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Winter Wrap Up Guitar Tab/Sheet Music (and a Request!)

Metalmaster32 shared a great version of Winter Wrap Up for guitar. This version, which includes sheet music and tab, uses an alternate tuning on the guitar to be faithful to the sound of the original song. If you're a guitarist and you love Winter Wrap Up (who doesn't?!), then this is for you! Take a look here.

We also have a request from a brony who's looking for violin sheet music. Specifically, there is a request for This Day Aria on the violin. Can anypony lend a hand? If so, email us (check out the "Share Music" page for more info)!

(Edit: I left out the link earlier, but it's fixed now. Sorry 'bout that!)


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  2. There is not a link to tabs/sheet music

  3. Ooh, I too would like some violin sheet music for This Day Aria. I'm still attempting to master the violin arrangements already present on this magnificent site but that is one I've had my eye on for quite some time.