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Love is in Bloom Bass

Here is a treat for all of those bass players out there: AnonyBrony has put together a nice bass tablature for Love is in Bloom. This song is strangely addictive, and it sure is fun to play! I would definitely recommend trying it out.

You can find the tab over here and visit AnonyBrony's Youtube channel. You can also find AnonyBrony over on the MLP forum.

On a related note, I would love to see a wedding band playing this song - it would blow my mind.


  1. Here is a working link

    I am sorry for any trouble this has caused

    With all due respect,

    1. Cool, thanks for letting me know. I'll fix the link in the post.

    2. Thank You. The one in google docs has a mistake in it that I cant fix, but this new Ubuntu One one is fully fixed. I would understand why you would not want to use it, but just wanted to give you the heads up on that

    3. No worries - I'll switch it to the Ubuntu one. Let me know if it ever needs to change again.