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Three Great Tunes by IvoryStrike

We are happy to introduce a new musician (new to Everypony Sings, anyway): a fan by the name of IvoryStrike. IvoryStrike shared three original compositions with the site, all of which are very well done.

The first is called Deception of Harmony, and you can watch it in the embedded video. This song does a great job channeling the emotions of Season 2, Episode 2, just when things seem at their darkest.

The second song is called Pineapple_Sauce Factory, and it's a play on Rainbow Factory by Wooden Toaster. The third and final song is Pony Piano Sonata (although it's not just a piano piece!). All three are worth listening to. Thanks, IvoryStrike!

This Sax Vs. Flute Aria

We got a very cool cover recently from a pony fan named Miranda. She wrote a version of the This Day Aria for saxophone and flute. Evil Cadance (aka Chrysalis) is the sax part, while real Cadance is the flute part.

This is an awesome way to reimagine this song. I love how the two instruments give a different feeling to each of the characters. Miranda does a great job playing both of the parts, as well. You should definitely take a look!

Many thanks to Miranda for sharing this version!

All the Piano Arrangements!

Hi everypony! We have a whole bunch of piano sheet music for you tonight. Scherzando has shared arrangements for no fewer than six pony songs. Specifically, we have sheet music for The Heart Carol, Ballad of the Crystal Ponies, Becoming Popular, The Failure Song, Love is in Bloom, and the Parasprite Polka. That is a positively ridiculous amount of music!

Check out his recording of Love is in Bloom on the right, and recordings of all these songs (and more) over on his YouTube channel. Thanks a bunch, Scherzando!

I Wasn't Prepared for This on the Flute

TwilightFlautist shared a great sheet music resource for I Wasn't Prepared for This (The Failure Song) written for—what else—the flute. I don't play the flute myself, but I can tell from listening to the sheet music on Noteflight that is is really well done.

You can find the sheet music here. Hopefully the flute players out there will enjoy playing this one! Many thanks to TwilightFlautist for this resource.

If you have a music resource to share, send us an email! There's more information on the Share Music page.

At the Gala goes F Minor

We have a very cool new arrangement of At the Gala, courtesy of Dimondium. Dimondium took the original song and transposed it into F Minor. This key gives the song a whole new feel—it's very dramatic. The "code name" for the song is Twilight Sparkle Meets Her Match, which seems quite appropriate given the new mood of the music.

Listen to the transposed version in the video. Then you can download the whole sheet music package—perfect for a school band or orchestra, if you can convince them to play it! (And if you do, send us a recording of the performance!) Thanks, Dimondium!

[Edit: Dimondium shared some helpful notes about the piece in the comments to this post. Go check it out!]

Smile Cover by Turquoise Splash

Turquoise Splash shared a truly excellent colt cover of Smile with Everypony Sings. The vocals, the instruments, the mixing—it all sounds great. You definitely want to give this one a listen! I especially like the whole chorus that comes in at the end.

You can watch the video to hear Turquoise Splash's recording. You can also download two versions of the cover: an mp3 and a .flac file. Add them to your pony music files!

Background Music Awesomeness from ESPPony

One of our very own team members, ESPPony, does an amazing job covering the songs from the show. He also covers the background music. Well, he decided that the background music from the Gilda episode ("Griffon the Brush-Off") was really cool and worth covering, so he set to work.

Give it a listen in the video!  It sounds perfect on electric guitar and bass, especially considering how much of a hard-rock character Gilda seems to be.As always, you can find tab and mp3 versions in the video description. Thanks, ESPPony!

Winter Wrap Up Guitar Tab/Sheet Music (and a Request!)

Metalmaster32 shared a great version of Winter Wrap Up for guitar. This version, which includes sheet music and tab, uses an alternate tuning on the guitar to be faithful to the sound of the original song. If you're a guitarist and you love Winter Wrap Up (who doesn't?!), then this is for you! Take a look here.

We also have a request from a brony who's looking for violin sheet music. Specifically, there is a request for This Day Aria on the violin. Can anypony lend a hand? If so, email us (check out the "Share Music" page for more info)!

(Edit: I left out the link earlier, but it's fixed now. Sorry 'bout that!)

Art of the Dress Tab from Jackupthoseapples

Art of the Dress is probably my favorite pony song, so I'm pretty psyched for this tab from jackupthoseapples. If I played guitar, I would be all over these tabs.

All of you who do play guitar should be sure to check it out.

Edit: Jackupthoseapples has a Tumblr, which you can check out over here.

Ballad of the Crystal Ponies Chords from Miskof

There are lots of fans out there of these new songs—and I don't blame them! The Ballad of the Crystal Ponies is awesome. (I've been humming it to myself all day, as a matter of fact.)

