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Request Roundup!

Alright, guys, I mentioned this on the Facebook page but I'm going to begin a new biweekly posting of requests we're given for music on Facebook. I feel it'll be a bit more organized and we can make clear exactly what people are asking for. Enough chit-chat, here's what we have this week:

We have requests for clarinet sheet music, specifically Becoming Popular and Art of the Dress, saxophone sheet music (No specific songs), brass quintet (two trumpets, a french horn, a trombone, and a tuba) sheet music, alto sax music (This Day Aria and At the Gala), as well as bass guitar or upright bass tabs/music, viola (As mentioned in a previous post), and more accordion. If I missed anything, let me know and I'll fix this. 

Remember, if you have a request, tell me on the Facebook page shown here and I'll add it to the next queue, unless it's urgent, in which case I'll post a request right then and there. Sound good? Great, and as always if you have music to share, you see that "Share music" tab? Click there and you can email it tp us or post it on the page, either way it'll get on the site and I'll link it on Facebook. 

Pinkie's Gala Fantasy Bass Line

Some of the shorter songs, especially in Season One, don't get a lot of love. Pinkie's Gala Fantasy is one of those underrated songs, but it got some well-deserved attention today! PureAFM shared a bass tab which actually gives you two ways to play the song on the bass. One is fairly simple, although the timing is tricky; the other is harder to play but PureAFM likes it better. You can find both versions here.

Many thanks to PureAFM for sharing this resource! We are always happy to have new sheet music, tab, or chords to share. Click on "Share Music" if you'd like to contribute!

Luna Waited (Vocal Cover)

Coconeru shared a very cool piece of music with us today. He built on an instrumental piece called Luna Waited by Replacer. Luna Waited was originally written for the Seeds of Kindness charity album, which you can learn more about here.

Coconeru added a vocal line to the song and worked to tell a story about Luna while she was stuck on the moon those thousand years. This is a great vocal cover of an already great fan piece. Give it a listen in the video. Then visit Coconeru on Youtube to find more of his covers and original songs.

Viola Virtuosos wanted

We got a request on the Facebook page for viola music. It doesn't matter which song, but we need viola sheet music. If you have any, you know what to do, send it to us in the share music tab, and if you have any requests, email us or contact me at the Facebook page listed here!

Winter Wrap Up for Flute

A while back, we posted some sheet music for Winter Wrap Up. (Actually, we've posted a lot of sheet music for Winter Wrap Up.) Specifically, DrSentenial did a piano tutorial based on sheet music by sociomaladaptivist.

Well, the collaborative nature of the MLP fandom never ceases to impress me. A fan who prefers to remain anonymous has taken sociomaladaptivist's piano sheet music and retooled it for the flute. If you're a flautist and a pony fan, then you should definitely take a look at this sheet music—it's very well done. Thanks to all the fans who share music resources, particularly our anonymous friend!

Piano Pokey (Plus Popular Performance!)

Hey everypony! HarmoniousKeys wrote a great solo piano arrangement for the Pony Pokey from the season one finale. That song is a lot of fun, and it sounds really good on the piano, too. Give it a listen in the video! HarmoniousKeys says he's willing to share the sheet music if anyone is interested, so let him know if you'd like to play it yourself.

In addition, Dimondium shared an awesome video—his school orchestra, performing Becoming Popular (the arrangement was written by Dimondium). I never get tired of seeing pony fandom intersect with real life, and this video was a treat to watch. The whole orchestra does a great job! Watch that video here.

Parasprite Accordion

What's better than a polka? A pony polka to drive out parasprites, of course. And what could be better than that? How about sheet music so you can play it on the accordion?! We may not have many accordion players out there, but the ones we do have are sure to be excited about this. Teslahead wrote sheet music for the Parasprite Polka on accordion. There's also a midi—check it out here! Thanks as always to Teslahead for his great work.

On a different subject, you may have noticed the banner on the site about the Long Way from Equestria Project. If you're interested in an update about how the project is going, then take a look at this video.


SandvichParty put together this elegant piece of music that reimagines Chrysalis. What if this villain wasn't really a villain at all? What if she was simply trying to save and provide for her people?

SandvichParty's song Misunderstood explores this idea with some stirring instrumental music. You can listen to it in the video. Enjoy!

Many thanks to SandvichParty for sharing.

