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Don't You Worry Now Scootaloo (and a Request)

I think we can all agree that Scootaloo is awesome. Coconeru seems to think so, at least, since he wrote Scootaloo her very own piano ballad.

This song (it's called Don't You Worry Now Scootaloo) is fantastic. I'm impressed that Coconeru can come up with something that's great to listen to and appropriate to the character. Give it a listen!

On a different subject, we got a request for music written for violin or french horn. Can anybody help a fellow pony fan out?


  1. Violin-while I can't actually provide it, I know if you take any lyric part of the sheet music, and up the octave, it sounds pretty natural. Any flute music will be in the natural octave, and no transpoition.

    Horn-hrm, maybe later. ;)

  2. What songs? Name the songs i can provide.

    1. I wasn't given a request for a specific song. I suggest you do whatever you like best!

      Thanks for considering the request. You rock!