One fan is miskof, who has shared resources with us in the past. He's back, this time with chords for the Ballad of the Crystal Ponies. I tried them out on the ukulele and they sound really good. Give them a look!

Thanks, miskof!

Failure Song Chords

Kurayami shared some great chords for Ballad of the Crystal Ponies, which we posted up last night. Now, Kurayami is back with chords for The Failure Song (I Wasn't Prepared for This). This is another excellent resource, and I'm sure people will appreciate it.

You can find the chords here. Take a look! You can also find all the resources for these new songs on the brand-new Season Three page.

We're always happy to share more resources, so keep them coming, everypony!

Chords for Ballad of the Crystal Ponies

This new song, Ballad of the Crystal Ponies, is already one of my favorites. I love that instrumentation (mandolin, I think?). I can't wait to learn to play it myself.

Well, Kurayami is helping me achieve that goal by sharing some new chords for the Ballad of the Crystal Ponies. You can find the chords here. They are quite well done. Thank you, Kurayami!

For those who are wondering, our resident web designer (Candy Coda) is working hard on starting a Season Three page to organize all these great new resources. Stay tuned!

Remix/Original: Nightmare Night Masquarade

Hey everypony! We have a cool original piece to share this time around. Valenheart sent in a remix/original/reimagination (we're not sure quite what to call it!) of Eurobeat Brony's song, Luna. Valenheart's version is titled Nightmare Night Masquarade.

This is a very cool piece of music. I really like the driving beat and the instrumentation. Give it a listen in the video. You can also find this song on Soundcloud.

Orchestral Version—B.B.B.F.F.

I have a real soft spot for Big Brother Best Friend Forever. It might not have been as epic as the other songs from the Season Two finale, but it's just such a sweet song. So I'm glad GoldenGlissando wrote a fantastic orchestral version of B.B.B.F.F.

The instrumentation and interpretation that GoldenGlissando brought to this composition are really well done. I think it actually adds to my appreciation of the original. Listen to it in the video—you won't regret it!

You can also visit GoldenGlissando's new Youtube channel, where I'm sure plenty of cool new music will be appearing soon.

I Wasn't Prepared for This (Awesome) Piano Cover

Octavia's Pianist always does a great job with piano reductions, so we were excited to see O.P.'s version of I Wasn't Prepared for This (aka The Failure Song, aka The Failure Success Song... we'll let the MLP wiki fight that one out).

Anyway, this piano version is excellent. You can listen to Octavia's Pianist play the song in the video. Then you can check out the sheet music or download a midi version.

Thanks to Octavia's Pianist! Keep the awesome resources coming, everypony!

Smile Tablature

Let's continue on with our flood of posts for today! Spikes Mustache (who has perhaps the coolest name on the internet) wrote out a nice tablature for the Smile Song. It's done well and is fun to play.

You can find the tabs over here and visit Spikes Mustache's DA page. Don't forget that Spikes Mustache also wrote out a similar tab for the Title Theme. Fun stuff!

Thanks, Spikes Mustache.

Art of the Dress for Horn and Violin

And now, a non-Comic-Con post for a change! The new songs are exciting, but we still have lots of fans of the old songs, and lots of resources to share.

Teslahead wrote some excellent sheet music for Art of the Dress—one version for French horn, and one for violin. Go take a look! He's also working on a duet version for the two instruments, but we'll have to wait for that version.

Many thanks, Teslahead!

Crystal Fair Visualization

WeimTime007 does a great job making visualizations or synthesia videos for pony songs. He's already created and shared a version of the Crystal Fair Song, which I think is pretty impressive!

Check out WeimTime007's visualization in the video. It's really well done and nicely captures this fun new song. You can also download a midi version.

Well done, WeimTime007! Thanks!

Chords from Hammil

*Spoilers ahead* Hammil has shared all sorts of great music with this site before, and we're exited to see him share chords for the two new songs from season three. These songs are a ton of fun, and I am very much looking forward to playing them myself.

You can check out Hammil's chords for Crystal Fair here and The Failure Song here. Hammil also now has a Youtube channel.

Thanks for sharing, Hammil!

Two Elegant Piano Reductions

There is something about these pony songs that make them sound beautiful on the piano. If you would like to see an example, you can look at these two reductions by Blangoog. The first is for the Extended Title Intro and the second is for Winter Wrap Up.

It's clear that Blangoog interpreted these songs with a lot of elegance and skill. You can read the sheet music or simply listen to the mp3. Here are the links:

Extended Intro sheet music
Extrended Intro mp3
Winter Wrap Up sheet music
Winter Wrap Up mp3

Thanks for sharing, Blangoog (who is on Youtube and Deviant Art).

