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Art of the Dress for Horn and Violin

And now, a non-Comic-Con post for a change! The new songs are exciting, but we still have lots of fans of the old songs, and lots of resources to share.

Teslahead wrote some excellent sheet music for Art of the Dress—one version for French horn, and one for violin. Go take a look! He's also working on a duet version for the two instruments, but we'll have to wait for that version.

Many thanks, Teslahead!


  1. I just found this site and it is soo awesome! I'm learning to play the violin so I'll be definitely checking out all the renditions here. Thanks to Teslahead, I see they are the one responsible for all the violin arrangements. !/)!

    P.S. to the site owners, I'm not sure if you considered it (or maybe I'm missing it) but it could be a good idea to add some kind of message-leaving box/guestbook so people can leave their thanks to you guys. Just an idea ;)

    1. Yeah, Teslahead is a great guy!

      I like the idea of a guestbook - I'll look into it.