There's Pinkie

A pony-fan band known as Fountains of Pony have written an awesome poppy tribute to the craziest pony (at least of the mane six). It's Pinkie, of course, in all her breaking-the-fourth-wall, physics-denying glory.

The song, There's Pinkie, is a lot of fun. The lyrics, vocals, and instrumentation is all awesome. I can totally imagine hearing it on the radio. If only, right?

Fountains of Pony is composed of Insanefoo, The Runner, Mrwoo6, Little_Sally_Digby, and Zamba96. Great job, and a big thanks to all of you!

Instrument requests

I asked on the Facebook page if there were any requests for tabs/chords/sheet music for any particular instrument/song, and I got a couple of responses. First off, there's no particular song that needs these, but there's a request for accordion sheet music and more bass (I guess not just the melody lines for the songs, but the actual bass-lines).

If you have any of these, by all means send it to the site and myself or my colleagues will post it. Also, if you have a request, again email us or visit our Facebook page here! Either way I'll make sure your requests get heard and we can make this already awesome resource 20% cooler. (Lame, overused joke is lame)

Find a Pet Visualization

One of the awesome things about this site is that we get to meet pony fans with a variety of different musical interests and talents. WeimTime007 is a great example of that—he's shared many of his visualizations of MLP:FiM songs, and I always enjoy watching them.

This time, he used skootties' sheet music for the Find a Pet song to make one of his videos. It sounds excellent! You can enjoy the video version, or download a midi to use for remixing purposes.

Thanks to skootties for the sheet music, and WeimTime007 for the visualization!

Music is Magic (plus a bonus!)

SandvichParty always does a great job with his songs, so I'm happy to say we have a new one to post up tonight. It's an original composition called Music is Magic. The scope of the piece and its theme make it a great tribute to MLP:FiM. I think it's a really nice, peaceful, uplifting song. Give the song a listen in the embedded video. And well done, SandvichParty!

Meanwhile, we had a request for a violin version of Hush Now, Quiet Now. Teslahead graciously stepped up to the plate and turned out the requested arrangement in record time. You can find it here, and Candy Coda will add it to the big list of music in the near future. Thanks, teslahead!

Rescoring the Scenes: Fluttershy's Training Montage

Power Chord (an Everypony Sings team member and all-around cool guy) just completed a fun new project. He took the video from Fluttershy's training montage and composed some new music for it. His version brilliantly captures the drama and action of what is happening on screen. You can listen to the whole thing in the embedded video.

As a reminder, Power Chord is also managing our Facebook page. Head over there and hit that thumbs up button!

This is also a good time to point out the fact that Everypony Sings team member ESPPony also finished a new piece of music. Check that out over here.

Simply Magical!

One of the (many) great moments from Season Two is when Twilight overcomes Discord by restoring her friends to the elements of harmony they represent. Jack Spade took this scene (specifically, Twilight rescuing Applejack from dishonesty) and created an original piece of music in response to it.

Jack Spade's composition is called Simply Magical (Friendship) and it is, well, magical. I love the mood and the instrumentation of this piece. I think he captures the same hopefulness and inspiration as the scene in the show. Watch the video to see the scene and then hear the original composition. Then visit Jack Spade's Youtube channel. Many thanks, Jack Spade!


It's a Big Brother, Best Friend Forever Ballad! Coconeru covered B.B.B.F.F. in a slowed-down, piano-ballad style. It sounds really sweet and fits the emotion of the song perfectly. I also like the backup singers. :)

Give the song a listen in the video. As always, you can find Coconeru on Youtube, where he's uploaded plenty of other pony covers and originals.

Coconeru, thanks for sharing your singing and ballad-writing talents with the site! Keep up the good work.

Equestria Girls

Equestria Girls is better than California Girls. That's all I have to say about that. I love that they made this cover/parody.

I also love that wesman2232 just shared a bass tab for the song. I guess he noticed we only had a guitar tab, so he worked out a nice bass line. You can listen to him play it in the video, or check out the tab for yourself. Let wesman2232 know what you think—you can leave a comment on this post, or visit his Youtube channel.

Thanks, wesman2232!

Horn and Violin!

We had a request a while ago for pony music arranged for the violin or French horn. Well, Teslahead came through big time, with three versions of the Title Theme—one for violin, one for horn, and a duet of both instruments together.

If you play violin or horn, or know someone who does, then you should check out this sheet music! Here's the violin arrangement, the horn arrangement, and the duet.

Many thanks to Teslahead for responding to this request!