Crystal Chords

*Spoilers ahead* The first post for today is for a lovely set of chords for Ballad of the Crystal Ponies (also known as The Crystal Fair Song). A wonderful pony fan named Chris wrote them up, and we are quite grateful that he decided to share. You can find them over here.

Thanks for sharing, Chris!

There will be quite a few more posts later today, and they'll be done in the same order in which we received emails. The music page for season three (in the links above) will be coming soon. Stay tuned!

Two Songs from Season Three!

*Spoilers ahead* As almost everypony has seen, a few songs from Season 3 have hit the internet (Failure Success Song and Crystal Fair Song). When Smile worked its way to Youtube, we chose not to post anything about it because it appeared that it was leaked against the wishes of Friendship is Magic's creators.

However, my understanding is that these two new songs were openly released at Comic Con. Given that, I see no problem in sharing music resources about them! Starting us off is a cover of the Failure Success Song by The Runner (featuring RainSnowHail). It's quite wonderfully done - you can enjoy it in the video on the left.

On a similar subject, life has been a bit busy for many of the team members this summer. But given these two new songs, we are going to try our best to make a bunch of posts in the next day or two. If you are waiting for a response to an email you sent us, expect a response tomorrow. Thanks for your understanding and patience, my friends.

Heart Carol for Flute

Hi there! Moonlight Sonata here. We're getting so many great submissions as of late that I'm gonna start helping out with posts.

The first submission I have to show you guys is this great Heart Carol sheet music for flute by TwilightFlautist. All our flute players out there should be sure to check it out!

Thanks, TwilightFlautist!

Gypsy Bard Piano Arrangement

Octavia's Pianist has also jumped on the Gypsy Bard bandwagon. It seems everypony is excited about this new song from Friendship is Witchcraft! Octavia's Pianist wrote a piano arrangement (naturally) of the song, which sounds great.

You can watch Octavia's Pianist playing the song in the video. Or you can listen to a midi version. And if you want to play the song yourself, download the sheet music! Thanks, O.P.!

Edit: We're updating this post because Octavia's Pianist shared a new version of the song. The links have been updated, so take a look!

Winter Wrap Up (in July?!)

If we have any fans in the southern hemisphere who are wishing they could wrap up winter right about now... or any fans who just love the song Winter Wrap Up, then this post is for you!

AKLmfreak shared some very detailed guitar chords for Winter Wrap Up. Accomplished guitarists will particularly appreciate these chords, since they really capture the song perfectly. You can find the chords here and try them out yourself!

Many thanks, AKLmfreak!

Nightmare Suite

We have a brand-new original piece of fan music to share with y'all tonight! It was written and submitted by calcgeek117 (aka Ivory Brony), and it's called Nightmare Suite.

This is a really cool piece of music. It's dramatic and dark, with different movements providing different musical themes. Give it a listen over on Soundcloud. Many thanks to calcgeek117 for sharing this awesome piece of music!

Do you have pony music to share? Click the "Share Music" link above!

Friendship is Witchcraft: Pinkie Pie's Orphanage

One of the many cool things Coconeru does is colt versions of pony songs. His Bubble Berry (colt version of Pinkie Pie) is awesome. And when you combine that with the songs from the parody fan show Friendship is Witchcraft, the results are 20% cooler.

All that is to say, Coconeru did a colt-version cover of Pinkie Pie's Orphanage song. Give it a listen, it sounds great! Thanks as always, Coconeru!

PS. Candy Coda, who answers emails for Everypony Sings, is in the middle of moving. If you send an email to the site, it may take a little while to get a response—but we will get back to you, we promise!

Original: Worthy

The side and background characters in MLP:FiM are one of the (many) great things about the show. It's always fun to see these minor characters get some love. IdLike2BeATree wrote a parody of "One Thing" by One Direction, turning it into a Gilda-the-Griffon-centered song called Worthy.

This is an excellent piece, and I think the lyrics IdLike2BeATree wrote fit Gilda really well. Give it a listen in the video! You can also find IdLike2BeATree on Youtube.

MLP:FiM Theme Guitar Tab

Pop quiz: when you watch ponies, do you skip through the theme song, or do you watch it every time? I find that no matter how many times I hear the title theme, I still enjoy it. I must not be the only pony fan who loves the theme, since we still get plenty of great submissions about it.

Spike's Mustache is the latest person to send in a resource for the title theme, in the form of a melody line guitar tab. You can find the tab here (it's hosted on Spike's Mustache's DA page).

Many thanks to Spike's Mustache for sharing this valuable resource!

