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Parasprite Accordion

What's better than a polka? A pony polka to drive out parasprites, of course. And what could be better than that? How about sheet music so you can play it on the accordion?! We may not have many accordion players out there, but the ones we do have are sure to be excited about this. Teslahead wrote sheet music for the Parasprite Polka on accordion. There's also a midi—check it out here! Thanks as always to Teslahead for his great work.

On a different subject, you may have noticed the banner on the site about the Long Way from Equestria Project. If you're interested in an update about how the project is going, then take a look at this video.


  1. I will point out an error in the sheet music I forgot to fix. At the "Bridge" the Gs are supposed to be Fs in the base part.
    If you cant find it, just play it and you'll hear the problem.

  2. Thanks Tesla for the music! I'm glad someone answered the request someone gave us. I'll put this on the Facebook ASAP!

  3. That sheet music has note errors in it, and the MIDI file follows those errors, making it sound bad. Need I mention that the MIDI file keeps switching back and forth between accordion and piano? Very odd and distracting.

    1. As I pointed out earlier, there is a mistake I forgot to fix in the PDF. The switching, that I can't since I only had an accordion part and no piano.

  4. I would suggest running the MIDI in synthesia if your not all ready because you can change in the intruments