Giggle at the Ghosty Tab

Giggle at the Ghosty is the song that won me over to MLP:FiM. All it took was that one song in the second episode, and I knew I was hooked. So I have a fond place in my heart for Giggle at the Ghosty, and it always makes me smile when I have an excuse to listen to it again. (Pinkie Pie would be so pleased.)

Well, PureAFM gave me a great excuse with his Giggle at the Ghosty bass tab and cover/tutorial. This is a great music resource for anyone who wants to learn to play this song on the bass. Check out the tab here. Thanks, PureAFM!

Love is in Bloom Bass

Here is a treat for all of those bass players out there: AnonyBrony has put together a nice bass tablature for Love is in Bloom. This song is strangely addictive, and it sure is fun to play! I would definitely recommend trying it out.

You can find the tab over here and visit AnonyBrony's Youtube channel. You can also find AnonyBrony over on the MLP forum.

On a related note, I would love to see a wedding band playing this song - it would blow my mind.

Piano Improv

Dimondium has shared all sorts of great music with this site over the past several months. Well, recently he was lucky enough to get a piano, and he sat down to play it for the first time (he had never played one before).

Thanks to his previous musical experience, Dimondium was able to make this fun improv piece. It's inspired by ponies and the friendship they share. You can read the description in the video for more information.

Thanks for sharing, Dimondium!

The Great and Powerful...

Yes, that's right, a Trixie-themed original composition! I know there is some intense Trixie love out there, so you all will definitely appreciate this piece. It's by BassBeastJD, and it's called The Upcoming Attraction (The Great and Powerful Show).

This is an epic piece of music, clocking it at over 17 minutes long. It's like listening to a little symphony, with different musical themes and styles. It's a complete musical breakdown of Trixie. The whole thing is impressive and a treat to hear. I am very impressed!

Low Bass Instrumentation

Pony fans who play low bass instruments (trombone, baritone, and tuba, specifically) are certain to appreciate the work of Erccre147. Erccre147 has shared sheet music for a number of songs from the show, arranged to be played on these low bass instruments. Check out the video for his version of So Many Wonders. I love it—it's like a Flutterguy version of the song.

You can also watch his version of This Day Aria. Then you can take a look at his most recent sheet music, for Art of the Dress. Here's the trombone/baritone version, and here's the tuba version.

Thanks, Erccre147!

Dark Side of the Moon

No, it's not a Pink Floyd tribute (I wonder how many MLP:FiM fans even get that reference?). It's an original composition by teslahead, who's becoming something of a regular here at Everypony Sings with his great submissions.

Teslahead says this was one of the first originals he ever wrote, and it's based on the always-classic Luna/Nightmare Moon theme. The song is dark and mysterious and fits the Princess of the Night extremely well. Give it a listen!

Great job, teslahead! Thanks for sharing your talents!

War, Victory, Peace, Equestria

One thing I feel like I haven't seen enough is medleys of MLP songs all combined together. I'm sure they're out there, but I haven't come across many... but fortunately, I have a new one to enjoy after today.

Coconeru wrote an original orchestral piece which includes a medley of various FiM songs combined into a dramatic march. It sounds like something out of a movie—it's quite epic, as a matter of fact.

Give the song a listen! As always, you can find Coconeru's other songs on his Youtube channel.

Summer Flight Camp

Ever wonder what the anthem of Cloudsdale's summer flight camp would sound like? Well, now we know, thanks to ESPPony and Scarlett Peace. These two talented pony fans wrote an original song called Summer Flight Camp. Scarlett Peace does the vocals, and ESPPony does the sweet guitar line. It sounds awesome!

You definitely want to listen to the song in the video. After that, you can download an mp3 and visit ESPPony and Scarlett on Youtube. Thanks to both ESPPony and Scarlett Peace for this great song!

Original: Equestrian Night Serenade

We have a cool new original piece to share with you today! Plistry Flarexe, who's new to writing pony music, sent in his original composition Equestrian Night Serenade.

I really like this piece. It's calm and a little mysterious. Plistry welcomes feedback about this piece, so show him some friendship and let him know what you think of it!

You can find Plistry Flarexe on Youtube or visit his DA page. Thanks for sharing your talents, Plistry! I hope we get to hear more of your music soon.

The Flim Flam Brothers Take it Up a Notch

...Or rather, take it up a step! Dimondium re-orchestrated the Flim Flam Brothers Song in G Major. The song was originally written in F Major, so this version has been taken up one step.

