jagen31.

Jagen31 wrote a version of This Day Aria for four saxophones—two altos, a tenor, and a baritone—and a trumpet. It sounds great, I love the back-and-forth between the instruments. You can find the sheet music here and try it yourself with four of your friends.

Two Orchestral Covers and an Original

A pony fan who goes by Arvianth on Youtube shared three great videos with Everypony Sings. Two are orchestral covers, and one is an original/remix about Chrysalis.

You can listen to the orchestral version of B.B.B.F.F. in the video at left. Then surf over to Youtube to hear an orchestral version of Giggle at the Ghosty. Both are very well done and a lot of fun to listen to.

Lastly, you can listen to Deceptive Cadence, the original song inspired by Chrysalis. Thanks to Arvianth for sharing these songs!

Original Composition: After We're Gone

Ivory Brony shared an original composition called After We're Gone. It was inspired by the fan fiction Growing Up, which you can read here if you're interested.

You can find the song on Soundcloud. Give it a listen—it's really nicely done. The piano rhythm is very peaceful and relaxing. Ivory Brony pointed out that although the song is short, it loops well.

Many thanks to Ivory Brony for sharing this original piece!

Crystal Fair Song for Harmonica

Did the crystal ponies play harmonica along with their crystal flugelhorn? We might never know (at least not until that episode airs!), but we can at least pretend that they are harmonica fans.

Site contributor miskov shared a very well-done harmonica tab. If you have a C-harp, you should definitely take a look! Before you know it, you can be playing along to this charming melody.

Candy Coda mentioned that he worked on some other harmonica tab. Are folks out there interested in seeing more harmonica resources? Let us know!

Find a Pet (Nearly-)Full Instrumentation

Good news, everypony! NEStranscriber shared a very cool full instrumentation of the Find a Pet song. He says that he was trying to make a karaoke-type version of the song without vocals, and he did a great job.

You can listen to NEStranscriber's version in the video, or download an mp3. You can also check out sheet music for this version of the song here. Take a look or give it a listen—you won't be disappointed!

NEStranscriber also says that he's willing to share the garageband files with other fans who want to improve on his sheet music. You can find him on deviantArt.

Gypsy Bard Bass Tab and Violin Requests

PureAFM shared a great bass tab for the Gypsy Bard from hilariously awesome fan-show Friendship is Witchcraft. This song seems to have quite the fan club, so hopefully folks will be excited to play along on the bass. Find the tab here, and watch PureAFM's tutorial in the video!

We also have a plea for more violin sheet music. Specifically, the songs that have been requested are B.B.B.F.F., This Day Aria, Love is in Bloom, Find a Pet, Becoming Popular, Smile Smile Smile, Extended Title Theme, At the Gala, Ballad of the Crystal Ponies, and The Failure Song. If you feel like taking on one (or more!) of these songs, send it to us and we'll post it up!