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At the Gala goes F Minor

We have a very cool new arrangement of At the Gala, courtesy of Dimondium. Dimondium took the original song and transposed it into F Minor. This key gives the song a whole new feel—it's very dramatic. The "code name" for the song is Twilight Sparkle Meets Her Match, which seems quite appropriate given the new mood of the music.

Listen to the transposed version in the video. Then you can download the whole sheet music package—perfect for a school band or orchestra, if you can convince them to play it! (And if you do, send us a recording of the performance!) Thanks, Dimondium!

[Edit: Dimondium shared some helpful notes about the piece in the comments to this post. Go check it out!]


  1. A few notes:

    -The director score is written ALL in C, or how it SOUNDS. It is not what many individuals see.

    -If the flute/piccolo part sounds wrong, TAKE IT DOWN A DIMINISHED THIRD (5 half steps). I aimed to create a dissonant harmony, but if it sounds wrong to you, please take it down.

    Much appreciated if this can be added to the main post.