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Ballad of the Crystal Ponies Chords from Miskof

There are lots of fans out there of these new songs—and I don't blame them! The Ballad of the Crystal Ponies is awesome. (I've been humming it to myself all day, as a matter of fact.)

One fan is miskof, who has shared resources with us in the past. He's back, this time with chords for the Ballad of the Crystal Ponies. I tried them out on the ukulele and they sound really good. Give them a look!

Thanks, miskof!


  1. the ballad of the cystal pony piano is not that song. Check it out in season 3 section.

  2. Hi, Eric! Thanks for pointing out the mistake, we'll get it fixed up.

  3. I know C and G are the first two chords for the song. It sounds like it is capoed on the 5th fret in standard tuning. Sounds good if you do it fingerstyle.