I find it really interesting how changing the key of a song can change its feel so dramatically. In this case, the Flim Flam Brothers Song sounds almost bizarrely cheery in G Major. Give it a listen and decide for yourself!

Watch Dimondium's version in the video, or download an mp3. Keep it up, Dimondium!

A Dark Song

This Day Aria is an extremely creepy song, but Dimondium has found a way to make it sound even more ominous. A simple key change to A major makes the whole thing sound quite a bit darker. It makes for an interesting listen. Check it out here.

You can visit Dimondium's Youtube channel for more neat music.

(By the way, I know we've used this picture a few times already, but it seems fitting to use it again. It seems to perfectly capture the essence of the song!)

(The picture also gives me nightmares.)

Don't You Worry Now Scootaloo (and a Request)

I think we can all agree that Scootaloo is awesome. Coconeru seems to think so, at least, since he wrote Scootaloo her very own piano ballad.

This song (it's called Don't You Worry Now Scootaloo) is fantastic. I'm impressed that Coconeru can come up with something that's great to listen to and appropriate to the character. Give it a listen!

On a different subject, we got a request for music written for violin or french horn. Can anybody help a fellow pony fan out?

Flim Flam Full Orchestration

Teslahead has written a great full orchestration of the Flim Flam Brothers Song. This arrangement is written for a whole variety of instruments, including flute, oboe, horn, bassoon, trombone, tuba, and even harp.

It's an excellent arrangement. It captures the character of the song just as it appeared in the show. Very well done, teslahead!

You can check out the sheet music here, or listen to a midi. Give it a listen!

Tabs by ESPPony

I love watching ESPPony's cover videos of pony songs. He is one really talented guy. And not only does he cover the songs—he writes tabs so other fans can play along, too!

Tonight, we have two tabs for songs ESPPony has covered in the past. The first is for Becoming Popular; you can watch ESPPony playing it in the embedded video. The tab is here.

The second is the Title Theme. You can find the video for that one here, then check out the tab. Excellent work, ESPPony!

Long Way from Equestria Project

One of the coolest things about this fandom is all the amazing and creative stuff we make when we work together. With this in mind, you should think about joining the Long Way from Equestria Project! It's shaping up to be a massive collaboration where we can all join together to sing some great music.

The video on the right (by BassBeastJD) explains the project. This is super stuff, so please think about adding your voice to the song.

We'll be putting a small ad for the project on top of the site for the time being. I'm looking forward to listening to this one!

Discord Piano Cover and Visualization

WeimTime007 has shared another great cover/visualization with us! These videos are always very cool, and WeimTime007 does an excellent job on them. (You can find other videos he's done by checking out his Youtube channel, or by searching for WeimTime007 in our search box down at the bottom of the page!)

Today's video is a piano cover of Discord (the Living Tombstone's remix). Watch the video to hear the piano cover and see a neat visualization of the song.

Many thanks, WeimTime007! Keep up the great work.

Oh, Lyra...

Coconeru is back! Not that he ever went away, but he's shared another fun original song, this time all about everypony's (some ponies') favorite background pony: Lyra.

This song is hilarious. The lyrics are making me giggle to myself as I'm writing this. I especially liked the line about Bon Bon ("she seems to change her voice and how she acts about once a week"). Classic background pony fandom. Well done, Coconeru!

Give the song a listen, and be sure to visit Coconeru's Youtube channel to find his other great songs.

Winter Wrap Up on the Banjo

I love, love, LOVE folk music. I swoon over the dulcimer, mandolin, and all things bluegrass. So I was extremely pleased to see these banjo tabs for Winter Wrap Up by bluegrassbrony. This song is truly charming with this folksy flair!

You can listen to bluegrassbrony playing the song in the video, and then play it yourself with the tablature. Don't forget bluegrassbrony's Youtube channel.

Thanks so much for sharing, bluegrassbrony. You've made my day!

One Cover and One Original

We have two fun songs to share with you tonight, both coming from zsanderson3. He did a cover and an original, and we're excited to feature both on the site.

The cover is an instrumental version of Find a Pet, which you can watch in the video or download as an mp3. It's well done; I can definitely imagine myself singing along to it karaoke-style. So thanks for that, zsanderson3!

The original song is called Deception, and zsanderson3 says it was inspired and based off of This Day Aria. It has the same creepy, cinematic feel to it, which I love. Listen to it here.