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More Fun Music from Teslahead

Teslahead has written out a few new pieces of pony music. The first is the Title Theme on the viola, which you can find here. He also wrote out several different versions of Winter Wrap Up: one for violin, one for French horn, and a duet. It's a blast to see these songs done with such diverse instrumentation. Give them a look!

Many thanks to Teslahead for sharing.

On a different subject, I wanted to let y'all know that the Everpony Sings team has been a bit busy lately, and we've also been struggling with some technically issues with Blogger. All of that means that we might be a bit slow in responding to emails. Still feel free to shoot us an email or share music, but don't feel worried if you don't hear back from us right away. Thanks for being patient with us!


  1. Thank you once again Teslahead! I think Winter Wrap Up is really what brought me into becoming a bronie, so thank you for creating them on Violin and French Horn. Also, could you please create sheet music for Art of the Dress and Becoming Popular for these two instruments? Thank you again Teslahead.

    Regards, IamBronie.

  2. Just passing through to say my thanks for taking the time out to do the sheet music for these instruments. Thank you.