Visualization: Love Me Cheerilee

WeimTime007 has shared another excellent visualization. This time, he's taken Love Me Cheerilee, an original song by The Living Tombstone and Wooden Toaster. WeimTime arranged Love Me Cheerilee for piano, then made a computer visualization of the song.

These visualizations are always a lot of fun. Give it a watch! You can also download a midi of WeimTime's version.

Thanks, WeimTime007!

Banjo Barons wanted

Hey guys. We just got a request for more banjo music from someone just starting out on the instrument. Any song will do, as long as they're banjo tabs/sheet music. If you have them, you know what to do, send it in to us and we'll put it up on the site and I'll inform everyone on the Facebook page.

Speaking of Facebook, why not pay us a visit there? You can send us requests and keep up to date with everything going on the site. Visit the site right here!

Winter Wrap Up Brass Quintet

One of the very cool things about the MLP:FiM fan community is how eager everypony is to help one another out. We have started posting some requests here on the site, and other fans have been more than happy to step up and fulfill those requests.

Teslahead is one great example of this community spirit. By request, he has written a brass quintet version of Winter Wrap Up. I would love to hear a recording of this—so get on it, brass-playing pony fans! You can find the full score here, as well as a zip file of all the parts separated out. Well done, teslahead!

ESPPony Goes Crusading

Do you remember the Cutie Mark Crusaders Go Crusading piece of background music? Of course you do! How could you forget? That charming piece of music was the perfect soundtrack to the hijinks all the CMCs got into.

Well, ESPPony (a member of the Everypony Sings team) made another one of his excellent cover videos, this time for the Cutie Mark Crusaders Go Crusading. Even better, if you click on the video, ESPPony includes links to tab so you can play along yourself! Thanks to ESPPony for sharing his musical talents.

My Little Paint Composer (and Bonus Bass Tab!)

We have gotten some great stuff in the past from icy780. Tonight, I have two very different pieces of music to share that icy780 submitted. The first is a Mario Paint Composer version of At the Gala. It always impresses me how much you can do with such a simple tool like Mario Paint. This version of At the Gala sounds awesome. I have to admit, I'm partial to the barking dogs and meowing cats (which I'm pretty sure weren't in the original orchestration). Watch it in the video!

The second resource that icy780 shared was a melody line bass tab of Love's in Bloom. This finale number is awesome, and being able to play it on the bass is even more awesome. Find the tab here. Many thanks to icy780!

Request Roundup part 2 (Including a personal request)

Alright guys, here's another request roundup for this week. Unfortunately the well is a little dry, as we have the same requests from last week (Brass, bass, viola/violin), but there is one new one, and this is a personal request.

The song in question is right here, and I'd love to get guitar tabs for it, preferably in a guitar pro file (So I can have the drums and bass with it). Chords, tabs, both, I'd be happy with any of them.

Anyway, if you have a request you want me to put on the site for all to see, just visit our Facebook here and let me know. We'll do the rest, or rather the guys who make the tabs/chords and such will, we'll just host them.

Coconeru is the Gypsy Bard

The fan series Friendship is Witchcraft is so cool. Seriously, you guys, it's awesome. It's so funny (and slightly messed up)... plus, they have great musical numbers! What's not to love? Go look it up if you haven't seen it yet!

Clearly I'm not the only FiW fan out there, and even I can't rival Coconeru for fan devotion. Coconeru is back with a cover of the new Friendship is Witchcraft song, Gypsy Bard. Like everything Coconeru does, this song is fantastic. Give it a listen!

Many thanks to Coconeru for sharing this cover!

Pony Piano Tutorials from DrSentenial

DrSentenial has shared some great piano tutorials in the past and is back with more. These videos are a very helpful resource if you're trying to learn to play pony songs yourself.

This time around, he's shared tutorials for Smile and for This Day Aria. You can watch DrSentenial play Smile in the video at right (it sounds awesome!), then watch the tutorial here. Listen to This Day Aria here, then check out the tutorial.

Zeke2d also wrote a transcription based on DrSentenial's tutorial for At the Gala, which is another super cool music resource. Find that sheet music here.

More Fun Music from Teslahead

Teslahead has written out a few new pieces of pony music. The first is the Title Theme on the viola, which you can find here. He also wrote out several different versions of Winter Wrap Up: one for violin, one for French horn, and a duet. It's a blast to see these songs done with such diverse instrumentation. Give them a look!

Many thanks to Teslahead for sharing.

On a different subject, I wanted to let y'all know that the Everpony Sings team has been a bit busy lately, and we've also been struggling with some technically issues with Blogger. All of that means that we might be a bit slow in responding to emails. Still feel free to shoot us an email or share music, but don't feel worried if you don't hear back from us right away. Thanks for being patient with us!